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Slacking Good For Planet

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Joined: 13 May 2007
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Slacking Good For Planet PostMon Dec 17, 2007 12:28 am  Reply with quote  

You know, I don't really care if they make a carbon tax. I don't really care if the price of gas goes up. I hope it does. I wish plastic bags cost $5 each, because that is the only way people are going to stop being such pigs. I hope the whole stinking, stupid system grinds to a halt. This incremental decline is just too brutal. Do you know we are in the Holocene Extinction? Do you know there is a continent sized mass of garbage floating in the Pacific?

Screw economic progress at whatever cost. Everyone needs to chill. All the get-up-and-go people are trashing the joint. We need to do a lot less. Ambitious people are just uptight weirdos who can't relax. They're destroying the planet. Smoke more weed. Sleep more. Grow your own food. Get into smaller communities and get a food program going. Stop all this whipping around and using so many resources . Stop buying useless crap made by slaves.

I hate the NWO, and I don't want to see any kind of world government run by those soul-less creeps, but eventually we will have to have a world government. I just pray it will be about stewardship for the planet and equal rights for all. This system we have is based on greed. Only the most lecherous weasels will ever make it to the top. The sooner this system dies the better, as far as I'm concerned.
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