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268,000 search results for gov.aerosol programs

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268,000 search results for gov.aerosol programs PostSun Dec 23, 2007 10:53 am  Reply with quote  

Go to and type in the search box,Aerosol program.268,000 results come up.Something for everyone.I found this little info as it seems UAV's have been used for spraying all along. The Spring 1996 UAV deployment featured the first coordinated flights with the Multispectral Pushbroom Imaging Radiometer (MPIR),or is this the real acronym, MPIR= Microwave Pulse-Induced Resonance ,being developed at DoE's Sandia Lab for mapping cloud properties, and the Microwave Radiometer being developed here at Goddard by Paul Racette and Jim Weinman, for mapping cloud liquid water. Some of the flights will focus on manmade contrails, in coordination with the SUCCESS field program. The main focus, though, is on how cloud structure is related to cloud albedo, transmission, and especially cloud absorption.
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