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EU FSA up to no good as per usual!

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Free World Order

tagged & banned

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
Posts: 2013
Location: Totalitarian EU
EU FSA up to no good as per usual! PostThu Nov 29, 2007 8:38 pm  Reply with quote  

13th November 2007

Dear GM campaigner,

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced its plans to review the
GM rice contamination incident – the biggest GM contamination scandal
to hit the food system to date. Pressure from Friends of the Earth
and campaigners has already succeeded in persuading the FSA to open
the review process to the public. Now please help us keep up the
pressure to make sure that the FSA takes action to protect the public
from illegal GM contamination and ensure that mistakes it made during
this incident aren’t repeated in the future.

This email includes:
1. Take action – quick and easy instructions for taking action
2. Email text – sample text for the action
3. Background information – more information about the contamination incident
4. The review process – more information about the review process

Many thanks for all your help,

1. Take action:

* If you only do one thing please copy and paste the text below (see
section 2) into an email and send to before Thursday 29 November.

** If you have time to do more, please forward your email to your MP.
Go to or letting them know of your concerns and
that you have written to the FSA.

2. Email text – please copy and paste these points into an email. If
you have time, please turn them into your own words and add any extra

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to input comments into the process for the review of the
GM rice contamination incident.

I am concerned that the Food Standards Agency’s inadequate response
to the GM rice contamination incident, and failure to fully implement
EU emergency legislation, meant that UK consumers were unnecessarily
exposed to unapproved GM food. The review process must get to the
bottom of the reasons for key decisions made by the FSA which
determined the lack of action over rice already on sale including:

- The precautionary principle in EU GM law says that GM foods must be
scientifically proven to not be a risk before they can be pronounced
safe. Why did the FSA state early on in the incident that the
presence of GM rice in the food chain was ‘not a health concern’
despite the fact that key safety information was missing?
- Why did the FSA only take action to stop further contaminated rice
being imported, ignoring potentially contaminated rice that could
have been on the market as far back as January 2006, when the
emergency EU law required action on both?
- Why did the FSA initially advise the food industry not to test for
contaminated rice products or remove products from sale when it is
illegal to sell unapproved GM foods?
- Local authorities are responsible for enforcing GM legislation, but
why did the FSA not issue any food alerts to local authorities and
make sure they took enforcement action to detect and remove any
contaminated rice on sale in their areas?
- Why did the FSA ignore the catering sector, even when it became
clear that the majority of rice is sold through this route?

As well as learning lessons and improving procedures to protect
consumers from any future GM contamination incidents, the FSA must
also support a zero tolerance policy on illegal GM ingredients and
resist any attempts to weaken the law to allow a tolerance for
unapproved GM contamination. It must also put in place strict
monitoring of food imports from countries that grow GM crops
experimentally or commercially to help prevent future GM
contamination incidents.

Yours sincerely,

3. Background information

In August 2006 the US Government revealed that illegal GM rice,
unapproved for human consumption, had contaminated long grain rice
supplies. It contaminated rice on sale in UK supermarkets and around
the world on a huge scale. The GM rice was grown experimentally in
the US six years ago – but a year long investigation by the US
authorities has failed to find out how it got into the food chain
because of lax standards controlling field trials. US rice farmers
have resorted to class action law suits against Bayer CropScience,
the biotech company involved, to try to reclaim their heavy losses.

According to EU Emergency measures, all long grain rice imported from
the US must be proven free of the illegal GM rice (known as
LLRICE601) before it can be sold. And countries must also take action
to make sure that rice on sale is not contaminated. In the UK, the
Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for dealing with this
incident. Friends of the Earth took them to court because it believed
the FSA failed to take appropriate action to stop UK consumers from
being exposed to the rice. The judicial review took place in February
at the High Court.

Whilst the judge ruled that the FSA had not acted unlawfully, he did
point out a number of mistakes it made, including not issuing any
food alerts and providing advice to local authorities too late. These
mistakes meant that local authorities, the public and retailers were
not given information about which rice products were found to be
contaminated with illegal GM ingredients.

For further background information, see

4. The review process – open to the public

The FSA has announced plans for the review of the incident promised
at the judicial review. Pressure from Friends of the Earth and the
public has already persuaded it to open the process to the public,
when initially plans were for a closed meeting involving just a
select few stakeholders. They will hold a meeting on 29 November in
London at 2pm (Call 020 7276 8566 or email to attend the review. See for further

This is not the latest developments. Making it crystal clear to government we will not tolerate any GMO's in the UK or European countries, Germany France and Spain letting European countries down big time! Stop planting your toxic poison. Or we will come to dominate the whole market sector some day -- that is a promise, organics will rule, now with vertical farm technology.

The answers to why FSA don't care is because each new head is corrupt and has been for years a biotech whore!
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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Joined: 20 Feb 2006
Posts: 526
PostFri Nov 30, 2007 7:36 am  Reply with quote  

Top UK scientist advocates GM future

By Jess Halliday

Get the latest Market Reports on
David King

29/11/2007 - Debate has been stirred in the UK over a future that could see GM foods on supermarket shelves, as the government's outgoing chief scientific advisor said he believes GM food to be safer than convention food.

Sir David King has attracted controversy in the past for his pro-GM stance in the past and - most recently - for advocating a cull on badgers to curb tuberculosis. He will give up the post he has held since 2000 at the end of this year, and this week gave a valedictory speech at the Royal Society in London.

In the speech, Sir David reportedly said he believes many of the concerns about GM foods have proved "unreal".

Moreover, he proposed that GM as a solution to ensuring sufficient food supply for the world's growing population in the future, which is expected to be problematic this century.

In an interview with the BBC prior to the speech, he said we will need a "third green revolution" to feed the world's population of 9.5 bn by mid-century.

"Have we got the technology to deliver that? Absolutely. It's called GM technology."

Friends of the Earth, however, takes issue with the claim that GM foods are safe.

In its opinion, genetic engineering is "imprecise and unpredictable". It claims most of the testing is carried out by the biotech companies that have developed GM in the first place - and therefore have much to gain financially from declaring them safe.

It also denies there is a need for GM in the world.

The UK has, historically, been one of the EU member states that is more supportive of GM technology - or at least, not vehemently anti.

Indeed, Sir David led a GM science review, which concluded its work in 2004, that found "no scientific case for ruling out all GM crops and their products, but nor does it give them blanket approval."

It said that GM applications need to be considered on a case-by-case basis, but that GM regulation needs to keep pace with new developments.

Some of the UK's neighbours and other notable member states have taken a rather hardline anti-GM approach.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy recently announced a moriatum on the planting of commercial GM crops, pending a four-month consultation to establish a policy on GM and the environment.

And the Austrian government has been grappling with the EU over its ban on cultivation of two types of GM maize for several years.

The deadline for the Commission to reach a consensus on how to deal with states implementing their own bans was recently extended by the World Trade Organisation to 11 January 2008, after ministers failed to come to an agreement.

In June of this year, EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson delivered a strong exhortation to the EU to take a lead in shaping global rules on GM trade - particularly in defending objective science as a benchmark - or suffer the economic consequences.

He called biotechnology "the coal face of applied science in the 21st century", and said that if the EU does not work through the issues raised by genetically modified (GM) food, just as the rest of the global market is doing, it will not be working it its own best interests, he said. And if the EU falls behind in approving safe biotechnology, it would open itself up to economic risks.

Sir David's opinion has been that the UK's strong position in molecular biology research means it is well positioned to develop GM technology safety.

Away from Brussels and Westminster, however, there are indications British consumers remain wary of GM foods.

The British Retail Consortium has indicated that resistance remains strong - and unless the majority of shoppers swings to support GM then the foods are not going to be making a splash on shelves.

The Soil Association recently conducted a survey of the use of GM feed for animals used to produce milk and dairy for human consumption in the UK.
It said it was "shocked to find that very large quantities of GM feed are being used in the UK to produce our food".

It said that around 60 per cent of the maize and 30 per cent of the soya in the feed used by dairy and pig farmers is GM.

"This means that most of the non-organic milk, dairy products and pork being sold in the UK is from GM-fed animals," said the association - but it does not need to be labelled as such.

Moreover, it said there is evidence to suggest that small amounts of GM DNA make it not the milk and tissues of GM-fed animals.

This opinion is contrary to those held by the Food Standards Agency and the British Retail Consortium.
"Hikow mamtaqiym wkulow mahamadiym zeh dowdiy wzeh ree`iy bnowt yruushaalaaim."
Song of Solomon 5:16, Hebrew original.
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Free World Order

tagged & banned

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
Posts: 2013
Location: Totalitarian EU
PostFri Nov 30, 2007 1:06 pm  Reply with quote  

Did you know?

95% of members of the public who took part in the consultation opposed the Government's GM proposals.

November 2007
Public say no to Government's GM proposals

Over 11,000 people responded to the Government's GM 'coexistence' consultation in 2006 - the results of which have finally been published.

DEFRA were proposing rules to allow GM crops to be grown alongside conventional and organic varieties.

But their plans were so weak that routine, unlabelled, GM contamination would have been inevitable.
Why did so many people object?

People wrote to DEFRA to demand strict rules to keep GM contamination under the minimum detection level.

They also urged that GM companies must be held responsible for any economic costs caused by contamination.
What happens next?

DEFRA is now awaiting the results of 'important' further research. They have also promised to commission new research in the light of public concern.

In the meantime you can email your MP, asking them to demand that the Government doesn't go ahead with the weak rules.
Get these updates first

If you would like to receive monthly updates of real food news stories, then join our real food mailing list.
Register Here

UK government is corrupt, fascist and corporatised. We demand a referendum to ban all GMO's including all GMO feed for animals. Switzerland has a far better government than we do, they actually allow votes to take place and have banned all GM crops including trials. They have never planted any GM crops in their country, Italy still have illegal EU bans as does Austria. it is in their interest they continue this to protect the environment, health of people and animals along with organics.


Every ethical decent religion clearly prohibits manipulating life, cutting bits out and transgenically merging them into unrelated species, it also has very scientific implications, this tech is not tech nor is it science. It is just pure stupidity to think they still have to use shotgun splicing methods and hope for the best - proves how imprecise it all is. Not that they care, it is all lies, false hopes and deception they sell. Again and again science proves old science wrong, that scientists knew very little about 37 year old technology they had been using and still are using - that is seriously fundamentally flawed. These people are not real scientists, they are just greed and power mad people that belong in mental institutions to protect the world.

Not only were scientists that pioneered biotech and DNA sciences aware of the danger that would be when genetically engineering crops, they fully were aware of the profit side of this tech. They delayed going commercial with it for some time and just kept it in labs and field trials in the USA, that was until unethical ruthless chemical giants got in on the game. All they care about is profit, they admit it in their corporate speeches as can be found in quotations from companies such as Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF, Bayer and other leading post WWII Nazi era cartels that still do this day continue to pollute the planet unrestricted and unregulated. Few countries have a spine to standup to these companies. Shows how weak people are. How easily they become corrupted and how much they care about life. Muslims and Christian countries are not so different (not ethical or moral at all, look at Internet stats to see what I mean by this by looking at Google keyword stats from nations around the world.

When it comes to upgrading 37 year old gene manipulated crop tech - it includes even more mixing up and messing up of the crops genome. Not good at all. Even more undesired unpredictable outcomes.

This country's government disgusts me. Constant lies, we could catalogue a whole databank of archived lies on this one issue of agriculture lies - they promised to protect out health and cross contamination of organics and conventional pesticide foods. Yet have done the opposite with lax regulation and lack of enforcing laws. This is a good enough reason to leave this country. I like to give a good fight though and remain optimistic. The Nazi origin of agriculture pesticides that led to the green revolution of a chemical ruled world is responsible for the destruction/extinction of 1/3 of all biodiversity of crops and animals, insects and the rise in disease among humans. If this can happen in 50-60 years what will or is happening now present and future, that we will only know and recognise officially when it is too late to make a reversal. Westerners and all the world in general only eat a fraction of edible food crops, it leaves us with some hope we only eat 400 fruit species when natives eat over 2000 of the 4000 they have available to them. Cleaning up polluted staple crops is a major problem, the biotech corps only started to focus on staple crops for reasons of pure profit generation - while also engineering the crops to be resistant to herbicide roundup for profit reasons. Universities and biotech corps always find allergy cures in native wild crafted strains and then genetically modify them in hope they will be healthy still. Pharma corps do the same with drugs that originally come from natural plants. Once synthesised they become toxic and lethal in some cases along with many other undesired side effects. Anything can be toxic though in enough quantity. Some plants being lethally toxic by nature, so hoping to splice out toxic plants is no solution.

Untargeted applications of vaccines means compulsory vaccination for all that eat genetically contaminated pharma crops, even worse still is when you could also be eating food derived from crops that are engineered to be used for industrial uses, such as biofuels or industrial oils. Humans were surely not intended to consume such food, especially when even the government does not permit it, that is until mass contamination occurs like we have ad with some GM crops - these are then totally deregulated to allow for as much contamination as possible with no liability.

Why Eire is not an Independent Republic Democracy as long as it is ruled over by the EU corporation. The EU is not a government and cannot ever be considered legitimate, not when centralised power of parliament, bank, stock market and almost all other non government institutions that rule are in one sole country, disallowing any outside open connections, the EU is isoloted more than the Soviet Kremlim was. It is just many tongues once voice for the EU. The EU breaks International UN laws in many areas including the right to ban GM crops. Like the USA that is lobbied and funded by mega corps the EU makes banning GM crops illegal. The only difference between the EU and USA is that one of them makes up pseudo environmental laws - usually to enable for more profit generation than anything else, while fooling the masses.

Many fine examples exist on how they have been duped time and time again. It would be logical for Eire to pull out of the EU as they had once promised to do if the EU kept pressuring Eire to submit to EU laws.

All EU Commissioners are recruited for their corruptible qualities, there has never been any that are honest in all the time of EU existence! So much so that the EU parliament once voted to release all of these corrupt employees back in the 1990's. These days this is no longer done as the powers centralise more and become in the hands of the elitists. The EU parliament are fraid thse days of voting for this they say because of the image projected to the rest of the world. They need not bother though, we already know how filthy corrupt the EU is.

EU foundations are rotten, just a time before they totally collapse. Every fascist despot empire crumbles.

EU restricts banking as do international anti money laundering initiatives - while money laundering has risen by several thousand percent in this time - again opposites by the psudeo laws, they allow and work in force with business in military defence and corporations that monopolise the globe - allowing money laundering always. It happens globally - mostly by mega corps or terrorist groups that are government founded or have direct links.

True Swiss Style Banking Freedom -bad-example:

We have a right to it!

The EU have no right not to be audited, we have every right to see their books, they have no right to monitor ours. They are the corrupt terrorists in power. Using e-gold is American owned and not anonymous as it is under government admin now. Use a different anonymous service, preferably non digital transfer of funds, as was done offshore for centuries.

Friends of the Earth, however, takes issue with the claim that GM foods are safe.

In its opinion, genetic engineering is "imprecise and unpredictable". It claims most of the testing is carried out by the biotech companies that have developed GM in the first place - and therefore have much to gain financially from declaring them safe.

It also denies there is a need for GM in the world.

The UK has, historically, been one of the EU member states that is more supportive of GM technology - or at least, not vehemently anti.

The reason is simple, no government agency has ever listened to us seriously then acted, only broken promises pure lies and deceit from the controlled totalitarian political parties that are all one and the same leading false oppositions all with elite corp connections spanning hundreds of years. it is their bloodlines, try researching it sometime - media!

The UK government is more corrupt than the Italian Mafia. The mafia has more morals than the UK government. Many UK political officials have previously been exposed in owning shares in biotech companies. Environment ministers in the UK have had links to biotech companies, the PM admitted this at the time saying it would be good for the country. The UK has over 650 biotech corps. It is a biotech leader and haven with corruptible's in power

The future depends on downsizing government and taking away almost all institutional powers. While having safeguards that are fixed and perfected to eliminate all possibilities of a corrupt system. It is rotten to the core.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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