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The Law Of One

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The Law Of One PostSat Sep 20, 2008 3:53 pm  Reply with quote  


Have you read this; The Law Of One, the RA material

I've been reading this and the prophecies of Edgar Cayce.

Anyways, they both seem to point to the same conclusion. The RA material states that we are third density beings in a planet that is essentially 4th density and that they'll be great chaos soon due to the 'harvest'.

Cayce mentioned earthquakes that would split America and California and most of the west coast would disappear.

Anyways, I've come to one conclusions from the different sources I've encountered and that is, big things are about to happen.

The depression in America is being warded off till after the election. Then the world will plunge into a dark time. Europe will recover first, then the world currency will be proposed. The New World Order wants to rule, democracy which has been a sham since the last depression will be discarded. UN troops will patrol the streets in America by this time next year.

But then, these are just minor things compared to the big things that are coming around 2011/2012

I just wanna get out of here and I don't know how. Any ideas?
"Hikow mamtaqiym wkulow mahamadiym zeh dowdiy wzeh ree`iy bnowt yruushaalaaim."
Song of Solomon 5:16, Hebrew original.
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