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HAARP is on full power!!!

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Joined: 06 Jul 2007
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PostMon May 26, 2008 8:45 pm  Reply with quote  

interessting , especially considering the cyclone in myanmar and the quacke in china just a week alter, both killed of close to 100.000people each , but whats more, both disasters struck the areas in asia with the highest production of rice! and we allready have a "food-crisis" , this is really bad news for millions of people in these (and other) countrys.

strangly enough ad for china, they also have most of theyr army nuclear facilities in the area that got struck...

and the west has been lookin for a reason to go into myanmar for quite some time now. btw, the reason they wont let aid in is cause 80 % of the victims of nagri are the Karen-people which are in opposition to the junta.

and as we speak, torandos are rampaging parts of the US, not sayin natural disaters never happend before, but considering haarp, a bell is ringing imo.

keep it up, the bad guys are loosing their grip!
chemtrails looks pretty f@#$% real to me and we gonna have to stop it
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
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PostTue May 27, 2008 1:48 am  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Orwell knew
Hello, haven't been here in awhile.

So are all of those nasty "debunkers" (con artists) gone, these days?

There are very few people that I know pesonally, these days, (people are getting moe informed) that any longer try and deny these aerosol/particulate spreading programs (finally!) (goodbye Reynolds types, you are now OBSOLETE ha!) ,but it seems the new debates center around not IF, but WHY?

I posted a copy of the HAARP patent (Eastland) here one time (as others probably have too) that mentioned the spreading of " aerosol plumes" in the method and that seemed to indicate HAARP and similar weapons systems list the ability to trigger earthquakes as one of the features.

I would think a system like HAARP (or any other) would be quite detectable when/if used as a weapon to trigger an earthquake. Not just from the point of origination (Gakona etc., )but at/near the point of impact from the wave/beam.

I have little doubt weapons like HAARP are being used for these latest rounds of world "social engineering" (weather as a weapon,New Orleans etc.), and I also have to wonder if they are now also being unleashed as stealth EM weapons ,for earthquakes etc. against places like China, Indonesia, Iran, etc.?

Hello Orwell knew,
Good to see you here again...
The debunkers have been weeded down somewhat, but they still like to pop up now and again. I think it is like you say, they are now obsolete. More have become aware and are not focused on proving the existence but focusing on the purpose of these aerosols, and continuing to spread awareness of them to the yet unaware.
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