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Observations NEPA 2/26/09

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Observations NEPA 2/26/09 PostFri Feb 27, 2009 8:30 am  Reply with quote  

Just as I suspected,the front came through around 4am leaving a heavy pellet sleet/snow.Just like you would expect to see during artificial snowmaking.This front wasn't originally expected to have any precip associated with it,but like I stated prior they used a precip enhancing formula which sponged out the atmosphere.Leading to this afternoons operation.I call it "Capacitor Chemtrails",where you have a lower level of "Grey Goo" around 10,000 ft. and a upper level of "Cirrus Chemclouds" around 25,000 feet.HAARP action between the two layers leaves a intermediate "Filtering" layer in between along with a burnt electrical type smell in the air. This layer I suspect could be acted upon with EMF to create a artificial high pressure area to steer fronts where desired,it may also serve a dual-purpose used as sunscreen,or a tri-purpose to create plasma for Military uses.Going out tonight on a walk,this "Clear Filtering" layer lets you see the stars,but not very brightly.Hard to enjoy going out breathing in this crud.Fresh air days/nights are few and far between these days,but I try to pick the times as best I could before extended outdoor activity.It seems the people who get rained/snowed on or who eat/play in the snow get the sickest after spray-ops.My guess on this weekends Sat./Sun. storm is that it will be steered to the south and east leaving us and the big citys with very little,if any snow.If will most likely end up being a rain or mix event until it gets up to the New England area.

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