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Exposing Global Climate Change Hoax I

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Joined: 19 May 2007
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Location: jaffrey new hampshire
Exposing Global Climate Change Hoax I PostWed Jul 23, 2008 6:11 pm  Reply with quote  

Here is a proposal on the motivation for the hoax of global warming being pushed by Al Gore and company.
Just one to start.
Here it is.................
The ice caps on mars are melting,Oh my god!
This Mr. show and tell man, Al Gore needs to know about this before the population begins pagan worship of mother earth and Al Gore himself can start human sacrifices.
4 minutes... Apocalypto (the movie) Sacrifice Scene
Please take the time to understand the words spoken.....Interpert them, under a "You must die so we all can live" mindset
At the altar.
Talk of...........
days of lament (To grieve audibly; To express sorrow or regret)
the earth thirsts
bad crops
sickness around
accusations of a weak society
that "we" have become empty and decodent......
But "we" are strong...people of the sun
masters of time
nearest to the gods
blood offered to renew the earth from age to age
then gives thanks to the one being executed.
Stating that the sacrificed one is unafraid and willing
And another point.
just noticed Al Gore never talks of chemtrails.
Like...Wonder why?
Mr know it all.
Junk science man.
He calls himself an enviromentalist.
Wonder why this got by him?
"True Accounts of the LBAM Aerial Spraying"
8 minutes video
and another.
It is all about the motive.
When confronting a lie, ask.... why would they Lie?
A frame of truths ,distorted and manipulated and wrapped inside a
pshycological frame.
That's the "global warming" agenda.
What is the motive for this global warming IN-FORM-ation.?
(The people at the top.)
Let's look at Lies like.....
"Oh! What a beautiful baby."
Or to a budding artist ... "That is very nice."
Or..." yes, your new hairstyle looks good"
The motive is what makes a lie "dirty".
The motive. It is when people in your life that you catch in a lie. It is the darkness of that lie that offends you.
There is always the reason the public is given, and then there is the real reason.
Really smart ..... the way that the Pshycological frame has been set up on global warming..
Inside the frame pshycology; the frame controls both sides of the debate.
Drawing everyone down into a final conclusion and solution like a funnel.
Work of magicans.
As each step draws the masses deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.
Built and designed from the outset.
Like putting out a new model car.
A conspiracy from the mind, to the drawing board and on to the showroom.
A concept of imagination.
Not in reality,
That is made real.
Manurfactured perception, by design,
That's what this global warming stuff is.
and another point.
It really does not matter about this global warming B S.
It really doesn't.
The people that run this planet have withheld technology. Plane and simple.
And set up a world society which they make every human totally dependent on.
Within a slave energy grid of inefficency. By design.
They are responsible for this, not the human specie.
Who gives a s!@# about some propoganda theory being shoved down our throats.
Al gore can kiss my fat ass.
". . . that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God." -- Thomas Jefferson's Last Letter, June 24, 1826
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tagged & banned

Joined: 27 Dec 2005
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PostSat Aug 09, 2008 10:01 am  Reply with quote  

OMG, we are all going to die from Global warming. [sarcasm]
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