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Orbs, Stealths, and the Nazis

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Orbs, Stealths, and the Nazis PostTue Feb 27, 2007 8:52 am  Reply with quote  

Interesting read:

Lots of these jest look very similar to current stealth aircraft and a few resemble the orbs people have been seeing....

A few more:

"On 16 November 1998, a camcorder video was taken of a mysterious "fireball" in the sky. While this was very interesting, what was even more amazing was the aircraft which was seen shortly after flying at very high speed producing the mysterious "donuts-on-a-rope" contrails. Does this video, which is currently undergoing intense study at JPL, show the mysterious Aurora spyplane?"

Misc Photographs:
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PostTue Feb 27, 2007 11:49 pm  Reply with quote  

I checked the skies out today for a few mins to see what was up, usual same ongoings really, nothing special apart from planes flying in extremely close formations military style and cloaked but with spray the same amount per plane. This was a formation of only 4 which all split then regroup. Others were out there as well. Ok, so we need some flight paths to know for sure what is going on. And then if its not listed its military.

I will setup a site for these reports sometimes this year if I can with videos and photos shared publicly. What is more important is gathering proof though and I have many ways of doing this but its not my top priority right now. When it is we will make some progress. it will take a bit of resources on the science side as well won't cost a fortune since I will network up with a few contacts.
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