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Oregon Chems 11/15/08

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Oregon Chems 11/15/08 PostSat Nov 15, 2008 8:30 pm  Reply with quote  

Here's another example of debunking the lies these Meteorologists are running around claiming. "We can't detect chemtrails at low resolutions."
Well here's the truth, we can and it's their poor meteorological skills plus that delusional world they live in as to why they can't do it.

Let's examine Eastern Oregon today.

On the Enhanced IR as shown here we can see a grid of chemtrails across Eastern Oregon and X's that are visble.

Now we zoom in on a high definition visible shot. As I've stated before NASA attempts to doctor the images and make them blurry to an extent to cover up what's taking place. It's also more difficult to see the chemtrails close to the noon hour local time.

And finally we zoom out to a very low resolution and if we compare close enough we can see some of the older chemtrails that have spread out across the sky on the lower resolution infrared picture.

And that's how you debunk a meteorologist...
Most nations and militaries in the world promote their bright young scientists, not the US Govt and US Military, they intimidated their brightest one.
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