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Document Symptoms Please

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Document Symptoms Please PostSat Mar 07, 2009 10:07 pm  Reply with quote  

Can y'all document any symptoms or illnesses you/your friends or neighbors have had. I am trying to compile a list.

Myself 2 chest infections this year and multiple infections/flus last year including a cough that lasted 3 months!
Friend #1 has had a cough for a year!
Friend#2 sick off and on for 6 months cough/cold.
Neighbor #1 has pneumonia right now and mulitle chest infections
Neighbor #2 has flu like symptoms.

I am very disorientated, I have had to return home 3 times in the last couple of weeks. I feel like I am constantly on drugs and I'm not!

PostMon Mar 09, 2009 8:45 pm  Reply with quote  

The s7ympsyoms start in the chest ut eventually will drag the whole immune system down,

cause they are immune system attackers,

vitmani E is important for chest problems.

PostTue Mar 10, 2009 5:21 am  Reply with quote  

Yes I have not been 'right' since a chest infection that started in January and came back in February. I am taking B12 and other vitamins, minerals which I really did not need as my diet is good but.....when this hits you, it just lingers and keeps coming back. I am getting dizzy spells, my neighbor has Pneumonia.

PostWed Mar 11, 2009 6:54 am  Reply with quote  

It's everywhere! I can't believe it every shop I go into, people at the gym, neighbors........everybody is sick!!! The same symptoms lethargy, dizziness, heaviness and just feeling awful!


Potassium PostThu Mar 12, 2009 6:58 pm  Reply with quote  

Oh, boy. I should probably keep my mouth shut, but just this once:

. . . I've been going by old data. In 2004 RDA was raised from 2000 mg to 3,500/4700/5600 mg. WHY? My lethargy in all of its sneaky hues and forms has abated. Still need all the other connecting nutrients. . .

Barium lowers potassium levels. Probably every heavy metal they are hitting us with lowers potassium levels and otherwise screws up electrolyte balances.

Lung infections seem to have diminished, too. Health is energy. No energy, no health. Low potassium levels alone is more than enough to create the "Zombie Effect" everyone has noticed in the population at large.

Any nutrient you add to your regimen will raise energy levels by enhancing the utilization of other under supplied nutrients, but there is a threshold effect, and you won't be able to cross it until you optimize the lagging cofactors. Thinking and doing are two distinctly different energy levels. Doing is automatic once your energy levels rise beyond the need to think about doing. You didn't think about doing things when you were young; you just did them because you couldn't contain your energy. That "spillage" can only occur in older adults when nutritional support is optimized, and you can only know that by experiencing the effects of varying dosages through trial and error.

To clear brain fog: pop a cap of Glutamine, tyrosine and Mucuna Pruriens (l-dopa). One cap each with your morning beverage (choco/tea/coffee for me). Glutamine targets that dull spot between your eyes. MP restores your sense of balance and brightens eyesight if you are older. A scoop of whey protein three times a week helps a lot too. Walmart's brand tastes as good as any.

Disinfect every scratch or chaffing point, otherwise you'll get "the rust". That's especially important for runners. Keep your fingers out of your ears, and treat any sense of ear infection with alcohol IMMEDIATELY or you'll be laid up for 6 weeks.

YOU NEED EVERY NUTRIENT! One weak link may not destroy you, but it can drop your performance levels substantially. Feeling fine in front of your computer, and feeling fine on the track are two totally different things. How "well" you feel in front of the computer will get you killed. You have to go full Conan. They aren't dropping shortcake and second chances on you. You need immediate feed back to tune your nutrient levels, and pushing physical performance, even a little, is the only way to get it in a timely manner.

All the symptoms you have described have been reported locally. Everything that you have, I've had in spades and cured. There is a caustic feeling or smell to the air that proceeds the lung infection. I think they irritate tissue to abet infection. It isn't there all the time. It's sneaky. Short of a gas mask, optimizing your energy levels is the only thing I know of that can keep you from full blown pneumonia 4 times a year. Even then you are bound to catch it now and again.

No one knows how the word: health, feels, but energy levels are RELATIVELY obvious and fully perceivable. Everything you need can be found in a vitamin store if you persistently practice your nutritional balancing act. In short, shot gun all nutrients, and then test through for dosage relative to your age. Most people fail at this because they think it's going to be easy. IT'S NOT, but like walking a tight rope, with practice it can be done.

Bye Bye!

Joined: 27 May 2007
Posts: 613
Location: columbus, ohio
PostThu Mar 12, 2009 8:44 pm  Reply with quote  

I heard a testimony of a woman who has suffered with Morgellons for years. Acturally her cat knocked over a bottle of Alfalfa tablets into her bath water that she had Sun laundry detergent in. After soaking in the tub for a couple of minutes she saw the fibers migrating out of her skin and into the water. Then she noticed the alfalfa tablets melting in the bottom of the tub. She also experimented with St. Johns Wort with good results. Alfalfa tablets, St. Johns Wort and Sun laundry detergent with bleach. Now even if you don't have Morgellons, wouldn't you say we all have some fibers that need to come out? It might be worth a try and it couldn't hurt. Might just pick up some energy with those nano antennas gone. Let me know if anyone has success with this.
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PostFri Mar 13, 2009 1:54 am  Reply with quote  

Take magnesium citrate.

PostFri Mar 13, 2009 5:11 am  Reply with quote  

I got my blood tested for EVERYTHING and I am perfectly healthy everything is normal, thank God. However another specialist I went to said I may have 'Vestibular Neuronitius' or 'Otolithasis', this can stem from chest infections which I have had (2 in a month)! So if everything is normal. If I am in perfect health, how come I am getting sick?????? I KNOW!!!! POISON!!!!These infections do not just 'go away' they are very resilient and it may be causing the dizziness, awful feeling.

I have cut out alcohol increased all vitamins (which I never took before) and going out tomorrow to buy more of what you guys reccomend. We have had hardly any spraying in 9 days and I feel the difference.

PostSun Mar 15, 2009 1:08 am  Reply with quote  

Doctors play with loaded dice,

if you feel sick,

it means the doctors are full of crap,

basically the medical establishment is not geared to curing people,

it`s geared to selling and promoting drugs,

times they are a changin fast!

question everything,

trust noone!

PostSun Mar 15, 2009 1:26 am  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Anonymous
Take magnesium citrate.

Better stay near a toilet if you use this one...


Potassium PostMon Mar 16, 2009 9:04 pm  Reply with quote  

This is just an addendum to my previous post which was incomplete, and still is, but any search on heavy metals, plus whatever, will expand upon it. . .

After trying other concoctions, I finally settled on these as the most effective and convenient. If you can't afford the newts and bat wings, try vinegar. If you crave orange soda and apples you're system is pushing you into detox.

I pop one cap each of Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC, and MSM/Glucosamine (all high sulfur) morning and night to eliminate heavy metals. Before I started taking the first two, I got so bad that I literally couldn't t-t-talk. . . .I, uh. . . .could. . . do point at thing. . . thing. . . but I, umm. . .words. . .mouth, you know. . .not talk.

It was that bad! Friends noticed! Civilizations collapsed! Look out the window.

Brain supersaturated with aluminum? Probably. The above combination works for me, and when teamed with your basics and the mental energizers I mentioned last post - no more problems! Try it for a month and see what happens. Then lay off of them for a couple of weeks or so, and umm. . .ummm, see the thing that. . .that. . . that. . .ummmm. . .is your bigger-ist-tis emeny. . .The slow, - incremental reduction - of your faculties to the consistency of eclair filling, as in: "The mebicine werked. I'm perfectly fine cow. If I need it waitter, I'll take that alyoop stuff. . .when - ummm. . . AHH, hey, look! It's a bunny rabbit!"

Weakness both physical and mental creeps up on you. You'll spend half your time wondering why you almost feel good until you fall off the toilet and try walking through the floor. Thirty or forty cycles like this and it will begin to dawn on you that there is a direct relationship between the ingestion of these nutrients and how you feel.

You will also need plenty of essential amino acids (whey protein for Glutathione production) and a good supply of ESSENTIAL fatty acids. They call them that for a reason. Even with all the previous ingredients circulating through your system, a lack of fatty acids can cut you in half. Break one link and you break the whole chain of transmission. YOU NEED ALL NUTRIENTS! I can't stress that enough. Pull one ingredient out of a cake and see what happens to it. That could be you. One spark plug is all it takes.

Herbs are complicated and composed of an indefinite number of compounds. They may mask basic nutritional deficiencies or be an inordinately expensive source of those elements. If you can't handle the basic elements of nutrition, how are you going to handle the complexities of herbs? Establish a baseline first. Make SURE that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs, especially the ones that your body can't produce (essential) and the ones that older, and perhaps even younger people, nowadays, may find it difficult to produce in sufficient quantities. Once you've mastered that to some degree, then bring on the herbs if you still need them. If you are older you'll probably need them. My two favorites (so far) are mucuna and ginger ale for it's anti-inflammatory properties. I spent two weeks twisting around under my car and virtually lived on ginger ale. I'm not counting the proven compounds found in various fruits and vegetables, of course you need those. Just be aware that if you can't measure it accurately (100 mgs of asparagus?) then you won't be able to control it well, and if you can't control it you are likely to overlap and confuse yourself beyond all salvation.

Ever hear of the internet? If you still need to rely on a doctor - you are in BIG TROUBLE! Your doctors idea of health isn't 20 inch guns. They are into minimization not optimization. You want power? Look to those who seek it.

You are not a vegetarian. You are not a carnivore. You are not an omnivore. You are a Nutritional Substrate Engineer. You became that the second you poked a stick in the ground and made a choice between the bitter berries and the sweet ones. You are more ROBOCOP than you think. Your dog certainly is. Which of you is relatively faster, stronger, healthier and longer lived, you or your dog? And what does he eat?

Organic gardening is just another kind of dog food. I can neither get nor afford organic anything. I'm too lazy to cook it anyway. I just keep it basic, go easy on the crap, and modify my diet with encapsulated newts and bat wings precisely measured in milligrams. For my money, food is for entertainment. You "live" out of a bottle. Bottles store well, too. I'm stocking up before the big collapse hits.

Fat stores fat. Is that all there is to you? Where is everything else stored? That's right, in your muscles and bones. A tank can run through anything. Stronger bones and larger muscles store more minerals and amino acids. You need the back up to mitigate daily swings and the effects of random chemtrail attacks. Can't face exercising? Will power is chemistry. See my first post.

This takes practice. To know where you are you need a value gradient. This can only be established by experimentally varying your dosage. There are loading dosages and maintenance dosages. Your maintenance dosage will probably fail you sooner or later, especially if you are trying to save money. Pop a loading dose every once in a while if you feel that you need it. Effects can usually be felt in a matter of minutes, more or less. It all depends on how much you take relative to how depleted you are. These are the basic building blocks of life. Your bodies receptors were built to uptake these chemicals more perfectly than any surrogate pharmaceutical. It should be no surprise that their effects are often more powerful, immediate and less toxic than anything your pharmacist might hand you.


A Chemtrail can deceive you
A Chemtrail can relieve you
Of all your memories on the spot
Of every think that you have thought
Can't find your car in a parking lot. . .

Ok, I think that's about it for me, unless you want a Printfection T-shirt. I'm a little stage shy. I'd better go away before the Google Monster wipes me off the net entirely, although, they were pretty thorough about it the last time. I can barely find myself, and I know where I live. . . I don't think they like my attitude. . . or was it something that my foul little mouth said in particular?. . .just playing, Mike. . .BOO!

Bye bye again.


Potassium PostMon Apr 20, 2009 9:05 pm  Reply with quote  

. . .Cissus Quadrangularis and whey protein heals chronic tendinitis/bursitis like ligament pain and injury. Out of shape and pushing too much equals bowed deltoids. Had it a couple of years. Dumped half of it in three days. Takes awhile to heal the remaining half, especially if you are pounding on it.

Melatonin and whey protein (and probably cissus) cure computer eyes (3 o'clock in the morning) syndrome. Deeper sleep and more collagen production around baggy eyes. It takes a while to rebuild the tissue. Eyes are like teeth and gums. If they are off then you're starved for something. Be careful with the melatonin (olive oil). To much or improperly timed and it can depress your whole system. You also tend to develop a tolerance for it as you go. Cycle it. Play around. It's the only way you'll master your nutritional stock market profile. It's a jaggy line. Each high and low is an optimum relative dosage of a particular nutrient. Think the jagged star shape of your cellular amino acid profile. Break the profile and you'll disintegrate right in front of your own mirror.

And now a word about - STARE-ROIDS!!! - or even worse - PRO-HORMONES: The main difference between young and old is that the young have a Mexican drug lab located in there testes, and old farts don't. The problem with ROIDS!!! is that even doctors (at least I think they used to) tend to dose you with ten times more than 'most' men's bodies can actually stand. When you are young you push out about 6 mg a day. If that amount is cut in half at fifty, you only need to replace 90 mg a month. That's 3 mg a day for those who can't count or read a label. You only need one third of a capsule a day, and you don't even need it every day. Completely randomize your cycles and you won't need to cycle. Think of it like a cup of coffee. Just associate it with a work out or sore muscles for best results.

The scaremongering gossips who are selling books, not the truth, are lethally ignorant, and they are the ones who should be outlawed. They force kids to go through the hell of reinventing the wheel every generation. Kids instinctively know that spooky old "grandma athlete" has an agenda, because "Ooooo, it's the boogie man,” does not sound anything at all like a solid assessment of the facts even to a, “Give me a break”, 7 year old. It sounds like what it is, a scared old fart hell bent on getting everyone over the age of forty including themself - "CAROUSELED". No thanks. Logan. I gotta run.

Chems aren't bothering my eyes anymore. It's hard to tell how much of your problem is age and how much of your problem is chemtrails because they are both on the same continuum. Most will lose their legs at 32. At 42 you fall of of a cliff. Watch the Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock bout. Kenny got in the ring, pulled his shorts up and looked awesome. Tito floated down the ramp on an energy wave and levitated into the ring like a lost boy. That's the difference between 32 and 42. Shamrock was out in the first round, and I think, Tito, claimed he was retiring. Legs goin' already.

Stay strong
I'm out of here. . .for now.
Guest - Committed


PostTue Jun 23, 2009 7:56 pm  Reply with quote  

My symptoms over the last few years have been:

Lethargy and overall lack of energy.

Cog fog, memory problems.

Headaches almost everyday.

Tinnitus, my ears ring non-stop.

Sensitivity to sound.

Trouble sleeping.

Recently I've done a lot of research on diet and alternative treatments. I'm now eating fresh, raw and mostly organic with lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and stuff. Some red meat still, mostly venison I've killed and butchered myself. I really like fish so I eat that twice a week.

I've cut out most dairy but eat cottage cheese with a tablespoon of cold pressed flax seed oil mixed in it twice a day. I take acai berrry juice/pulp daily. I've done a colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, and just today a mild liver cleanse(going to do a more thorough one when the time is right).

I've added B17 (laetrile) by eating the seeds of apricots. This is one of the first things I did and I could feel the difference within days. I've now got more energy and when we get hit hard on heavy spray days, my body is able to fight off that cough. I think this is one of the main ways we can combat the sprays, by keeping our bodies healthy and our immune systems strong.

Oh, and I also make a pesto with fresh cilantro, garlic, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seed oil and maybe a couple other things, I forget. It is a good chelation for heavy metals. Tastes really good on crackers. I eat it twice daily as well. If anyone wants the exact recipy, I can dig it up.

Stay healthy,


Potassium PostFri Jun 26, 2009 2:52 am  Reply with quote  

. . .Go to Walmart. They recently added a black adjustable ac/dc adapter that holds two prong inserts. It has a USB charger, too! With a little sanding (the wire) the holes are a perfect fit for 14 gauge silver electrodes. It's like it was made for the job. I kinked my electrodes out an inch, but straight in should work fine and with less waste. Stick a piece of lid plastic over the ends to keep them from shorting. Electrode distance and heat control the reaction speed. Seed each new batch with the last part of your old one to speed up the reaction if you like. If you don't have a ppm counter then just time every batch the same for consistency. They have a 2 X model (600ma) and a 4 X model (1300ma). I bought the four speed (vroom, vroom) for under twenty. . . Oh, they have a one quart Pyrex measuring cup. I got that, too. There was a graduated type shot glass sized thing right next to it for easy dose control, but I got side tracked and forgot to get it.

At the 12 volt 1300ma setting it takes an hour to produce a quart. Strengthen or weaken to your taste, and keep it in a dark peroxide bottle. Gold silver is easy. Simply heat the distilled water up and poor it in slowly, or warm your glass reactor under the tap so it doesn't crack. Wally has a long tall container (vase) that easily took the full length of the 8" (sold as 6) electrodes. It looks really cool and troublesome, It's very delicate, and you're just bound to tip it over and break it,. What more could you want? It's perfect, and looking cool and dangerous is half the cure. Of course, you could go all grandma and use a mason jar, but theeennn - you might as well just kill yourself.

My sense is that a quarter to a cup or more a day won't kill you even a little. There's worse in your tap water or Red Bull. Just load up, cut back, and taylor thereafter. Sip it all day for appetite control. You'll have to try it, but it definetly does something, and it will soon become as basic as vitamin C. Note that these effects are on top of everything else that I am taking. So it is doing something unique, or I'm not taking enough of something else, but I can't really afford to take 10 grams of vitamin C a day.

All minor infections both inside and out seem to drift away. Yup, summer jock-itch, too, guys. It is mildly energizing and really curbs my appetite. It seems to kill the taste for my morning eggs/protein. It knocks out that mildly persistent trace of Gingivitis (pink in the sink) that keeps coming back, with a swish or two, and sets your teeth more firmly to boot. Weight loss? I lost something, I think. Mass for sure, fat flu, perhaps? I have good reason to believe it exists. Can't test it through, though. I can't run yet, and only drop substantial fat when I run, and silver does little to nothing, as far as I can tell, for - TENDINITIS-!!! This stuff comes straight out of hell and could shut down an army, so you know what I'm thinking.

Left leg one or two years ago, right leg currently. Every move you make aggravates it. Auto-immune response to a minor injury? That's right, get healthy, and see what good it does you. They gotcha coming and going. Yes, it might be age, but I have my doubts. It's all just way too pointed, aggressive and convenient. Ok, I'm lying. I doubt nothing; I'm just careful. Why bother with doubt at this point? If a baby chipmunk gets his head squashed on the road - THEY DID IT!. . . ON PURPOSE! - Hunt 'em all down and kill 'em!

I hope to be back on my feet by the 4th. If this stuff takes hold of a minor leg trauma you'll be laid up for two months. A friend has it, too, but he can't stay off his feet long enough to get rid of it. Fortunately for me, I'm just a noaccount "bum". I'm hoping it's like chem-flu. I seem to have developed some immunity to that. Still a little phlegmy, but the silver has even reduced that. Need to pour some into my cauldron vaporizer, but that will have to wait. It got lost in all my. . . Halloween decorations.

They said they were going to hang you
And you told them they're not to be tryin'
They put a noose around your neck
And you told them it better not tighten
They tighten the noose raise your feet off the deck
And you dare them to kick out the chair
Then they kicked out the chair in response to your dare
And left you there a danglin'

Just before you expired your last word retired
You swore the oath of an oaf
"Give me liberty or give me death"
Were the last words you ever spoke
I'm sure your words impressed them
Cause they wrote them down made a note
And every time that they read them now
They laugh like they just heard a joke

They teach these words to your children
And they know every line by rote
Young rebel alliance that dies in compliance
To choices they make when they vote
False choices invented by tyrants
False choices invented by popes.
"Freedom or death you must give me"
Death it is said the judge - get the rope

Dang yuh! Dang yuh! They ot-tuh take a rope and hang yuh! . . . (I value my neck a lot more than 4,241 views and counting, chief.)

Don't let, Mr. Gray's, off guard bumbling fool you. Twenty years ago he could flip 4 pennies in the air and catch them each separately before they hit the ground. . . IT'S TRUE! I saw him do it.

ODX signing off - Goodnight Buck.

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