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Free World Order

tagged & banned

Joined: 18 Apr 2006
Posts: 2013
Location: Totalitarian EU
PostFri Apr 11, 2008 11:21 pm  Reply with quote  

I do believe in global consiociousness sharing or awareness. Most may well still be blind to it all yet, hopefully the world will improve and change for the better than worse than what is already accepted as it is.

What the US government says about planet x ^^^

URL link of Google/Nazi CIA Syndicated Networks. To think the CIA Nazi origins and links believed in the likes of hollow earth theories....hmmm.

Still they were out and ready for the Golden Age of Aquarius, but it is all about truth FREEDOM and revelation of their crimes. Bring it on. Nothing they do can stop it. At the same time some people have a warped view of what this means for the elite and world as a whole, some think it means Global Prosperity in a capitalistic way for expansion of corporate control, corp governance, etc. Time will reveal.

The elite fear most of all action from the people and lack of acceptance of their world vision and reality. Not (just) the crimes we know they are guilty of.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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Joined: 06 Jun 2006
Posts: 2006
Location: Chicago
Yeah, But... PostSat Apr 12, 2008 2:45 am  Reply with quote  

Do you know how many sheople watch american idol every night on fox only to wake up to right wing news in the morning? Ever wonder why they battle so hard to have you turn their shows off before you go to bed?

Most people are idiots, plain and simple. People that can take a minute and reflect on the world at large are a definite minority and they know this.
“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee”
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