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German News: Chemtrails Are Not From Commercial Airliners

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Free World Order

tagged & banned

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
Posts: 2013
Location: Totalitarian EU
Re: Yes, somewhat a limited hangout PostTue Oct 09, 2007 4:33 pm  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe

Chemtrails appear to be primarily used to block out harmful uv-b radiation.
They also may be used to warm up the planet to get a blank geoengineering check.
Perhaps the frankenscientists believe they are also fighting hurricane action.

The uv-b radiation theory makes the most sense.
the chemtrails are kooky internet scam has gotten in the way.
When fakes keep blabbering about the evil NWO rather than about the NOAA, that is a limited hangout also. Yeah, George Bush spoke of a new world order, but what we are witnessing is tied up with the NOAA, the Military, and frankenscientists working for corporate and military interests. Chemtrails are not kooky. They can be proven to most people using evidence and logic. The fakery is the only thing preventing full exposure of the truth.

the one thing we know is that chemtrails are real and that they are deliberate activity.
They are legal activities being covered up. Thermit knows this, but I guess he likes to make a buck off of conspiracy theories, thus the #1 chemtrail forum is full of kookery.

Chemtrails TRAP in heat increasing or causing global warming. During the evening and night time after sun down the heat increases causing mild warmth during this time period where nature would allow the escape of such heat and radiation. NASA even admit this, but claim (corporate) scientists debate this on both sides. The fact is no matter ow we look at it - aerosols trap in heat and radiation no matter how much white spray is used to reflect it more will always be trapped in and cause the world to heat up more.

Ionospheric heaters make this matter much more severe. How about making holes in the atmosphere and artificially manipulating it beyond ways nature ever would do in a million a very short period of time on demand globally, allowing radiation to penetrate through.

Who is the NWO dumbass, who recruited and funded the Nazis, your people (government) did! They are government agencies and are as illegal as the Nazis are, only now based in the EU and USA admin for all to see, read documents from the government, no one denies it. The CIA has declassified hundreds of thousands of documents last year alone, Germany have allowed access to over 30 million documents this year alone. Corporations and government have no involvement do they not? Your posts are double talk no end! It cannot be the government and not the government at the same time, just because you dislike the Nazi origins your country funded from investment banks, cannot change history.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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tagged & banned

Joined: 11 Jun 2005
Posts: 953
Location: Maryland
PostTue Oct 09, 2007 8:02 pm  Reply with quote  

You kinda got to go back and look.
And I must add, that even though an attempt was made to curb your nemesis's behavior, you kept pressing the issue forward.
And now I kindly ask you, are you attempting to do the same thing now, because the more you push the more they pull, and it never ends. Just by adding your little provocative kindly asked question to your post you feed the fire's I am trying to put out. Remember the rule about playing with fire, and your point was???

There's a wide spread "let's take a shot at weatherman714" mentality in the scientific community. Everytime they attempt to take a shot, I shoot them down and make them look like a fool. Whether is my nemisis, or a few PhD's that have visited here under a variety of SN's. Dr. Travis sent some of his students from the Univ of Wisconsin here and I made him look like a really pathetic professor. His students were trying to tell me that Sea Surface Temperature peak in Hawaii in March and Radation from the Sun peaks in March as well.
Yeah, but pent up rage combined with humiliation is often followed with long periods of depression and lack of focus. It's a "losers" mentality. I was laughing at his statements because I thought they were hysterical. It reminded me of a mad man going nuts, throwing things across the room for attention. That stuff never has scared me, it always makes me laugh because it's silly. This is no exception, both of them going at it, except over Screen Names. My battle was over something scientific that actually happened that couldn't be manuplated(to an extent). What we did actually takes talent, what they are doing anyone can accomplish.
Just because I talk about something doesn't mean that I'm adding brush to the fire. I think there's a mentality of "oh let's just pretend it didn't happen, or seek help else where." Well if it's a CTC matter, wherelse can I turn? Everyone thinks this board is koo-koo anyways.
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Free World Order

tagged & banned

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
Posts: 2013
Location: Totalitarian EU
PostTue Oct 09, 2007 9:27 pm  Reply with quote  

Hi weatherman, did you send those samples to the lab for testing and if so have the results been received?
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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