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Massive spraying occuring over the Mid West to steer the

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visual ray wizard

Joined: 09 Jul 2005
Posts: 461
Location: United States
Massive spraying occuring over the Mid West to steer the PostMon Oct 22, 2007 12:08 am  Reply with quote  

next cold front. This is a 24/7 operation to bring rain to the south east US and break the vicious drought that has taken a great toll not just on farmers but plants and wildlife as well.

Deer in Kentucky are dropping dead by the thousands to a disease known as blue tongue which they are contracting by drinking contaminated pools of water that have grown so stagnant they can't support life.

Local farmers are stating that this is the hottest and driest summer that they have ever witnessed. The price of hay is sky rocketing and farmers are being dealt a double blow of losing their crops as well as having to maybe having to sell livestock since pastures are too baren to produce any usable amounts of hay.

Insurance companies are going to be paying thru the nose for crop losses but thankfully the experts who predicted a bad hurricane season once again got it wrong due to the cold ocean currents due west of South America

Add to this the idiotic plan to converting corn into biofuels which has pushed the price of corn to record levels and things are looking rather bleak. (It takes more energy to grow and convert the corn to fuels than what it produces)

The Air Force is in full swing spraying today over the Ohio Valley which has now drifted up towards Michigan by now in order to steer the latest cold front into our region. Last week's attempt was mildly successful but most of the precipitation fell north of the Ohio River leaving most the state with only a trace of measurable rain fall. Creeks and ponds are drying up, acorns and nuts are scarce and there will me a major kill off of wildlife if we have even a modertely severe winter.

Check out this radar loop. I find that the spray ops show up most vividly on the infared loops versus visible loops. Every single "cloud" that passed over Kentucky today was chemtrails. They were spraying all night and all day and if this is their idea of owning the weather....maybe we need to take a different approach to this. Orgone draws anybody.???

I am deliberately standing down from any orgone draws to compare last years results to this years and from what I can see the results are quite obvious.

I would not expect those who were "trained" in the classroom and think they know it all to be able to think outside the box much less comprehend the nature of orgone energies and how they move moisture and bring life to drought stricken areas. I am standing down this year and watching the spray boys do their thing and you know what? I am not impressed......

The colder water tempertures off of South America show up in blue.

Now for a rather interesting invention for altering the weather near any land mass that borders ocean areas.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,470,544 issued Sep. 11, 1984(the '544 patent) discloses a method of and means for weather modification, and is hereby incorporated by reference. The '544 patent discloses positioning large numbers of pumps in a region of a body of water located west of a continental arid zone such that, during the summer, a large volume of deep, cold water is pumped to the surface thereby decreasing the surface temperature and increasing the heat storage capacity of the body of the water. The effect of an increase in the amount of heat stored at the surface of the body of water during the summer as a consequence of this arrangement is to increase the intensity of storms during the following winter over the land mass east of the region thereby increasing rainfall during the winter.

In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, apparatus for modifying weather in the vicinity of a land mass of the type described above, such as a continental arid zone usually eastward of a body of water includes a ship for floating on the body of water, and means for pumping cooler water from a lower depth of the body of water toward the surface in response to movement of the ship for the purpose of reducing the surface temperature of the body of water. When this action is carried out in the summer, the amount of heat stored in the body of water is increased causing enhanced winter precipitation over the land mass. Such methods and apparatus are also for use in the reducing summer rain, and enhancing winter precipitation over a land mass in the vicinity of a body of water.

Preferably, the pumping action is effected by trailing behind the ship, a submerged body carrying a plurality of vertically displaced foils having an angle of attack that effects an upward displacement to the water in response to the surface displacement of the ship. The upward displacement of the water moves cooler sub-surface water toward the surface thereby cooling the surface water and reducing its heat loss in the summer. As a result, the heat capacity of the water is increased and additional heat will be stored in the water as a consequence of the greater absorption of solar radiation

Being one with nature never felt so good!

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visual ray wizard

Joined: 09 Jul 2005
Posts: 461
Location: United States
Shuttle launch has a 60% favorable weather launch PostMon Oct 22, 2007 12:33 am  Reply with quote  

opportunity at this point. Considering the major costs involved in having to delay the launch much of the spraying is probably aimed at controlling the weather in the gulf in order to insure a go on Tuesdays launch window.

We are talking about millions here versus a few hundred thousand for jet fuel and chem spray materials but if they mess up they make NASA look bad. So are they spraying to help make the launch a go or are they spraying to make NASA look bad? Time will tell......

Of course IF a properly trained person was in Florida with their water activated cloud buster they could clear the skies around the Cape for mere pennies worth of running water and tickets to Disney Land!

I do it around here for major events just because the good you do will come back to you! Just ask the Queen of England who visited here last year for the Derby when we had predictions of rain and mostly cloudy skies! It was quite illuminating for all to see... wink wink


Weather officer Kathy Winters called Tuesday's weather "promising" at 60 percent favorable. She explained that they continue tracking a frontal boundary that may now arrive on Wednesday, earlier than previously predicted. The front should be out in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, but the timing of the front's arrival could cause problems for a Wednesday launch attempt should Tuesday's launch not occur. Weather should improve once the front passes through the area. There is still only a 10 percent chance that weather could prohibit tanking for Tuesday's liftoff.

Now after reading this I see what is going on in the friendly skies over head it is not just about drought relief so much as it is either clearing or not clearing the skies for Tuesday's launch. I don't presume anything these days.

Good luck to the crew of the Shuttle and may she fly with clear skies!
Being one with nature never felt so good!
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visual ray wizard

Joined: 09 Jul 2005
Posts: 461
Location: United States
RAINING cats and dogs in the Bluegrass State! PostTue Oct 23, 2007 2:36 am  Reply with quote  

Wow wish I had bitched and complained a few months ago! Here is the latest precip map... Nice job guys!

On another weather related note blue tongue disease has jumped to cattle in Indiana.

Blue tongue disease has apparently jumped from Kentuckiana’s deer population to area livestock and a southern Indiana farm has been hit hard.

Everything appeared normal on Kenny Yeager’s farm on Saturday, until he went outside. First he found one cow down, then two, and as of this morning, a total of twelve dead cattle.

“It’s just devastating. It’s taken years to build them up, and over a twenty four hour period I lost all of them,” Yeager told WHAS11 News.

That loss has settled on Yeager’s face, along with even more concern over whether or not his remaining twenty cattle will survive. He fears that they too will suffer what Yeager says was a bizarre and painful death.

“Something in them just makes them go crazy. They’ll just take off. All my cows are tame and they’ll just run from one end of the field to the other and then just lay down and act like they’re fighting for their life, and when they do, it’s over.”

Yeager has spent twenty-five years of his life building up this herd and he says that this weekend’s shock is just adding insult to injury after already struggling to stay in business.

“It’s a pretty hard blow. We’ve had a drought all year. We lost the wheat crop in spring, and then didn’t have a hay crop and now I’ve lost all my cattle. It’s just going to be hard making it through the year, making ends meet.”

I feel their pain and hopefully this terrible drought is nearing it's end.
Being one with nature never felt so good!
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