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Guest Area open to the Public...

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Guest Area open to the Public... PostTue May 27, 2008 1:19 am  Reply with quote  

I have opened a forum area here for guest to post in. This is an area that will be open to the public who are not yet registered users here at CHEMTRAIL CENTRAL and the membership. It will be scrutinized much more closely, and content may be removed without warning. It is hoped that more individuals who are wanting to join in here in a positive manner will participate. If the area becomes a hole for trolls or moles or blatant trouble makers seeking to waste our time and create problems, it may be closed off again.
This area will also be pruned (threads removed) approximately every 10 days of inactive threads, anyone wishing for a thread to be saved must make a request before the pruning. Threads that are pruned cannot be replaced and are permanently gone from this data base. Save what you want to keep on your own or make a request for the thread to be saved.
No advertising or spamming will be allowed, nor the use of profane or foul language or material of an adult nature...
So then, without further ado...ENJOY!!!
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Post new topic This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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