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Chemtrails making you tired? killing your energy?

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Chemtrails making you tired? killing your energy? PostWed Sep 05, 2007 4:45 pm  Reply with quote  

Making you sneeze? Maybe not for you but for some people they do...
Someone use a time lapse video recording to break the myth of natural clouds! Show chemtrails forming into clouds. Ones that are already formed were sprayed in early hours of morning while you are asleep! Use nightvision to show this. Sounds crazy doesn't it. Sickens me to see how people are dumb with saying how good the weather is when chemtraisl are being sprayed to form cover.
Here is a link you may like to look at.;jsessionid=7axzfyb4f2.tiger_s?p=199&n=1&m=-1&c=4&l=0&w=4&s=0&z=3

I have noticed in the UK on clear blue sky days there is a shield of some kind, I thought it was just a load of particulates floating around but they do not fall down these ones they just stay tightly knitted together so I think it may be related to nano-aerosols but I should not be able to see them with my eyes if that is the case - depending on size of particles. It just annoys me now to see that aerosols are there even on clear sky days a shield type layer of aerosols are always there but mostly transparent in appearance.

Nano-aeorsols have been in development by the US government funded 980 million research programs of anti-biowarafre but not sure f they were ever deployed on us in US or Internationally in western Europe. I do also know the US Homeland security has been development nano-aerosols ready for applications in the upper atmosphere, this has been in progress for some years now. I don't know how widespread it is but there are several programs and one is a shield as well which I find interesting. I need more data on this specific resarch of government research and development, application of nano aerosols.

What is your answer to the debunkers when this tech has to be age old for it to be real? Evidence is everywhere so they say it is only contrails. Why then are all clouds formed from contrails and not natural mosture and atmospheric conditions independently?

Yes the USAF used chemtrails but did Russians and Nazis? Did the Nazis develop these chemicals in first place with the worlds biggest chemical factories? What do you say whendebunkers say hey look at these WWII contrails! The Airforces of the world revel in it. They have many fake history sites on the topic and even label their images for search engines to find.

If you refuse to prove it then I have no choice but to prove it all for once and for all!

I think I was responsible for stopping one UK company from using chemtrail subliminal advertising, time will tell. Heh, they sure watch sll these chemtrail sites for bad publicity linked to them, must harm their business. Wonder how many millions are aware now then.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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