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70 mph winds hit the UK for 3rd year running

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Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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Location: Totalitarian EU
70 mph winds hit the UK for 3rd year running PostThu Jan 31, 2008 10:49 pm  Reply with quote

Severe weather conditions again for the third consecutive year, it was once every few years that was far apart of 7 years at one time now each year with no summer weather either...oh, the programmed reaction of climate change, global warming, seasonal climate change, partly right but the causes, and scientists tell us net global warming was none on a global scale but actually cooling last year.

Snow storms were predicted to reach the UK for February-08 back in November and December 2007. Coming true...
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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Joined: 11 Jul 2007
Posts: 218
PostThu Jan 31, 2008 11:19 pm  Reply with quote  

Yup, crazy weather here up North. We had torrential rain and flooding last week, and the last few days the wind has been incredible. Seen trees blown down, wheelie bins blown right down the street, a lot of missing chimneys, aerials and roof tiles. Strange times.
We had snow/sleet/rain all mixed together today, more snow forecast for tomorrow and the weekend.
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Cloudy Skies

Joined: 22 Aug 2007
Posts: 122
Location: UK
PostFri Feb 01, 2008 3:28 pm  Reply with quote  

Gales and snow in the middle of winter. Whatever next eh?

(70mph winds occur every year, We actually seem to get less severe windstorms nowadays than in the 80s/90s)

The only thing unusual is how mild it's been (yet again) and how little snow and frosts there have been - it's like winter lasts 7 days spaced over 4 months

January was the first winter month I've ever recorded in which there was not one single air frost in my garden! Now that is unusual.

At least the weather atm is a bit more normal - though it doesn't look like lasting very long. Be spring again in a few days time.
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Joined: 11 Jul 2007
Posts: 218
PostFri Feb 01, 2008 6:35 pm  Reply with quote  

I'm not saying it shouldn't be cold or windy in winter, but in recent years there is no way we have had this kind of flooding up here, nor bits of broken house lying in the street.
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