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An Occultist Take on ChemTrails

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An Occultist Take on ChemTrails PostSat Aug 18, 2007 8:30 pm  Reply with quote  

I am what some call "a white speculative Occultist". In essence, this means that I involve myself in the underlying philosophies, archetypes, and allegories that go into the crafting of larger realities. My idea is that the knowledge contained within the Illuminatus system is a birthright to all of humanity - it is, afterall, one "human race".

The idea of a race is fascinating. It implies speed, movement, a start and an end point. When this word is applied to "colorations" of skin, and with it, the inherent mythological constructs contained within the isolated communities of the larger human family, the practical aspect of the "race" set against that of "the races", implies a form of dominance in the way of a winner or a loser.

The race must be won. To those socieities and cultures who did not not understand this aspect of the philosophy, sadly, there are Illuminatus tendencies to dominate or control these elements of the larger human family, often first by taking what is possible from them before they are "submerged".

But in the end, there is only one "race", and that is for the survivability and advancement of the human "race". This is where so many begin to lose the rational understanding of the forces in play.

So here is my take on the Chem Trail phenomena.

The Universe is teeming with life. Teeming implies a team, does it not? True, there is no "I" in "TEAM", yet one cannot help but think that to deny the "I" is to reduce the individual soul to that of "MEAT", something to be exploited for the larger human organism, of which only few care and are able to peer into and see so far into the future.

This race, both the movement and the entity, is set against time, wherein time recedes and thought meets it in the here and the now.

The Sun is blasting through space at 11,520,000 miles per day. The CODE WORD for this is PLATO. 16*12*1*4*15 = 11,520. The Earth itself is moving through space around the Sun, and the Sun is moving in relationship to the circular motion of the Solar System, and the Solar System itself is blasting through space at its relationship to time.

But SPACE as part of the Universe is teeming with life. Bacteria may fill various portions of space, and as the Earth enters into these bacterial invested regions of space, the Earth begins to absorb this bacteria as a sponge to water.

But this phenomena, although not known to the common man, is known to the world of "secrets", or National Security. So how is it killed in an effort to protect "the race"? Through aerial spraying. Disinfectant, as it were.

Now I know that a British scientist in Hong Kong equated some of the "avarian flus" to literal space born bacteria. Chem Trails, maybe (as I can only view it from my perception) may be designed to kill off as much of this bacteria as possible, as it becomes noted and identified.

Just my two bits. As a natural born conspiracy theorist, I by no means hold this to be the only valid or even most plausible reason for the bizarre behavior of literally spraying the skies in what would have to be insane and irrational behavior of the ruling elites.
The Fetch. De-storying the signatures of the Occult as only a master of the Craft can do.
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