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Observations NEPA 3/1/09...Don't believe the hype like PE

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Observations NEPA 3/1/09...Don't believe the hype like PE PostMon Mar 02, 2009 8:40 am  Reply with quote  

Out on the nightly walk around 9:00 pm.Still not any snow that was expected at 6,8,10,12pm and so on.It is 3:30am and finally we are getting some light flurries.The snow until now has been "Virga", .Noticed a stiff,very drying W-NW wind.It also seemed the surface temp came up a bit while I was out?My nose,mouth and face were very dry when I got in.Heavy,grey,overcast all day.I'm guessing the hygroscopic/anti-freeze "Maple Syrup Flavor" had a role during this storm.It tends to dry things up nicely and what is leftover usually falls as freezing rain/sleet/hail instead of snow.I'm guessing this mixture uses proplyne glycol or "Magic Salt" as the main ingredient, .Both have a similar sweet smell.Possibly a heavier polymer matrix too?

Afternoon 3-02-09 PostMon Mar 02, 2009 10:19 pm  Reply with quote  

Currently overcast skies,and temps in the teens.Ended up receiving about 3" of powdery snow from the trailing "Upper Level Low" that moved through in the late morning.These "Upper Level Lows" were a relatively rare occurence until the past few years.Now they happen quite frequently year-round,gee wonder why?The good thing about them is they tend to clear out the chemcrap for however long they decide to stick around.If there is a persistant "Upper Level Low",the "Sky Spiders" usually won't conduct spray-ops during them.Here is some interesting Accuweather data concerning the storm totals and a so-called "Gravity Wave" that passed through during it.

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