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As the Particles Fall...

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As the Particles Fall... PostMon Aug 13, 2007 8:32 pm  Reply with quote  

I remember observing this in August 2002, watching the effects of chemtrail fallout in the summer time over Gulf Stream. As the water vapor absorbing particles absorb their maximum amount of water vapor and reach their peak size, they begin to act as benign particles in the atmosphere. They also begin to decend at a much faster rate. They can no longer absorb any water or water vapor and begin to act as CCN(Cloud Condensation Nuclei) for clouds. Well today we can see this effect plain as day. Watch the Satellite loop as the USAF sprays their rain aborbing spray over the thunderstorm complex this morning moving out of Illnois and Missouri. Watch where those particles go and observe that where the largest clumps of these particle would be late this afternoon. Notice what has taken place underneath those regions this afternoon, particuraly in Eastern KY,Southern WV, and Southwestern VA and a second region in South Carolina and Georgia. The Cumulus clouds have grown fairly quickly in those regions and are producing brief thunderstorms. Just as in August of 2002 the thunderstorms created by the chemtrail fall out were completely random or a (pop up variety) over the affected regions.

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