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Mother Earth Discusses Chemtrails

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Mother Earth Discusses Chemtrails PostThu Feb 12, 2009 2:40 am  Reply with quote  

The following is a portion of a copyrighted article (2002) entitled A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE, by Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis, published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, June 2002 issue (

Pepper Lewis ( has given me her permission to post it at this site. This article addresses some of the many questions which have been raised concerning this chemtrail issue.


The world today is one of chaos, with a propensity to destroy bridges rather than build them. Humanity can no longer account for what the next generation will contribute, because it can no longer account for its own generation. Current, three schools of thought define the population of the Earth.

The first one, which we will call the mind of man, believes that the Earth is in decay, that it is in an unstoppable downward spiral, on its way to death and destruction. The beings who subscribe to this mind have surrendered their power to those who have purchased it wholesale on the open market called "fear." This aspect of the population or school of thought has separated itself from others, because it has become separate from itself. It finds it difficult to rejoin others, because it has relinquished its faith and hope and no longer sees the possibility. It lives quietly on the sidelines of life, awaiting confirmation that the situation is indeed hopeless and giving up the only option. These beings go about their business as usual, but the light in their eyes has been dimmed, and the spark that once guided their souls is all but extinguished. They have little hope for future generations and pity them more than anything else.

The second school of thought, which we will call the mind of rage, is easily angered and instigated into action of any kind. It will battle itself or others in order avoid accepting a life of servitude and status quo. These beings care not about the decisions made by past generations, and even less what the future might think or record. They are insistent upon making a statement that decries the present as absurd and the future as a waste. They hold little value for human life and see the Earth and its resources as already having been bought and paid for. With little to contribute and nothing to gain, they often find themselves on the offensive, for they have nothing of their own to defend other than an ego or a point of view.

The third school of thought is called the mind of peace. It is where hope and faith still reside. It is the home of the heart, even if it is currently in despair and uncertain of many things, including itself. This school understands that change is inevitable, it knows that it will inevitably be swayed back to its own center. Thus it knows peace. It is the mind of peace that is most subject to attack by the havoc that currently reigns in the skies and rains upon you from the skies.


Called contrails by some and chemtrails by others, they have become one and the same. A contrail is the aftermath or effect upon the sky of a jet's interaction with the space it has traversed. Although aircraft can be designed to pass effortlessly through space, currently they do not. They pierce, tug, pull and drag the space around them, consuming more fuel and creating instability in the air currents that surround them. Today, aircraft are subject to more turbulence than ever before. The air is too dense in some areas and too thin in others. As aircraft crisscross the skies, they drag one kind of air into another, creating a turbulence for themselves and for the planes that will follow. Airline travel follows similar routes day after day, hour after hour, marking and polluting these routes, filling them with soot and man-made chemicals. Many airplanes choose to jettison their fuel in the sky rather than chance a landing with heavy fuel tanks. This practice has created a toxic, unbalanced waste field in the sky. The sky is now falling, as one of your nursery rhymes appropriately predicted. The sky is no longer up there; it is here. It is the air that you and all the other kingdoms breathe, and it is polluted.

A chemtrail is a contrail with an agenda. The chemical content of a chemtrail is such that it is detrimental to human health and well-being, for some it is detrimental to survival. Chemtrails consist of chemically altered and manipulated fuels and gases. These chemicals are jettisoned, emitted and injected into the air as the planes that carry them traverse the airspace on their appointed routes.

Question: Where did chemtrails originate?

In God/humanity's mind, where all other thoughts originate. You and God could never conceive such a thought? Not so. Humanity lays claim to my heart and my soul, but it has traveled far in this past millennium. It has traveled to the furthest reaches polarity will allow, and here it has discovered how to create life as well as how to destroy it. Currently, both paths are being examined in close detail.

Question: Was humanity influenced or coerced by outside forces into cooperating with or accepting this wholesale destruction fo the planet?

My sentience has not detected the imminent destruction you fear, but yes, humanity has been and continues to be influenced by both inner and other interests. I have called these agendas, for lack of a better word in your language. In this case, you are being influenced by those who would benefit from having a smaller, well-managed population on the planet. The chemicals in the chemtrails are designed to weaken those who are already a detriment to the future proposed agenda. The chemicals weaken the immune system. A strong, well-balanced immune system is less susceptible to this form of influence, but a weakened immune system opens the door to the emotional body and to the subtler energies that make up your beingness.


Question: You bring up so many points that I don't know what to ask next. I guess first I would like to know more about the agenda behind chemtrails, like who is promoting it?

It is promoted by a collective consciousness that desires to own, not merely control, the Earth. Long ago these beings believed that humanity was an asset to the planet--after all, good employees are always needed in order to run a company efficiently. Humanity's collective consciousness did not question or object to the job when it was offered. As a matter of fact, the nature of the required activities allowed humanity to develop at both an individual and a collective pace. Humanity delighted in advancing the causes of others, because it believed that in doing so it also advanced its own. Humanity believed that the rewards would be equal to the task it was given. Only recently has it realized that this might not be the case. This realization has been gradual but is now quickly accelerating. Soon the evolutionary leap in humanity's collective consciousness will be evident.

In its zeal to explore and experience, humanity often bypasses the present moment in its attempt to anticipate the future. In sharp contrast, beings from other worlds seek to understand the present moment (reality) in order to better participate in it. Because humanity's participation is still mostly at an unconsciousness level, the future still takes it by surprise far too often, causing it to react to its reality rather than create it. Another name for a reactive reality is a hologram. A hologram is a semi reality that allows for programmed participation and a probable outcome. A hologram is a story line that is created for a cast of characters known for offering a predictable response. Probable responses can be programmed into holographic environments that take every sequential possibility into account.

The most current example of a collective holographic experience are the still clouded details surrounding September 11, 2001, and the events that have followed that unforgettable day in humanity's history. They were designed to be unforgettable and as such have programmed your thoughts and environments. This was a successful attempt to influence or polarize the entire population of the Earth into enthusiastically embracing an agenda that otherwise would have been shunned.

Question: Is an illusion different from a hologram?

Yes. An illusion affords a conscious or unconscious choice. It has no polarity, no agenda. An illusion exists within a reality, whereas a hologram is a substitute reality. For example, illusion allows you to play at poverty until you discover your unlimited potential. In a hologram your experience is polarized so that poverty becomes your reality. Illusion is a third-dimensional game; it is child's play compared to a holographic reality. The veils that shadow illusion have become almost transparent now, but the veils that shelter the holograms are the shadow.


Question: If we are awakening and accelerating so quickly, why can't we step outside of these holograms and see them for what they are?

You are. That is why the holograms have become more sophisticated. That is why their agenda now involves a greater segment of the population. Humanity's constant and consistent awakening is the very reason behind chemtrails; they are a second-phase attempt to reinforce the perimeter of the hologram. If humanity is consumed with orchestrating its health, job, home and money while at the same time guarding against the next possible invasion of terror, it will have little time or energy left to find its way out of the hologram. This is the central and pivoting role of the programming; it has been well designed.

Question: So first we have to step out of the illusion we created. Then if by some miracle we manage to do that, we will still discover (or not) that we are in a hologram and have to find our way out of that, is that right?

No, not exactly. You give more power to both the illusion and the hologram than you give to yourself, and certainly more than they merit. The only thing that keeps you believing the illusion and participating in the hologram is that something or someone outside of you and more powerful than you is forcing you to participate in it. It is true that the holograms have been well designed, but so have you. As you have lent your support to its creation, so do you also have the power to dissolve it. Even if you have forgotten how to dissolve it, you can still choose to destroy it. Remind yourself again, when necessary, that you and All That Is are one. The hologram is also an aspect of All That Is, although its origin seems foreign to you now. All that is a part of All That Is; it cannot be otherwise. This is the fail-safe key that will always unlock the door. The door to the hologram seems impermeable; it is not. Every program contains at least one flaw, even this well-designed program is heavily flawed, as you will soon see. If humanity had not already taken an evolutionary leap forward, chemtrails would be unnecessary. Humanity's evolutionary leap has for the most part gone unnoticed by its semiconscious mind. No matter--your self-realized God-consciousness has recorded all the details, and your history will reflect each moment. No adventure will go forgotten or be left until.


Question: What effect, if any, does all this spraying have on the elements that make up our atmosphere?

It is detrimental to the atmosphere, the air and all who breathe it, as you might imagine. Not all chemicals or aspect of chemicals drift down. Some of the elements are caught up in great currents and carried loftily to other destinations. Some do not come down at all. They become attached to pockets of air, filling holes here and there with an energy that is harmful to those pockets. Energy is another word for purpose--it is how nature uses and responds to purpose. Energy pockets are not empty vacuums that float here and there; they are patterns of response that relate to weather conditions. They can, for instance, absorb or couple with energy that would otherwise become a hurricane or a tornado. Have you not wondered why ideal hurricane conditions do not always cause hurricanes? It is because nature's intelligence directs and guides these energies appropriately. It is not prudent to avert all such occurrences, but certainly some can be avoided. If these energetic pockets become filled with energies unlike their purpose, there will be an increase in weather anomalies and natural disasters. Artificial manipulation of the sky and the air has already created atmospheric changes. These changes will be difficult (but not impossible to reverse.

Question: Is the whole world subject to the chemical effects of the chemtrails, or are they localized events?

The entire population of the Earth is being influenced by more than one campaign. Chemtrails are localized events; that is to say the aircraft involved must make various passes and fly at certain altitudes in order to release their influential gaseous cargo. Once released, the chemtrails are attracted to or repelled by the energies, frequencies and vibrations they come in contact with. Again, not all beings are subject to the full effects or harm the chemicals are capable of inflicting. For example, many humans smoke or otherwise ingest tobacco, but not all humans contract cancer. It is not by casual accident that this is the case, but by causal agreement. Do you see the difference?

The airspace within other countries is not as wide open as within the boundaries of the United States. In other countries smaller private planes, jets and helicopters are not as plentiful. Still, the missives of these chemicals, coupled with the intent with which they have originated, will see to it that the effects are worldwide.

Question: Can you offer us some practical suggestions that will help avert or deflect the effects of chemtrails upon our physical and emotional bodies? Can we avoid becoming controlled or influenced by them?

You cannot avoid being influenced by chemtrails, but you can avoid being controlled by them. Earlier in this discussion it was said that you were being invited to participate in a holographic experience and that your vote of confidence was needed in order for the campaign to be a success. This is true, and I emphasize these words now. Influence is not demand, even when you are presented with a demanding influence. The chemical content of the chemtrails causes you to see the world through chemical-agenda-colored glasses. This by itself does not cause distress. It is the attempt to remove the glasses that is distressful. Removal of the glasses causes an imbalance in the equilibrium and of all other vital fields. Physical discomforts, side effects and illnesses are a result of nonacceptance of the campaign. Physical and emotional symptoms are a vote of discontent and no confidence. They are a rejection of the hologram and a statement of self-awareness.

Question: In other words, if we don't get sick it means that we approve of the rape and ownership of the Earth?

Not entirely, no. But physical recognition or identification of an intrusion into your personal space is also an acknowledgment of an awakened consciousness, do yu see? It is an indication that you are not asleep relative to the events in your reality; it is a confirmation that it is indeed your reality. As such, you are free to change it or to influence it of your own accord. You are not as susceptible to interference from others as you now believe, but you must grasp hold of your reality and make of it what you desire, for if you do not, others surely will. As you can see, they are awaiting your decision with bated breath.

Not all humans are subject to the effects of the chemtrails, even though chemicals have now been released into ninety percent of the world's skies. In the past we have spoken of the variety of beings who populate the Earth at this time, and we have noted their dimensional planes and places of origin. Currently, the chemicals contained in the chemtrails affect only those of human lineage, not those whose home world is elsewhere, or whose physical lineage has not been consistently human.

Chemical spores breathed into human lungs currently cause the highest degree of distress. The spores circulate throughout the body and into the brain, which requires steady and constant amounts of oxygen in order to remain clear and focused. That is why the most reported side effects are headaches, nausea and clouded or unclear thoughts. Smaller spores remain in the lungs for a time and are then exhaled or absorbed into the bloodstream. Secondary side effects include flu-like symptoms, suspended breath and, in worse cases, discomfort in and/or shutdown of primary organs. Spores that are exhaled by one person can later be inhaled by another.


Question: All this because we won't go along with an agenda that threatens to destroy us in the long run anyway? What about modern medicine? Isn't there an antidote or something?

There is no medical antidote, because the medical community has not acknowledged the existence of the condition. For the most part, it is unaware of the severe though isolated cases that have been reported. The medical community is not prepared nor was it designed to respond to the effects of biological influences upon the body. In order to combat a poison, one must know what that poison it. If not, the treatment will be of little consequence or worsen the original illness. The medical community has been alerted to this and other maladies, such a Gulf War Syndrome. It has, in some cases, acknowledged a preponderance of the symptoms described with a location radius on given occasions. It cannot treat the offending spore, because it is unaware of its existence and cannot identify it. Eventually, some of the spores will morph into other identifiable but incurable diseases. Health insurance companies are already at work reworking and rewording their contractual offerings and obligations. Soon they will insist that medical treatment must be for reasonable, treatable, identifiable, known and understood, curable and survivable illnesses. Terminal illness and other syndrome-like distress will be disallowed.

Question: If (when) this happens, what will become of the ill and uninsured?

Secondary and tertiary medical programs and clinics will emerge in response to the needs, demands and outcries of those who stand outside the perimeters of perfection. Metamedical treatment will be offered to those who do not or cannot receive assistance elsewhere. At first, the insurance and health care industries will offer financial backing and support. Later, federal and state government programs will be created. Ultimately, though, these will be withdrawn. It is likely that private funding will step in to bridge an important gap.

Question: How will these clinics be able to treat Chemtrail Syndrome if hospitals and doctors can't?

They will be staffed by awakened beings who understand and employ light (crystal laser) technology and other metamedical treatments. Medical teams able to acknowledge not only the anomalies within the human race and its many cultures, but those of other species as well, will staff the clinics. They will have access to unproven, untested and illegal tools, medicines and procedures.

Question: Is this why they will lose their funding?

It is one of the reasons, yes. Evidence will accumulate when the time comes. Not all beings will benefit from the procedures--the ones who do not will be held up as examples of malpractice. The clinics will come under scrutiny, and called "euthanasia clinics" by those who oppose them. An attempt will be made to link or otherwise attach treasonable offenses such as smuggling or spying to these programs and to those who back them. Some of the claims made will be legitimate in the eyes of those who make them, because those who are untreatable in these clinics might yet be cured elsewhere.

Question: Where? Will they be taken somewhere else?

If the offending weapon remains in the sky, then it stands to reason that its cure might remain elsewhere, or in the sky's opposite.

Question: Underground? Do you mean that underground facilities will be there to cure and combat the effects of the sporadic syndromes? If so, do you mean "underground" in the literal (physical) sense, or figuratively?



Question: Are humans really such a threat to this agenda? Why?

Humans are not a threat, but aware and awakened, spiritually conscious beings of all kinds and from all places are. A self-realized, self-actualized, God-conscious being will not allow the ground underneath and the sky above to be claimed by others of selfish origin. Technology or tomorrow's trinkets and toys do not as easily sway awakened beings. They are more interested in creative resources of planetary and universal origin. Their joy comes from seeing the sky adorned with the jewel that is this planet, rather than seeing this planet's jewels adorning them.

Question: Who or what is to gain if humanity becomes ill and some of us die? Doesn't the agenda need humans?

The agenda needs docile, controllable, easily influenced humans. It needs physically strong workers who are loyal to a purpose and an undertaking not their own. It requires a race of unquestioning, unwavering, faithful service.

Question: Who would do that? Who would be crazy enough to offer his or her life for that purpose? Wouldn't everyone rebel against that?

It is not a question of crazy, but a matter of influence. Are not those who are today called "suicide bombers" crazy enough to perpetrate unthinkable deeds because they have been emblazoned with a stamp of influence? All life is precious; the all rather than the few must again be embraced. Balance must reign about and below, now as well as later.

Question: Are you (the Earth) also subject to the effects of the holograms and chemtrails?

The Earth, which includes my sentience, is a multilayered, multifaceted awareness just as you are. Therefore, certain aspects are affected whereas others are not. The Earth's physical resources have been depleted by approximately seventy-two percent, and the elements (air, water, earth, fire [thermo-heat]) now offer themselves at a substantially reduced capacity. By agreement, as humanity approves and subscribes to these numbers, so will my physical body. Beyond that, my sentience is eternal. The physical Earth does not ensure the survival of my sentience; my sentience ensures the survival of my physical body. The Earth is not doomed and neither are you. My physical body--and its physical resources--will regenerate itself, as will yours. Civility aside, human nature is free, and its spirit is wild.

My sentience exists outside of the hologram and apart from the illusion; my body does not. The same is true of you. Your divine nature exists beyond the hologram, but your physical life currently exists within it. Long ago I tethered humanity deep within my heart. Here, you are well guarded from the imaginary monsters that frighten children in the middle of the night. Remember that the best stories always begin with "Once upon a time..." and end with "...and they lived happily ever after." Ours will be no different.

Question: Your words feel good but sound contradictory. On the one hand, we seem to be more lost and vulnerable than ever. But on the other hand, all is well and will turn out just fine.

Yes, that is exactly how it is. Isn't that wonderful?

Question: Is there anything that hasn't been said regarding this subject? Is there anything else you can offer us?

Much is still unspoken on this topic, perhaps appropriately so. It cannot all be said at once, for it would not all be heard. Possibilities have been considered, and probabilities have been evaluated; now it is for you to decide on an eventual reality. The choice is yours as it always has been.

In closing, I offer a gentle reminder of the incentives inspired by the mind of peace. It is most like the face of nature that subscribes to and honors the seasons of the spirit, even as it is carried aloft by the winds of change. Because a tree sways in the breeze, does it vacillate in mind or opinion? Does the breeze render the tree unable to make up its mind whether to stand or lean? If it bows to the breeze, does it surrender its will to that of the wind? Perhaps it understands its steadfast purpose and design: sometimes offering itself to the sunlight and at other times straining to kiss the moon, sometimes standing fast and at other times leaning toward light or bending to shadow. Today's adversarial winds will calm, bringing tomorrow's warmth and peace.

I offer myself to you today and always, in shadow and in light. Illusion or holograms have no effect upon my love for humanity. Until the next moment brings us together.

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