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Pro-war moron kills American

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Pro-war moron kills American PostMon Aug 08, 2005 2:49 pm  Reply with quote  

This story is just oozing with irony. Where else but in Kentucky? The warmongers talk about terrorists killing Americans for having different beliefs. As it turns out these same warmongers are terrorists themselves and all war supporters should now be considered a high risk and possible threat to society. Debunkers and the likes always want to say that it's the conspiracy theorists that are dangerous. The government investigates peace groups with spies just because they're anti-war. Now look who turns out to be the real threat. I wonder if the shooter has ever served a day in his pathetic life? Why not channel all of that hate and anger in to his cause? Too much of an inconvenience I guess? The shooter should now be mandated to send either himself or a close family member off to Irag to be shot at immediately.

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and in what newspapers in Kentucky are calling a first, one American has killed another in a dispute over the Iraq war.

It happened at Floyd County flea market on Thursday, when two friends, who were firearms vendors there, drew guns after quarreling about the war. Douglas Moore, 65, of Martin, who backs the war, shot and killed Harold Wayne Smith, 56, of Manchester, who opposed it, according to investigators.

Commonwealth's Attorney Brent Turner said the episode might mark the first death in the U.S. due to a dispute over the war.

"Harold was talking about the 14 people that were killed in Iraq the other day and Doug said that just as many people were killed on the highways here."

This quickly escalated into an argument, then to a scuffle, and finally both men drew pistols outside a snack shed. The dead man was apparently just a little slower in firing. Witnesses said he stood for about five seconds before toppling on the walkway.

"I'm sorry this has happened," Moore, a retired railroad worker, said. "But then what's done can't be undone." Moore told the Lexington reporter he thinks Smith and his family knew him well enough "to know what my thoughts are, his family does, because me and Harold was friends. That's all I'll say."

The daughter of the dead man said the two men were friends and had discussed Iraq before. She said her father "had different opinions than everybody. He felt it was wrong that all of these young people were losing their lives over what was going on. It was just a political disagreement, like a whole lot of people have."

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