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police and the courts apparently involved in criminality

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Joined: 07 Mar 2002
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Location: west caldwell, new jersey, united states
police and the courts apparently involved in criminality PostTue Aug 02, 2005 8:25 pm  Reply with quote  

Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
(973) 220-1601

August 2, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

As malignant as it is to engage in the loathsome and foul, it can be just as contemptible to be aware of them, and not acknowledge it.

In the article, "Court ruling curbs stops by lawmen", in the Tuesday, August 2, 3005 edition of The Star Ledger, the ordeal by Montville man, Christopher Puzio, to overturn an apparently unwarranted summons in an evidently equally illegitimate traffic stop. Behind that matter, though, indeed, enveloping it, is an even larger issue with enormous implications in how it ends up!

The ticket was issued to Puzio by a Caldwell police officer whose name seems to be being withheld. It stems from a night in 2004 when Mr. Puzio was driving a sports car down Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell. Mr. Puzio wasn't driving erratically or speeding; the only "problem" was that his car had a commercial license plate. The unnamed police officer gave chase and flagged him down, presumably, we are expected to accept, because he "thought New Jersey's motor vehicle statutes also required the business name and address to be displayed". Livery services, such as limousines, also sport a commercial related plate, yet they generally never display company information! Yet then, there, the officer decided to give chase.

Pulling Puzio over, the officer then seems to have decided to claim him drunk - apparently because the "charge" about the plates proved ludicrous and outlandish! The officer seemed to feel that an evidently long-standing filthy policy of the New Jersey court system would save his hide. It seems standard, in New Jersey "justice", for the word of a policeman to be sacrosanct, to the point of almost being unassailable and unquestioned! Most traffic stops carefully being conducted outside the presence of other witnesses, they become an automatic instance of "his word against yours", and the judge complicit with the swindle "breaks the tie" with the question, "Why would the officer lie?" Of course, the accused, if they were guilty, would be automatically assumed to have a motivation to lie, but, since the issue of traffic ticket quotas and apparent hidden benefits to policemen who have the most ticketings upheld in court, reaping the township more money in apparently illegal traffic tickets, seems a taboo subject, something people fear to touch, to avoid reprisals, that question largely goes unanswered! And, so, most traffic tickets - the vast majority of which, it is beginning to appear, are illegitimate and bogus! - are ruled valid, and the public are socked for infractions that they didn't even commit!

This convenient system of the court de facto siding with the policemen seems to have turned more than a fair number of them into goose-stepping little Hitlers, literally prowling their streets, stalking out anybody whom they think looks like an emotional "pushover", pulling them over for doing nothing, sometimes, just to "throw a little scare into them", for the policeman's own depraved and perverted pleasure! My wife and I were driving in North Caldwell, a couple of years ago, in the evening, when, suddenly, a police car pulled out of nowhere, lights flashing! When we asked what the problem was, the officer only said, "You're not from this neighborhood, are you?" That was the only reason he assaulted us, because we were in a neighborhood not our own! Only a couple of weeks ago, too, driving in Caldwell, we were hailed by a policeman, also flashing his lights. It may even have been the policeman who tried the "fast shuffle" with Puzio! He claimed we were "driving a little funny". To drive "a little funny" is very vague, but, to compound that, the policeman didn't write a ticket! If we were "driving funny", he should have written a ticket! What was it, in just looking inside our vehicle, that dissuaded him from writing a ticket for supposedly patently dangerous driving? The answer seems to be that there was nothing wrong with our driving, he only wanted to play the storm trooper, and make sure everyone knew he felt he was better than God!

For all that this represents an apparent violation of the public's rights, it also seems to represent a system of sanctioned government robbery of the people! Because the procedure of questioning what reason the policeman would have to lie seems to have been turned into the basis for a massive criminal enterprise operating out of local courts, from one end of the state to the other! An eminent example can be found in the township of Roseland.

Roseland, it should be mentioned, seems already to qualify as one of the most inherently corrupt locales in the state! A former mayor, Joseph De Bell, for example, would make a great show of "passing laws" that were already on the books, evidently just so he could use the local newspapers to embellish his image! Both DeBell and his successor, Michael Pacio seem to have a history of gratuitously throwing expensive but unnecessary projects to politically connected local contractors. Partly in that vein, but apparently much more sinister, is the recent plan, under Pacio, to evidently unethically use Green Acres money to surreptitiously construct a ball field along the Roseland-Livingston border, to create an environment so noisy and unpleasant that the residents in Livingston would leave, and their land, now devalued, could be snapped up for a song!

In this evidently malevolent township, an unethical and illegal traffic court seems to be being run by Judge James Connell!

The system being the evident swindle being run out of the Roseland traffic court involves, first, the police officer issuing an unwarranted, and, therefore, criminally complicit, traffic ticket to a victim motorist. It can be, and usually seems to be, completely bogus, with any amount of disproof immediately available, but it doesn't matter! The victim, if they are unaware of the apparent criminal nature of the traffic court in Roseland, will arrive loaded down with evidence exculpating them. It is at this point that the next step of the apparent scam comes in. Before the trial, each defendant is "interviewed" by the "prosecutor". This is a completely unethical process, and not part of any legitimate court proceeding! But, since this is an evident criminal operation, and not legitimate court, it doesn't matter, either! Also, the "interview" allows the "prosecutor" - who never seems to provide their name, so they can't be reported to the bar association! - to lay out the rape that the court intends to commit! The "prosecutor" will inform you that the "charge" against you represents a huge fine and four or more points on your record. If you plead guilty, they will only give you a token fine of about $150.00, and there will be no points on your record! If you plead not guilty, and try to prove your case, you are informed, no matter how much evidence in your favor you produce, the judge will simply ask, "What reason does the police officer have to lie?" Since most people would be afraid to say, "Because the policeman is a liar and a thief, trying to scam money for an apparently criminal administration through an evidently crooked court!", the victim will have no answer! At that point, the judge will dutifully carry out his part of the apparent scam, and slam the victim hard, with massive fines and penalties, and four or more points on their record! The “prosecutor” also makes sure to add that your insurance will go up at least $1000 a year!

It's called extortion!

And it seems to net the court in the township no less than $2000 or $3000 a week! Spread among the participants in the evident swindle, that can represent at least a few hundred dollars more a week, undeclared!

All based on the apparently criminal judicial tactic of asking, "What reason would the police officer have to lie?"

As well as a perceived unwillingness or inability of most people to pursue an appeal!

Mr. Puzio went for an appeal, moving to have the charge against him dropped, since it was made in the process of a stop that was illegitimate. A "municipal court judge", who was also left unnamed, refused to drop the drunken driving charge, saying it was made in the course of a stop that was made "in good faith and based on articulable [sic] suspicion". Again, a demonstration of the evident predisposition even prejudice of the court universally, unequivocally, unquestionably and uniformly in favor of the police officer, over all evidence to the contrary in favor of the defendant!

"Your honor, I didn't shoot the victim, they ran into my bullet!"

The apparent scam in the state seems to extend even as far as the Supreme Court, where another judge, a Superior Court judge, also unnamed, upheld the municipal court judge's decision. That it didn't stop at this level indicates how high the evident culture of criminality in state business reaches in New Jersey!

Monday, August 1, 2005, though, the appeals court in the state ruled that there was "no objectively reasonable basis" for the officer to stop Puzio's car, and, therefore, anything that flowed from that was illegitimate, as well!

This is crucial, since it declares that, in the end, there has to be, and will be, an end to the evident sense on the part of the police that they have the right to step all over the "rank and file" for personal profit, and even malignant humor! In a state where talking on a cell phone while driving, not getting what the police claim to be enough sleep before driving, and, apparently, even smoking behind the wheel will be defined as "moving violations"; where fines on certain stretches of road have been jacked up to twice what they normally were; where a constant replenishing of public coffers is necessary to mask the ceaseless plundering by criminal political bosses; and where unethicality and corruption seem the order of the day, in all branches of government, this kind of delimiting of the former apparent carte blanche on all acts of official malfeasance is desperately needed!

Not everyone has the resources or time or will to pursue an appeal of a traffic ticket, though. So there must be changes made now to the system in place at even the lowest levels of the court system!

The governor must empanel an investigation into the apparent system of traffic court racketeering across the state, with special emphasis on Roseland! If he does not, then that will be taken as tacit acknowledgement that the system is completely criminal, and that the governor intends to aid and abet it! If there is an investigation, among other things, it must find Judge Connell of Roseland guilty, or all its findings will have to be taken as engineered and water down!

Police officers must be required to provide compelling evidence, not just their word, of any infraction! Maybe, when it gets proved, in a decade or so, that New Jersey police can be trusted, their word might start to have meaning, again, but, until then, they must be required to have motion sensors and cameras mounted in their cars, to back up accusations!

No judge should be allowed to utter the phrase, "What reason would the policeman have to lie?" Anyone who does should be suspended from duty immediately, and not allowed to work in the courts ever again! The people can take action in this direction by, among other things, issuing immediate deunuciations of every judge who uses this phrase! Judges are all supposed to be individuals! If many of them use this same exact phrase, it is because it is part of a pre-planned, organized, engineered scheme!

They must also flood editors' desks in newspapers, news magazines, and radio and television stations with letters and emails, denouncing this infraction in the courts!

They must deluge politicians' desks with emails and letters ordering them to take action!

They must stage a wholesale boycott of everything from big business to elections! Such a stunning vote of no confidence can eventually lead somebody to feel that something substantive has to be done!

They must steadfastly refuse to believe anything a politician says. If they accept what politicos tell them, they can get away with not fulfilling their promises. The public has to demand that the only credentials they will accept from anyone in government is actual demonstrable proof of their acting in the people's best interests!

Most importantly, the people have to involve themselves, deeply and determinedly, in government and what is going on around them. And, when corruption again becomes apparent, they must not fail to denounce it, loudly and widely!

Julian Penrod
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