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Reply on thread "CTC Has No Credibility

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guest (may41970)


Reply on thread "CTC Has No Credibility" PostMon Jun 16, 2008 9:07 am  Reply with quote  

I tried to post this as a reply at the above thread which is titled - "CTC has No Credibility," but was unable to post there as a guest. The only way I could post was by starting a new thread.


Socrates and may41970 are not the same person.

We are two anonymous nobodies. We disagree on a lot of stuff. Differences of opinion regarding topics as small the veracity of Margie Schoedinger's lawsuit against GWB, or as big as whether "Global Warming" is a scientific fact - have resulted in huge fights. I suspect it's my long-term respect (and agreement) with Michael Crichton's excellent essays on "Global Warming" that's brought us to such levels of disgust with the other.

But even when we're enemies; Even if we hate each-other....we treat each other with honor. Soc knows all kinds of personal s!@# about me, my wife, my family. I mean a lot. He could hurt me. But I'm not afraid. Soc's a stand-up guy.

No matter how much we hate or distrust - we would never publically ridicule the other or spill secrets. The closest I ever came was a few days ago. I posted one sentence of a pm soc sent to me. Went to bed and had nightmares. It was the most despicable thing I've done in years.. I woke up early and deleted the s!@# I wrote.

There are different kinds of enemies. Those that behave with honor, and those that behave like cockroaches.


Socrates and may41970 are not the same person.

What is the inspiration for Starman1, Increase 1776, Tinoire, Lou, Halva, Kola, CDsnutz, Toto, the team at the (now defunct) "Mike Rivero WRH Messageboard" - and others around the net to accuse soc and me of being the same guy? Why is it so terribly important for them to endlessly repeat this lie? Why do so many people care so much about proving that two anonymous nobodies on the net are one and the same? Why is it so important?

Even if we were the the same poster - what difference should it make? How would that change the meaning; the value of the topics we post about?

Why have soc and I become a bigger focus than the issues we write about? Why do so many "chemtrails activists" spend more time writing about me and soc (as for me, I'm an anonymous dumbass drunk that seldom makes a decent post) - than even writing about the chemtrails themselves? Why would one of the most famous chemtrails activists in the world - a major part of Will Thomas' respected book - "Chemtrails Confirmed" delete 900 posts about Chemtrails, and blame it on two anonymous nobodies? Why am I repeatedly accused of saying things I have never said? Why am I repeatedly requested to address posts that were not written by me?

Concrete Proof that Chemtrail Central are Disinfo Liars
"The IP addresses are the same"

This reminds me of when Tinoire banned me from Progressive Independent for being "socrates." Starman1, a moderator for Chemtrail Central "proves" that soc and I are the same person. He than goes on to make a threat. I know the word seems to be getting overused, thanks to some very ugly people that post here at DBS - but that doesn't change the fact that it's a threat to wipe out my and/or socrates' right to post anonymously, which is our choice at this time.

Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:07 pm
starman1 says:

...There is enough proof on these guest threads that prove you are either one and the same or you are claiming to be each other in your post. The IP addresses are the same, (what are the odds of that considering one of you claims to be in Taiwan and the other in the USA) so I guess that's why you say the proof really doesn't matter. For an individual or group of you or what ever you are, to claim to be the real deal and truth tellers you are full of lies and deceptions. Do you want me to publicly display your IP's to the world??? You are a liar and a fraud. You have so many characters to play it must be hard to keep up with yourselves.


As soc and I are currently in the midst of one of our all-too-frequent feuds, I think that fakes are taking the opportunity to f*** with soc's head. I had already unintentionally created some doubt in soc's own mind when first posting at the CTC Guest Board. I originally used the same generic id that soc had -- which was "guest." I later changed it to "guest (may41970)."

1) I suspect one of starman's goals in the above post is to get soc to wonder If maybe I had somehow stolen his IP address to post under. I think the goal is to confuse soc as to who the psyop fake is - whether it's me or the CTC mods. - or if I'm together with the mods.

2) Starman uses a quote that I long ago used in a CTC Post.. ("You are a liar and a fraud") Maybe to make soc wonder if I could be starman1?

3) "Lou" made a recent post about how his favoritre line in a piece of music is "I'm Going Home," by Ten Years After. I had previously mentioned to soc about it being a favorite song of mine. Could this have been posted to intentionally create more doubt?

Joined: 19 May 2007
Posts: 441
Location: jaffrey new hampshire
PostMon Jun 16, 2008 10:58 am  Reply with quote  

'All the world's a stage." Shakespeare
Ya think? Wink
". . . that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God." -- Thomas Jefferson's Last Letter, June 24, 1826
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
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Location: Earth
PostMon Jun 16, 2008 2:18 pm  Reply with quote  

OK may41970,
I will make an apology to you for the "threat" as you say, when I asked if you wanted me to publicly display the IP's. (sorry) Apparently, because you both posted as "guest", your IP's matched up.
Frankly, it doesn't matter to me if you are the same person or not, but it does violate this and most forums rules to post as more than one person.
That aside, the reason you keep getting my personal attention is because of the continual disruptions you and he present here.
I have tried to allow guest to post here so as to expand the movement and give a voice to those yet unheard, and you two immediately take advantage of the opportunity to make it about yourselves again.
If you want to talk about honor, honor the fact that you have been banned from this forum. I should, technically, delete every thing you post and yet I have once again allowed you a voice, honor that.

P.S. You "may" once again reply to topics here in this guest forum, but I'd rather you didn't.
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
Posts: 1583
Location: Earth
PostTue Jun 17, 2008 5:10 am  Reply with quote  

I have moved a copy of this thread here for public display, for those who should take interest in noting I have made a public apology to may41970, for my claim about his IP address being the same as soc's in the guest area.
Both users posted using just "guest" as an ID when posting and claimed to be themselves. I have been quoted on another site and wanted to set the record straight. The IP's appeared to match but only because the ID's were the same. In other words, they both signed in as "guest" and that caused the links on the IP's to appear to be the same. Sorry...
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