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Messages from Matthew

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Author Thread

Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5367
Messages from Matthew PostThu Dec 15, 2005 12:34 am  Reply with quote  

There is a lot of interesting material in these messages from Matthew to his mother. These messages can be read at:

Matthew's message on November 17, 2005 commented on bird flu, chemtrails and vaccines. The paragraph read:

There will be NO bird flu endemic! Yes, it is true that a virus was laboratory-created to be announced as a mutation of the avian flu, which afflicts only the fowl population and has caused the death of some humans with severely impaired immune systems who worked with food fowl. It also is true that an Illuminati intention is to spread this virus by means of chemtrails and vaccines, along with putting programmed microchips in flu inoculations that would be made mandatory as a “preventive measure.” This sinister scheme to reduce the world’s population as well as track those who are inoculated will never get off the ground—ET technology has neutralized the virus supply and deprogrammed the microchips. Nevertheless, other harmful ingredients are in vaccines of any sort, and it is wise to forego all types of vaccinations.

The following is a synopsis of Matthew's messages on various recent dates:

December 11, 2005

Brilliant light of hope and gratitude; reforms momentum continues; participation in Earth’s ascendance a tribute to our soul evolution; “String Theory”; technological devices; “Little Greys”; easing into the continuum; sex, sexuality, relationships; animals’ evolution, emotional range

November 17, 2005

No bird flu, nuclear detonations in space, or land/sea mass changes; light-dark battle is for souls; the Illuminati; soul messages; Bush administration crumbling; barter; star gates; organ transplants; religion vs. spirituality; being spiritually prepared; "11s"; life in the Golden Era

November 1, 2005

Libby indictment; no “bird flu, martial law or new warfronts; warmonger is the Illuminati; truth of “9/11” will come out; “purest” truth is within each soul; Fitzgerald protected; “peak oil” a dark contrivance; changes during planet’s transitional phase; linear time collapsing; beloved animals ascend with Earth

October 17, 2005

Don’t fear lab-made bird flu virus; mainstream media reporting anti-administration news; climate changes leading to Earth’s restoration; Asian earthquake: volunteer souls aid planetary cleansing activity; re-educating adults about “new world”; changes ahead in children’s education; suggestions guidance for parents of children with autism or ADHD; the economy; therapy for healing psyches; love in action

September 22, 2005

Levees in New Orleans detonated; emotions in the higher vibrations; what is behind Rita; wise leadership by year end; Katrina death toll; war troop casualties; FEMA; “All my love”

August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina; karmic completion for souls who transitioned; Iraq’s near future; invasion of Iran delayed; military coup in US unlikely; universal language of souls to body cells; tonal absorption
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5367
New Message from Matthew & Clarification of NESARA by Ha PostThu Jan 12, 2006 7:39 am  Reply with quote  

January 4, 2006


Significance of new year; Holy Grail is the soul; difference between Creator and God; Hatonn’s clarification of NESARA
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tagged & banned

Joined: 27 Dec 2005
Posts: 385
Location: Hell on Earth
PostSun Jan 15, 2006 12:59 am  Reply with quote  

I knew they greys would help us out... Cool
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5367
Messages from Matthew (April 28, 2006 and Feb. 18, 2006) PostSun Apr 30, 2006 3:40 am  Reply with quote  

There is a lot of information in this latest Message from Matthew:

"Bird flu" movie to be on ABC network; inoculations; no comet-Earth collision; Iraq war; Illuminati membership, activities; Muslim religion; soul contracts of people affected by depleting uranium; sending light; health situations; meat in diets

Also, Matthew mentions the effects of chemtrails as one reason some people may be experiencing poor health.

For those who would like to better understand what Matthew is all about, the February 18, 2006 message contains a lot of information about this:

World is being fixed; great challenge will be reeducating adherents of religions; dark forces step up efforts to infiltrate souls; people most vulnerable to dark influence; how to recognize dark souls; protection from darkness; guidance for telepathic communication and checking sources
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5367
A May 23, 2006, Message from Matthew PostThu May 25, 2006 7:14 am  Reply with quote

No tsunami as predicted; don’t lapse into fear; importance of discernment; frenetic energy when dark lies revealed; indictments coming; Moussaoi trial; “hooker-gate”; loyal CIA vs. Illuminati-controlled faction; darkness in the Vatican; religious devout reactions; telepathic communication; mass consciousness; Morgellons disease

S: Hi, Matthew dear! I have the questions ready.

MATTHEW: What a beautiful and inspiring sight to enjoy, Mother! It’s such a delight for me, just as it is for you, to see the young deer calmly nibbling the bushes only a few yards up the slope from your window. Now, may we start with your copying my May 15 reply to Jean, please?

S: Yes, of course. …. Here it is:

S: Good morning, Matthew dear. Jean Hudon is asking about a tsunami hitting the East Coast of the United States and killing the many millions of people living along the coastline. Please comment on this possibility.

MATTHEW: Good morning to you, dear soul, and yes, I’ll happily tell you that this “predicted” event will NOT happen. There will be NO geophysical events of that magnitude in this unprecedented era on Earth. She has requested that all possible of her life forms accompany her on her ascension journey, and two conditions determine who shall do this: The first is absorbing the light constantly being beamed to all of humankind, as the light is what will enable physical survival in the higher frequencies of Earth’s destination. The second is the longevity choice in individual soul contracts, and the many millions of souls residing along the East Coast of the United States have not chosen to transition simultaneously at some given moment within the next few days.

While it is true that remaining negativity on the planet must be relieved and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms will continue to achieve this purpose, the technology of our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters has been and will continue alleviating the most profound effects of those happenings by leveling out the energy release. Further, if one’s soul contract has been fulfilled and the time of transition is at hand, the person will leave this physical experience to continue evolution in the next spirit lifetime regardless of the safety of his or her location; the same is true if the original contract is amended, which also is by soul level choosing. If the contract calls for continued physical experiencing, the person will survive the same event that others do not.

We understand that the majority of the world’s population doesn’t have the opportunity to read the messages transmitted by high light beings to their respected receivers, but the light intensity is reaching all who are willing with the effect that communication between the soul and the consciousness is becoming clear. This includes a sense of serenity even in the midst of frenzy if you will but allow this to be the foundation of your consciousness.

Living in fear is NOT what you chose to be a constant in your current experiencing, but an emotion you chose to overcome in this time of spiritual renewal in your world. We encourage you—we urge you!—to stay steadfast in the joy and strength of the light, remembering that wherever you are is where you chose to be and that myriad helpers are accompanying you on your pathway.

MATTHEW: Thank you. There is a deeper reason for my request than confirming that the tsunami will not occur, which by now I believe is the conclusion of all. We are seeing that when information about those kinds of predicted, or potential, events flows through the Internet, even some of the staunchest of light workers allow fear to enter thoughts and feelings. This is understandable in the population that has no knowledge whatsoever of what is underway on Earth, but on your behalf, it is a concern to us when you who are enlightened become fearful.

Three factors are at issue here, and I have addressed all of them in previous messages. First, I repeat what I replied to Jean, that if in one’s soul contract the time of transition has come, the person will leave this lifetime regardless of how safe the surroundings; and if the original contract is amended to include earlier departure, that, too, is by soul level choice. If the contract calls for continued experiencing, the person will survive amidst a crowd transitioning to Nirvana.

Second, fearful thoughts and feelings dim your light, and for however briefly that may be, your psyche is vulnerable to entry by a dark streamer that will enable more fearful circumstances to beset you because the energy you are emitting is pulling them to you. Even masses of Earth’s peoples in fear will not slow the pace of her journey, but it will affect those individuals’ pathways. We are with you every moment to reinforce your steadfastness in the light and help you hold a positive vision of the events that are rapidly unfolding, and because of our abiding love for each one of you, it is sad for us to see any lapses in your own resolve.

And third, part of spiritual evolvement is using your innate powers of perception and discernment and relying upon self to distinguish truth from falsehood. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of any information, ask your soul to tell you—the answer comes as intuition. Like all other abilities that need to be developed, this takes practice, so do not be discouraged if you don’t master it immediately. We at this station have been enlightening, guiding and encouraging you through our messages, and our infinite love and light-beaming always are with you; nevertheless, it is essential that you use your own powerful knowingness and not depend upon external answers.

Please know that this is not a reprimand! Nor is it a call for you to meet our expectations! We are responding to an urgent plea from your collective souls to help you fearlessly stay the light course in the coming months, when much will be revealed and some backlash is logically anticipated as the steadily increasing light shines ever more brightly on the deeds of the darkness. Your last calendar year was a pivotal time as the deeply entrenched dark pockets were dislodged; this year is disclosure time as those pockets become public knowledge. Not only will the dark ones resist being thrust into the light of widespread awareness, but also there will be some energetic resistance by fence-straddlers who are conflicted between personal interest in maintaining the political and economic status quo and welcoming the truths as they are revealed and the resultant changes in leadership.

Why would ones with vested interest in the status quo welcome changes? Mother, it’s because they fear the policies that are destructive to the environment, the outcome if the Bush cabal proceeds with its plan for nuclear strikes at Iran, the unfathomable and rising national debt, and the possibility that the growing numbers of financially-desperate and politically-disgusted citizens could lead to anarchy. These fence-straddlers are rational—they can see the insanity in the government’s blindness to those situations, and while their luxurious lifestyles are all-important, logic tells them that if changes aren’t made, everything can go to hell in a hand basket, as the expression goes.

Regardless of how eager you are to greet the changes that lead to Earth’s Golden Era, it is necessary to be aware of the intensified energy in the beginning stages. The combination of reactions to the disclosures of truth will generate energy of an obvious frenetic nature on the planet similar to what we’ve been seeing for some time in Earth’s energy field of potential. This hasn’t happened before because so much of what has been transpiring is largely unsuspected, let alone known, and when the facts about the extent of corruption, deception and depravity in your governments are known, the collective consciousness will create a new and frenzied global dynamic that will add to the negativity that still must be released. Further, for a while longer you will feel the effects of the manmade electromagnetic waves especially designed for your emotional instability, physical stress and distress, and mind-controlled programming. When you know what to anticipate, simply by remaining steadfast in the light you are prepared for the encounter!

Now, Mother, that said, I will happily answer questions on your list. I know some are pertinent to what I just mentioned about frenzied energy on the near horizon.

S: I think a lot of them are. I’ve combined many and will start with those about the US government because even readers in other countries want to know about these situations. What is Patrick Fitzgerald doing to get more indictments; will President Bush and Vice President Cheney be impeached; has Karl Rove already been served with indictment papers; when will the truth about 9/11 come out?

MATTHEW: Very well, following the indictment of “Scooter” Libby—the tip of the iceberg, so to speak—Patrick Fitzgerald and his staff continued their relentless efforts to find documentation and record testimonies showing that culpability in many illegal acts goes straight to the president. This was strongly suspected prior to Libby’s indictment, but irrefutable evidence and appropriate charges are essential so that no technicality in the legal processes can delay or derail the forthcoming suits. At this juncture, we see indictments rather than the far weaker impeachment proceedings for Bush and Cheney. Rove has been served, and many other indictments will follow due to the exhaustive investigation that includes the extent of the lies in the official claims about 9/11. No, I can’t give you an exact timetable for public announcements, but I can say that the pressure being felt by almost all in this administration is building to a crescendo and motivating growing numbers to tell what they know.

S: What will happen regarding Bush and company’s threats toward Iran; do you see China and Russia militarily opposing US air strikes against Iran?

MATTHEW: The field of potential hasn’t changed because the same ones who are causing havoc in other areas still are intent upon conquering Iran, however totally irrational their plan is. It is as I have mentioned in previous messages, that there may be incursions, but any attempts to use nuclear warheads on missiles will be failures—our ET family’s technology will see to that. We know the natural keen interest of China and Russia relative to what the US will do, but both of those countries are first and foremost interested in their respective national development progress, not escalating any war scenario; so you could say that in the field of potential, the energy of their interest is neutral.

S: That’s good! Moussaoi’s trial has become a sort of comedy of errors; what’s really going on?

MATTHEW: We view this as a pathetically transparent effort to show the people of the United States that their government will leave no stone unturned to prosecute someone who is “guilty” of involvement in the 9/11 tragedy. Moussaoi is guilty only of being handy for their purpose. Between drugs, sleep deprivation and electrical shocks, his mind is addled rather than programmed as intended, and that accounts for his bizarre behavior. This trial showcases the injustice in the country’s justice system.

S: I agree with that! Can electronic voting machines be re-worked so an accurate count is assured; will Diebold and any other “fixed” voting machines be replaced by paper ballots; since I’m afraid my vote won’t count, is there any reason for me to vote; will a voting system in any country ever be honest?

MATTHEW: I don’t know what secure measures will be developed to insure an honest ballot count, but even without that security, the energy in the intent of your vote contributes significantly to hastening the day when honesty is restored to voting systems in all countries. Yes, absolutely this will happen as the dark influence loses its hold on governments. This hold is cracking in countries where it isn’t as obvious as it is in the United States, and eventually all national, state, province and community leaders will be spiritually evolved souls.

S: Please comment on “hooker-gate” that was reported on a CNN news program.

MATTHEW: The term “hooker-gate” is much more frivolous than the reality, which is nothing less than a vast web of darkness that for years has been pervasive within the US government and extends to visiting foreign dignitaries, multinational corporate lobbyists and other Illuminati figures. With the intention of creating blackmail situations much more than offering entertainment, a “harem” to satisfy heterosexual, homosexual and pedophilia interests is available “24/7,” and satanic rituals are part of it. Films of the unimaginable depravity along with proof of widespread bribery have resulted in congressional votes that fly in the face of obvious national needs and deny the constitutional rights of citizens. Even though the people of the United States are clearly showing their growing disapproval of Bush, his cabinet and the Congress, and Internet reports abound with sound information that justifies the people’s shaken faith, still the country will be reeling in shock when the revelations about these politicians come forth.

S: Why did Porter Goss abruptly resign as CIA chief for no apparent reason?

MATTHEW: However valuable Goss’s involvement in Illuminati’s terrorist activities, which furthered that aspect of their insidious agenda, his abrupt departure was ordered by the topmost members of that dark group. Investigations into the various criminal dealings of the government tied Goss to a number of areas that would expose the Illuminati-controlled CIA faction, and they couldn’t allow that to happen to a “sitting” chief. Although their efforts to keep this from surfacing will be futile, there can be the official statement that when Goss’s betrayal of national interests was discovered, he was immediately asked to resign and once again “faulty intelligence,” this time linked to him, can be blamed. Since all official statements are only assertions with nothing substantive to back them, that would be no different.

I need to digress a moment for some clarification. First, many within the CIA are loyal public servants dedicated to their mission of protecting the United States from potential aggressor nations. With highly specialized jobs and information divulged on a need-to-know basis, those in lower ranking positions don’t know what happens in the higher levels of authority, much less that some of their colleagues are rogue agents carrying out “black ops” missions for the Illuminati and are not the covert patriots as contended.

An example of both CIA factions in action and their opposing purposes is the collusion between the White House and select members of the media that “leaked” Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. The consensus that it was “payback” for her husband’s intelligence-gathering trip and his findings that disagreed with the official line about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction is not correct. But it was “payback.” It was the Illuminati’s retaliation for the actions of Ms. Plame and her staff of operatives that prevented the “black ops” from hiding WMD in Iraq, where inspectors would easily find them and prove that Bush’s repetitious assertion was right. Although that prevention effort did not deter the ones determined to invade and control Iraq, it does not lessen one iota the true patriotism of Plame and her operatives who acted to uphold the Constitution and defend their country.

Another point of clarification is this: The most powerful of the Illuminati are not public figures such as presidents, premiers, ambassadors, members of Congress or Parliaments, or corporate CEOs, board chairs or head of the Federal Reserve. On the contrary, the peak Illuminati work in secrecy and silence out of public sight as they control those prominent figures.

S: What about Queen Elizabeth?

MATTHEW: She is a rare exception insofar as being in the public eye. However, she is portrayed as a ceremonial figurehead who serves England’s enjoyment of the pomp and romance of royal traditions, whereas she actually is among the most powerful of the Illuminati due to the Crown’s vast holdings. Still greater influence, though, is centered in the Vatican, with its pernicious outreach of virtual mind control over its religious adherents and ruthlessness in preserving its internal secret societies and untold wealth.

S: This question fits here: With all the talk about the Da Vinci Code movie, is it another attempt to divert attention from something sinister?

MATTHEW: We see it as the opposite—the sinister ones would like to divert attention from the movie. In the timing of the universe, the moment is right for this story, although presented as fiction, to reach the millions of soul searchers for whom the Catholic Church’s archaic rules have worn thin and allegations and lawsuits against abusive priests keep growing. The darkness within the papal hierarchy, the most deeply entrenched on the planet, will be the most shocking revelation to your world.

Again I tell you, the greatest challenge to light workers will be the reactions of the religiously devout who will defend their unwavering belief in the dogma they have been taught. Your history shows that styles of political rule rise and fall, philosophies come and go, and science unanimously agreed upon gives way to new theories; but religion is God’s or Allah’s or Yahweh’s or some deity’s sacred orders and the immutable foundation of many millions’ faith, and therein lies the challenge.

S: Matthew, several readers have asked for guidance in “re-educating” whoever is willing to listen.

MATTHEW: Many among you chose as one of your lifetime missions the enlightenment of those whose lives will be shattered when the truth about the dark origins of all religious dogmas is revealed, thus you are innately prepared for this tremendously important service. Classes to assist you will be available, but for insight in this moment, it will be most helpful for you and for those who are at all receptive if you can perceive the truthful disclosures as they do. Beyond showing compassion for their extreme distress and patience with their resistance, the wisest approach is to listen to how deeply the revelations affected them—their feelings of betrayal are both valid and strong. Some of you will be addressing large audiences and others will be helping on a one-to-one basis; many of you who are pondering a meaningful purpose in your life soon will learn this is one such purpose. It won’t be necessary to try to persuade anyone to believe as you do, and arguing about what is truth and what is lies isn’t part of your service either. Not all of the religious devout will be able to see the light of the truth. Many will be hostile, and some will resort to violence to protect the “righteousness” of their beliefs and self-assumed missionary roles; others will be deeply depressed and founder in confusion. It is likely that at some point light workers will encounter ones with those varied reactions, but again, you are innately prepared for this phase of Earth’s transition.

S: Thank you for that insight and reassurance! Is this the end time of karma on Earth? Please comment on healers who offer karma releasing service.

MATTHEW: Earth has completed her third density karma, which is enabling her ascension, and while every soul on the planet chose to do the same, many are lagging due to fear and its various expressions, such as greed, tyranny, brutality, resentment, prejudice, apathy, egotism—all third density characteristics. It is our fervent prayer that these souls will respond to the ever-increasing light beaming from afar, adding to that which you are generating on the planet. No one can “release” a soul’s chosen karmic experiences; however, cellular patterning that once served well but now seems a hindrance may be cleared if the soul’s energy field is receptive.

S: Is it true that souls won’t ascend with Earth unless they are still living in 2012?

MATTHEW: Residency on Earth for any specific duration in this unique time is neither a requirement nor a guarantee for accompanying Earth in her ascension. In the context of your planet, “ascension” is actual movement from one energy placement into a “higher,” or lighter, placement, but the term has been incorrectly used to denote bodies physically lifted off the planet and rising into the ethers. In the eternal life of the soul, ascension is spiritual growth, soul evolvement, and each soul experiences this in many places in the universe while “ascending” into the Oneness of All—a return to our Beginning.

S: Can spirit beings read each others’ thoughts and as a result, lying isn’t possible in spirit worlds?

MATTHEW: Although we souls in spirit most frequently communicate with each other telepathically, or “reading thoughts,” which gives no allowance for deceiving another, there is an energy shield in which we can operate that permits us to keep our thoughts private. In “spirit-calling-Earth,” or really, vice versa, we are with you the very instant you think of us, so obviously we know your thoughts, too, and we also feel the same sensations you do; but we honor the universal code of privacy that means we never intrude upon your thoughts unless you invite us. With your guardian angels, it is different—they’re constantly aware of your thoughts because they are tasked with your physical safety. It is another matter also with the countless thought forms shooting up from Earth into her field of potential—that’s where we see and track significant happenings on the planet and assess the energy momentum that determines the possibility, probability or certainty of their course. That’s how we are able to report to you what is occurring and, as accurately as we can, tell you where things are going.

But the awareness of your thoughts and feelings is not restricted to beings in spirit. Souls in advanced civilizations have the same capability—witness the many physical beings who gave information to my mother for the books and my messages to her when I am in a body that I manifested to fit in with the civilizations who invited me to their worlds. And please remember that not all souls in spirit or ET embodiment are light beings—the dark ones know you as well as we do, and they do not observe the honor code of no intrusion into your thoughts. That’s why we repeatedly urge you to always think positively, to stay steadfast in the light and to hold tight to your vision of peace and harmony and love throughout Earth so there can be no entryway for the darkness to assail you.

S: It’s a good reminder, dear. Matthew, is Earth’s energy field of potential the same as mass consciousness?

MATTHEW: No, and I’m glad for your question so I can expound upon my comments. All the thought forms from Creator’s Beginning are the cosmic mass consciousness, something rarely even considered on Earth, yet it is from those that our universe and its Supreme Ruler were created. All thought forms since the creation of our universe are the universal mass consciousness, and that is where the actual substance of the forms resides in a universally big pot of soup with new ingredients continuously being stirred in and “tasted.” When someone’s thought zings in and, via the universal law of attraction, attaches itself to a like thought form, a hologram of the pairing makes its way back to the thinker on the planet and simultaneously duplicates itself in Earth’s energy field of potential.

S: Interesting! Thank you. Is the new disease called Morgellons manmade; what is Morgellons disease, and is it linked to chemtrails; what can we do to protect ourselves from chemtrails’ effects?

MATTHEW: All diseases throughout your history have been the work of the dark forces, and for 30 or more years, puppets under its control have directed the laboratory development of diseases known as AIDS, SARs, Avian Flu and various other “flu” names given the virus concoctions that in some cases are airborne and in others are spread through inoculations. These dark assaults to compromise your bodies’ functioning and natural healing ability are exacerbated by the electromagnetic waves in your cell phones, computers, and the very atmosphere that sustains your life. Other factors are the effects of pollution in your water, soil and air, and the proliferation of prescription drugs with their contraindications. This is a formidable combination intended to cause illness, debilitation, depression and death, and to some extent, it is difficult to avoid at this time.

The toxins called Morgellons disease are a recent addition to the solution in chemtrails. Until Earth reaches the frequencies where no disease can exist because nothing of dark nature can, the best counter to these new toxins as well as the many others in chemtrails is taking all sensible measures to maintain sound health and strong immune systems. I am not a medical adviser, but I can suggest that if a day is sunny and there are no chemtrails, do absorb the sun’s rays using pure aloe as skin protection—the sun is not the menace that the medical establishment makes it out to be! This seems a simplistic aid, but during and after the trails are laid, stay indoors if you can, and if you can’t, cover your body completely. Use natural rather than chemical products to reduce or relieve symptoms and try simple topical remedies such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and pure aloe.

And pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer! Remembering that prayer is your every thought and feeling, thinking and feeling positively about staying healthy is your best fortification against disease. Boost your positive outlook by frequently saying “Thank you!” to our diligent ET family who are diminishing the effectiveness of chemtrails’ most toxic elements.

Gratitude for the myriad blessings and beauty Earth provides generates a fortress of light for you personally and for your planet. Feeling gratitude—one of the many expressions of love—lifts the spirit, lightens the heart and lets the soul sing.

Mother, isn’t that a splendid thought to leave with readers? I add my loving thanks for the light that all of you are radiating out into the universe.
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A June 19, 2006, Message from Matthew PostThu Jun 22, 2006 6:15 am  Reply with quote  

A new message from Matthew, dated June 19, 2006. Here are the headlines:

Reaction is a choice; results of fear; advice to energy healers and telepathic receivers; light workers, light weavers; Rove result “skullduggery”; likely course of truth emerging; celestial activity; we’re innately prepared for transitional “bumps”; military draft outlook; ELM effects; immigration reform in US; Feng Shui; key to relationships; archangels, other spirit helpers; prayer
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A new July 15, 2006 Message from Matthew PostMon Jul 17, 2006 6:22 am  Reply with quote  

Here are the headlines from a new July 15, 2006 message from Matthew:

No all-out war Israel-Lebanon; factors behind Mideast violence; prevention of NYC subway bombing a “tall tale”; original, amended soul contracts; Fitzgerald, Plame/Wilson lawsuit; discernment, trusting intuition imperative; some channeled information from dark sources; Buffet’s “generosity”; Adam, energy healer; “ultimate encouragement”
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mr. jones

Joined: 03 Mar 2006
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PostMon Jul 17, 2006 5:52 pm  Reply with quote  

Also, Matthew mentions the effects of chemtrails as one reason some people may be experiencing poor health.


Wow! that's news to me, gee whiz if he hadn't mentioned it I would have probably thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Just kidding ellyn.

I guess matthew doesn't really know what's in the chemtrails otherwise he would have told us by now.

But if he's going to make quotes like "some people", maybe he could tell us who those people are so we can join the bandwagon, don't you think?

All in all, chemtrails are a health issue and that's the bottom line, people are getting sick regardless.

Obviously the young and weak are the first to get sick and that's a shame.

because we adults like to complain a lot about ourselves but are reluctant to hit the elite hard.

We know who the enemy is "the ego", let's kill it now.
"The whole aim of practical politics is
to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of
hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
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August 13, 2006 Message from Matthew PostTue Aug 15, 2006 3:35 am  Reply with quote  

Here is a new and interesting August 13, 2006 message from Matthew. Here are the issues covered:

Plane-bombing plot more ruse, deception; NO nuclear war in Lebanon; Zionists don’t represent most Israelis, Jews; economic outlook, resources reallocation; geophysical events, “global warming”; repeal of unjust laws worldwide; Matthew’s requests regarding questions; cremation, burial; US November election; effects of feminine/goddess energy; illness, aging outlook

It can be read at:

Although the whole message was interesting, I found this paragraph to be quite pertinent, considering the slaughter and destruction which has been taking place in Lebanon.

"The persistent belligerence of the Zionists…. I must interrupt myself to state emphatically that the Zionists do NOT represent the majority of Israelis or Jews living anywhere—by no means are Zionists only in Israel—and they are but one faction of the Illuminati carrying out that cabal’s ages-old plan to dominate your world. To continue, their attitude is as we anticipated, and so is the war insofar as duration, but the extent of the destruction and the unconscionable disregard for human life exceeded anticipations. Perhaps we should have foreseen this, not from Earth’s field of potential, where it cannot be registered in advance, but from knowing what we do about the zealotry and brutality of the Illuminati throughout their entire history."

NOTE: The Israelis are using new chemical and biological weapons on the Lebanese people.
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Special message from Matthew about September 11, 2001 PostThu Sep 14, 2006 2:38 am  Reply with quote

Special message about September 11, 2001

S: Good morning, Mash dear! I’m not surprised that you chose today to give me a message to send out.

MATTHEW: Mother, dear soul to me, yes, and what a glorious warm, sunny morning it is! Your first thought as you looked out at the tall fir trees and saw rabbits hopping about was “All’s right with the world.” Then you remembered that today marks two anniversaries—the joyous day of my birth 44 years ago and the shattering events commonly referred to as “9/11.”

Five years ago this day your world was in shock and people of all nations were united in mourning that seemingly senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism. Now voices are rising ever higher, asking for the truth to become known. It will, and when it does, many will experience another shock when all the reasons are revealed. But today there are ceremonies honoring the souls whose lifetimes abruptly ended five years ago and finger-pointing to the “phantom enemy” that caused the tragedy. The hypocrisy in the speeches of those who truly were responsible may enrage you who recognize their complicity, yet there is much more fear in those people than the apparent arrogance. It is true that their greed and power-lusting let them plan and execute those diabolical events, but there is more to this than is understood in your world. Mother, please copy the part of the book with my explanation and the most important words of all, the poignant plea from the spokesperson for the people who died in the burning, collapsing towers. That message, which echoes the sentiments of all of us in this lighted station in spirit, is the most essential for you to hold foremost in your hearts and minds.

[“A Spiritual Response to Terrorism” in Revelations for a New Era].


My thoughts as I stared at the television newscasts that morning of September 11, 2001, were not about the lives lost, but about the people who loved those souls. Having endured the pain of Matthew's sudden death, my heart was with the families and friends of those who had just left Earth so abruptly and horribly. During the subsequent few days, memories of my own long-ago anguish evoked such powerful empathy for all of the people in shock and grief that I didn't even want to ask Matthew what had happened. His answer couldn't have changed anything.

Then, I received an email from someone who knew about my telepathic connection with Matthew. A man representing the group who died in New York City had wakened her, coming to her as sometimes her patients did as they transitioned between Earth and Heaven. He said they want to be known as martyrs for peace, not war; that the terror was from within our country, not outside; and they were requesting a "collective voice" through Matthew.


September 16, 2001

S: Matthew, I’ve just heard from Kalama Hawkrider that a representative of the group who made transition in New York spoke with her and said they would like to have a voice through you. I don’t know if you are aware of this message she received, but if you do have anything you’d like Jean Hudon and Russ Michael to send out, I’m sure they would do that.

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I have a message to pass on, and there is something I wish to say from this vantage point. Please, all souls who are receiving “divine” guidance for maintaining love, compassion and peace, do not let up for a moment these heartfelt emotions. This energy will be the saving grace for you and your planet, and in a moment, your beloved family and friends who have so recently come here will speak of this in their words.

All the souls who made transition so abruptly are being tended most lovingly here. Many already are feeling familiarity with this realm and are remembering that they knew this was to happen and they agreed at soul level to participate. But even if that can be believed, it is small comfort to those whom they left in such a shocking and horrifying ending, with no goodbyes for the thousands and thousands of people who love these souls.

Beyond assuring you that peacefulness, tenderness and understanding is enveloping every person who departed Earth then, I want to assure you that despite what appears to be, Yes! the light IS prevailing over the darkness! That is precisely why this evil incarnate has been perpetrated upon your planet. The desperation of the darkness has triggered this seemingly inexplicable agony and inspired the calling for war as “justice for those who died.” But the war actually is to generate even greater and greater negativity on top of that created by global grief in an attempt to dilute and then extinguish the light. These forces want you to be in fear, in hatred, they want you to demand justice through more killing and destruction. These dark forces know that the cycle of violence will increase their pernicious hold in these times of critical choosing between the light and the darkness. And choose you must. And choose the LIGHT, you must!

We weep here. We see the larger picture, indeed, but still we weep. Who could not do that in these days of agonizing sorrow and despair? But know that you must hold fast to feeling love and compassion to an extent that is not understood by most. This is not a nation against another nation. It is not even a small faction of humankind seen as diabolical against other humankind. It is not human elements at all at the root of what happened. It is a power that most of you don’t know exists that caused this madness with such dark intentions that Earth herself is weeping that these powers have descended in their fiery destructiveness.

This will be revealed in time. In the days now, before you can see clearly what is behind the madness, please hold only healing love in your hearts for all humankind and beyond, to all life. Let the God-self in each of you rise into the light instead of letting your conscious self join with the darkness in retaliation, revenge, hatred, more coldhearted killing. Think of the thousands of lives that left Earth in those fiery moments: Let those lives stand for something besides what the dark controllers want—more killing of innocents. Those lives were not taken in innocence, but let them speak out for the innocents! As a collective voice, they are saying:

“Let no more lives be taken. This is the time to keep love above all, for compassion, for bringing healing to the bereaved and injured, for bringing healing to Earth. Please know that the hearts that are hardened into wanting to kill others as their tribute to us -- they need light above all. We petition you from the whole of this realm of Heaven to speak of love, of opening eyes to seeing clearly what is happening on Earth, and rising above the tragedy that has been perpetrated by a darkness you cannot even imagine, where your entire world is expendable. We see this from here. We need you to help the myriad light workers by uplifting your hearts and allowing light to come in, by comforting those in fresh sorrow. You must hear our plea. We are working in the light to assist you, and we are forever bonded with you in love.”

Yes, Mother, I do know that you find it difficult to believe that I was chosen to pass on the message for these souls. I am not alone in this. Nor am I only passing on their collective voice, I also am speaking for the Council of Nirvana and all other souls in this realm. Others are speaking out in other realms, other high stations in the light, and we all are beseeching you to choose PEACE and LOVE.


September 22, 2001

S: Hi, dear. Am I right in thinking that you want to add something to the collective voice message about the September 11 events? We left off abruptly the other day after I received that—I wanted to get it on its way quickly—and you know how busy I’ve been since then with our guest.

MATTHEW: Yes, I do know that, Mother, and I thank you for getting their message out. I know you are uneasy about what has been transpiring and are speculating whether your caring feelings, but lack of deep anxiety, is reasonable or you’re hiding your head in the sand. Your abhorrence at the merciless maneuvers and your sorrow for the grieving families are natural reactions, but fear not only is the opposite of the emotions that will help heal the personal and national wounds, it also would be fuel for an outcome you don’t want.

The events as they have been unfolded for the public view are not the ideas of those men the media are proclaiming as “terrorists”—well, government officials are proclaiming that and the media are echoing it. There are hidden causes and goals, hidden strategies yet to be revealed, and the perpetrators are not those who were so quickly accused.

We understand why many souls there believed without questioning whether reports were complete and accurate or even sounded believable. We understand that acceptance instead of analysis was due to the enormity of the planes deliberately hitting their intended targets and the thousands of innocent lives being in transition almost simultaneously from Earth lifetimes. The emotions of accepting those kinds of actualities are too overwhelming to permit the mental or emotional margin for wide questioning of the obvious weaknesses in the official findings.

S: I have read quite a few reports that blast the official conclusions, so some people definitely are not accepting all of this as it’s being publicly presented. Can you tell me without any wavering at all that the towers would NOT have collapsed if there hadn’t been explosives set off?

MATTHEW: Without an iota of wavering, Mother!

S: WHY???

MATTHEW: The destruction had to be in such unthinkable measure that its horror could be filmed—and there’s a questionable area, why television cameras were present even in early moments—and aired relentlessly in these days ever since. There had to be such shocking loss of life that it overshadowed speculating about the improbability of the towers collapsing due to the stated reasons, or think too closely about how the half-full planes were taken over and flown unmolested into their targets in supposedly safeguarded air space. Has any irrefutable evidence been presented to prove the official conclusions? No, because there isn’t any. Quite the contrary!

The immediate declaration of “This is war!” rather swiftly swerved into the spirit of “patriotism,” and that has caught on fire. This will do just as well to serve the real perpetrators’ interests because it, too, precludes a public outcry for proof of the official conclusions. Those they need to accuse as the monstrous evildoers have to be natural suspects, ones who have been built from ground up through covert and overt means for decades. The dark minds behind this don’t deal with spontaneity. They deal with calculations and strategies developed over decades. If not Plan A, then Plan B. If not the persons originally in charge, then those two or three or four generations later who share the same dark dreams continue to manifest them. This steady march with only the names changing, never the aims, has been proceeding throughout millennia, which in the estimation of the darkness is acceptable and the timetables need not be rigid.

However, the call for war was the purpose from the beginning. The “terrorism” is the fuel needed to rally public support for war. Those thousands of deaths September 11 that were needed to achieve this support are inconsequential to the dark forces, whose nature does not encompass conscience, honor, compassion, love or empathy. The unconscionably brutal attacks that the darkness manipulated through their willing puppets had to be tied into something that could be presented as so pervasive and so fearsome that the whole world wants to eliminate it: global terrorism.

So, that is exactly what the dark forces had to create so that next could come the world’s FEAR of it. Not only can fear generate national and perhaps global unity in a rare instance of agreement, but it creates the negativity that is the foundation and armament of the masterminds of darkness. And that is the real prize. Light cannot coexist with negativity, and fear is one of the most powerful of negative emotions—an opposite of light in vibratory composition—so you can understand why increasing the amount of fear throughout the populace is essential to the plans of the dark forces.

But fear is only their penultimate goal. Total planetary conquest is their ultimate goal. What happened September 11 is really only another strategic move by the dark forces in their ages-old conflict with the light forces as to which force will rule the planet. It sounds like a science fiction plot, like a sorcerer’s tale of diabolical conjuring and treachery, but it is much more real than are any of those steel and concrete structures on Earth.

The peak of the dark forces is not resident upon your planet, and although it can and does manifest in human bodies that look no different from any others there, the civilization’s origin is not human. This force is more accurately considered a force field, or energy mass that has the ability to embody in whatever form it wishes. So long ago as to be lost to all memory except Creator’s, this force left the light and love IN which and OF which it was created, and ever since it has been wounded by the absence of light and love. The only way the wound of that void can be healed is by refilling it with its original ingredients.

But if this force accepted the healing love and light, it would have to forfeit its dark power, and it has not been willing to do that. And so in its tormented and demented journey throughout All Time, it sustains its power by seeking and creating fertile grounds for birthing negative emotions.

Now you can see that it is the influence of the dark forces behind the call for vengeance, revenge, retribution, the sense of “justice” that means more violence and killing. Never will that approach eliminate fear. Never will it eliminate feelings of bitterness, unfairness, deprivation, betrayal. Never will it stop infants from growing up to become martyrs. No, far from eliminating the causes of “terrorism,” those acts refuel the cycle of negativity and insure the survival of the darkness through bloodshed, hatred, terror, anxiety, tyranny, prejudice, insecurity, grief, death, imbalance, deception, corruption.

The dark forces beyond Earth have many minions on the planet willing to do their bidding there, and their weapons are everything that creates negativity. The powers opposing them are the light forces, whose arms and armor are love, compassion and truth.

S: Do you know how this is going to play out?

MATTHEW: We know that God is not going to let your planet be destroyed, Mother. It is not within our province to change the course of events now in motion, but it is within the province of those extraterrestrial civilizations who have been called into action by God to preserve Earth with their technology that can dilute or negate certain types of destruction or pollution. So there is no need to think in terms of mass annihilation by nuclear or biological weaponry. Any talk in those terms is specifically designed to instill fear in the populace, and you know why fear is of utmost importance to the dark forces.

The fact is, from our vantage point, all of the evidence of military might and tough rhetoric shows it is desperation time for the darkness. It is their own fear, recognizing that they are losing their strongholds on the planet, that is behind these brutal assaults on Earth’s people and her very spirit.


October 15, 2001

S: Good morning, Matthew. Please tell me what is happening behind the scenes of this “war on terrorism” and the anthrax scare.

MATTHEW: Good morning, Mother! You use the most appropriate word short of “fear” when you say anthrax “scare.” That is the total purpose—to scare you into believing that these isolated and staged incidences of anthrax “terrorism” in your country are the beginning of global biological terrorism. This is a tactic, a ruse, and the world’s media raving about the fright is designed to start the fear chain reaction that the masterminds of the dark forces desire.

Mother, think about this: The media start talking about the political fears that next the terrorists will wage biological warfare. And next, so quickly as to be amateurishly staged, anthrax does turn up and an innocent soul dies. Subsequently powder turns up on a floor or on a typewriter or in an envelope and through preconditioning, you instantly suspect it of being anthrax spore-laden. On rare occasion it is, but in people’s minds now, any powdery substance anywhere in any miniscule amount instantly is associated with a possible global assault.

If “death to the infidels” is the aim of the terrorists and since death as martyrs is part of their fanaticism, then mass annihilation methods probably would be just fine with them. But to the perpetrators of this fear tactic, that is not acceptable. Anthrax cannot distinguish between the non-human perpetrators disguised in human form and the human DNA strains, nor between the dark forces’ willing human workers and the light beings, so they cannot endanger themselves and their cohorts, and thus only carefully planned isolated plants can be allowed.

This is a multi-thrust effort that needs little staging other than what you have heard about. More incidents may come, but very strategically selected and only enough to keep the fear alive. FEAR is the intent of this, not mass death. Once the fear level has reached saturation, vaccines will be made available so that a plague will not befall those who are thus protected, or so it will be announced. Without antitoxins for everyone, there could be frenzy to get what small supply there is and so fear can be sustained within the majority of the people because they will not qualify for inoculations. But it is the lucky ones who will not make it to the front of the vaccination line.

Mother, it is a diabolical plan, indeed, but in truth, the intent and the results of this anthrax matter are much less harmful long-term than the virtually unquestioned regular ongoing pollution of your air, ground and water from the “chemtrails,” as you have termed this practice of seeding the atmosphere with toxins. All of these vicious acts are desperate measures to extinguish the increasing light or at least diminish the number of souls who are awakening. Fear and frenzy can throw those awakening souls right back into their cocoon of spiritual slumbering, and THAT is the plan, the purpose behind these acts, seen and unseen.

The war is another matter. That, too, is sinister, of course, but it is with the vehemently declared intent to destroy a country, a whole population if necessary, for the good of all other countries. Both the specific country and its people are expendable as it is simply the land, not even required to be habitable, that is the goal. Oil is the further goal, and the land is the pathway to it.

So you have the two opposites in this: the few expendable lives to initiate and perpetuate as long as possible the fear of potentially global biological terrorism, and an entire nation of people who are expendable because their country’s annihilation is to “eliminate terrorism” for the good of the world. The similarities are that both situations are perpetrated by forces that you have no idea publicly are in this at all, and the purpose is the same, the creation of dense negativity. Negativity is swirling from the violence, the killing, the terror of the war’s victims, the grief of their survivors, the fear of the innocents all over your world, the intensifying hatred of those who are accused and hunted.

S: How damaging have the events of the past weeks been to the light forces?

MATTHEW: I cannot say that there has been no damage at all, because the shock, grief, horror and fear that started with the collapsing of the towers has not abated very greatly in this time. However, the additional light that has been pouring in from throughout the galaxy and beyond to shore up the ever-increasing light generated and held fast by light beings of Earth is in greater abundance than before those events.

That is why it is mystifying about the dark forces. Those living among you are superior intellectually and technologically to Earth’s third density humankind, but they are devoid of spiritual comprehension. They are close to having no light in their souls except that spark of Creator’s connection, and this is by their choice as they consistently refuse to accept the light that is continually offered. They do not seem to learn that a godly nature can manifest infinite possibilities simply by being godly, or light-filled. Beings ranging from fourth to seventh density in intellectual, technological and spiritual evolvement also are inhabiting your planet in places beneath, on and above the surface. Many are members of your universal family whom you can thank for generating light and also anchoring vast shafts of light beamed from advanced civilizations off-planet.

There has been confusing talk of a critical mass that needs to be reached before Earth can “ascend.” It is not the number of souls, not a percentage of souls residing on the planet, that constitutes critical mass but rather the degree of light that can be sustained there. That mass has been reached and surpassed, and ascension, however misunderstood, is happening. Earth is in her ascension process, and all souls who have been receptive to the light and been changed from cellular structure on out, or up, are increasing in spiritual clarity by the moment and are ascending with her in spirit.

S: But the complete ascension process is physical too, right?

MATTHEW: Absolutely, and Mother, it is not a journey like any other you can consciously relate to! The physical ascension phase, which will follow the planetary riddance of negativity and the individual souls’ final choices, is not yet on the near horizon, but even in linear time, it is definitely sooner than later. The more souls who awaken soon, the more gentle will be the cleansing to achieve the release of negativity required prior to the physical ascension. The beginning of that phase will be unmistakable—it is planned that it will be preceded by your extraterrestrial friends who eventually will reveal themselves instead of remaining disguised among you as they now must for safety.

The souls who have declined to accept the light will simply not go along. Their physical bodies will die and their soul energy registration automatically will take them to other destinations compatible with their free will choices in the darkness. Also, many millions of other souls whose lives were made unbearably wretched by the few dark souls’ treatment, will leave Earth voluntarily before those days of joyous journeying begin and they will embark upon their own self-selected growth experiencing, perhaps returning for lifetimes in the restored Eden. Many more millions already have left for those reasons.

S: Matthew, can you state unequivocally that if people hold fast to love, compassion, and nonjudgmental attitudes, there is no reason to fear what is ahead?

MATTHEW: Proof far more than my stating so is your serenity and assurance even in the face of the headlines and the TV newscasts. Mother, the answers coming from your soul, which is in touch with the universal mind, the God mind, are your clearest and purest guidance. Always those are the answers to seek.

Will there be moments when you cannot see the light in its abundance, perhaps when catastrophes are ending many lives? Of course, because the “human condition” sometimes lets stress and doubt and anxiety temporarily dim the awareness of the divinity of each self. It is especially in those moments that you need to quietly look within for understanding, because on the surface only the mundane event is apparent and on the soul level, the primary cause and effect are known.

If you asked me to give you one thought so profound and inclusive, so uplifting and inspirational that nothing else would be necessary for you to remember, it is this: Know thy Godself.
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mr. jones

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Know thy godself

the best way is in silence and at peace, meditation.

God is always at rest and and peace.
"The whole aim of practical politics is
to keep the populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of
hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
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October 13, 2006 Message from Matthew PostMon Oct 16, 2006 12:44 am  Reply with quote  

Here is a new message from Matthew, dated October 13, 2006

Matthew discusses:

North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan; Earth's ascension on target despite lingering darkness; higher frequencies magnifying feelings, October 17 light event; Israel, Zionists; Ecoli no scare; US political scene; reptilians; purpose of SDI; dementia, ADHD
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November 9, 2006 Message from Matthew PostSat Nov 11, 2006 6:45 am  Reply with quote  

November 9, 2006 Message from Matthew

US election results in universal context; moving out of third density thinking; how love-light works
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December 5, 2006 Message from Matthew PostThu Dec 07, 2006 7:03 am  Reply with quote  

December 5, 2006 Message from Matthew

True NESARA explanation; soul-to-consciousness communication; developing discernment; soul contracts, primary missions; dreams; animal souls; current world update; summary of previously covered information; question guideline; Christmastime’s highly mixed emotions
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January 7, 2007 Message from Matthew PostWed Jan 10, 2007 4:38 am  Reply with quote  

Here is a new January 7, 2007 Message from Matthew which discusses the following:

New energy momentum for peace; Illuminati influence, control waning; energy that delays progress of change; young and older leaders appearing; power of words; importance of monoatomic gold in bodies; de-evolution of DNA; origin of Earth’s spirit world; soul contract possible reason for illness; future potential for people in health care fields; this lifetime is last opportunity to complete third density karma on Earth; outlook for world economic changes; souls’ name identification beyond current lifetime; some incorrect claims about future events; helpful visualization technique
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