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NEPA Observations 3/8/09+3/9/09

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PostThu Mar 26, 2009 11:38 pm  Reply with quote  

Massive spraying in LA today also. Sick of it.

NEPA Report for 3/26/09 PostFri Mar 27, 2009 3:25 am  Reply with quote  

Steady rain didn't start until 4pm and only lasted until 8pm.Very cold,windy and icky feeling outside,40^ felt like 20^ real feel.Much less rain than expected,no big suprise there.Lot's of dis-info from Accuweather posted today,

Read the prior post on his blog about the Mid-Atlantic snow drought too.

HAARP induced earthquakes anyone?

I've been doing some thinking about the ammonia(sulfate?) smell.Have a few thoughts,but nothing solid yet.This last event was strange because I smelled it and things seemed to dry up because of it this time.The smell was sickening today and I became ill-feeling with a headache,upset stomach and dry throat.And I wasn't out all that long before the rain started and cleared things out.Definitely a burnt smelling HAARP'd/chemical event.Lots of people coughing and sneezing,especially little kids this time.Little kids are coughing like old smokers with COPD.

PostFri Mar 27, 2009 11:55 pm  Reply with quote

"In a plan developed by the U.S. Geological Survey and its partners, the San Andreas fault slipped about 30 feet at Bombay Beach, just northeast of the Salton Sea, triggering a 7.8-magnitude earthquake at 10 a.m. that rumbled along 200 miles of the fault."


NEPA Guest

NEPA Report for 03/27/09 PostSat Mar 28, 2009 5:01 am  Reply with quote  

Warm around 60^,clear blue sky until 9am'ish.Then the "Sky Spiders" came out in force with higher altitude nonstop spraying until greyout was acheived about 3pm.They are getting faster all the time in covering the sky horizon to horizon when necessary.The spraying was greater in altitude as compared to the CT op on the 25th.Therefore,there isn't much scent to speak of right now outside.Same old story,rain is trying to fall(Virga) but can't because the air has been sucked dry of all it's moisture.It was suppose to rain more tommorow,but the decent rain won't get here until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning according to the updated weather report....good luck with that.

NEPA Observations for 03/30/09 PostMon Mar 30, 2009 7:27 am  Reply with quote  

Forgot again to mention the HAARP action associated with the spraying on the 27th.Rain off and on all day today with some violent T-storms and nickel sized hail in the late afternoon.Reports of tornadoes in Southern PA.,0,2769146.story

"Coolbaugh Elementary Center in Monroe County sent a letter to parents on Friday warning them about the number of children who were absent.

The letter, published on the school's website, states there were approximately 200 children absent Friday(3/27/09) and "a number of other children who became ill during the school day."

The symptons are unknown for all of the children who called in sick, but some parents reported their children were vomiting.

Coolbaugh Elementary Center officials say they do not believe the illness is caused from food poisoning because not everyone who was sick ate the same thing for lunch.

In response to the number of people sick, the school has shut off the water fountains in the building and will be performing tests on the water. Extra custodial staff is being called to the building in order to sanitize the classroom and lunch areas.

Other precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of the children at Coolbaugh Elementary Center."

This has happened to a few other schools over the course of the past few months in my area.Right now there is also a big so-called "Meningitis" scare going on at PSU and ESU universities.I personally believe this is all related to the CT spray operation.

NEPA CT Report for 4/5/09 PostMon Apr 06, 2009 5:58 am  Reply with quote  

There has only been light spraying in between rain storms since I last reported...until Sunday the 5th.Early Sunday the 5th.,after the strong winds subsided from a passing storm,the lower level aerosol assault started around 3am or so.I could even smell it inside,it was the bug spray/hairspray scent.It smelled like if you just sprayed the house for bugs.Some people with major allergy-like symptoms were observed that don't even have allergies.The assault continued until about 6pm,they kept letting up as to not acheive total greyout and to allow a partly sunny sky.After the 6pm ceasing,the aerosol expanded and blended in as to reveal a heavy clearish/filtered sunshine type of sky.No HAARP action today as far as I could tell.

There is a big storm moving in from the West that is expected soon.The temps are going to drop from the 60's to the 30's with possible snow by Tuesday.The weatherman stated that if we had this current weather pattern during the winter,all of these recent rain storms would have been big snow storms.More proof in my mind that they kept it from snowing this winter.We finally received a winter-type pattern only after it became too warm to snow.Accuweather stated that the NE will finally move into a true spring pattern after Easter weekend.

NEPA Observations for 4/6/09 PostTue Apr 07, 2009 5:40 am  Reply with quote  

The day was foggy,grey,overcast,some drizzle/light rain and cooler temps.The "Chemtrail Classic" formula had a profound effect on the precipitation.What was supposed to be well over 1" of rain was only around .15" instead.The storm has passed and the strong winds are picking up behind it.There is a "Upper Level Low" now in place and the next few days will be cold and windy with possible snow flurries.When there is a "Upper Level Low",we are usually guaranteed a few CT free days.

Something that weatherman714 has stated on here rings true.He said just because you see CT's,they are sometimes not meant for your area.I have found when you can smell the chemicals,it has much greater effect on the local weather and health of the populace.

Red snow in Colorado PostTue Apr 07, 2009 5:49 am  Reply with quote

Anyone here heard of this happening before?

NEPA Guest

PostWed Apr 08, 2009 7:17 am  Reply with quote  

Been very clear for a while here in LA blue skies every day until today. I walked outside and saw 2 MASSIVE trails, the biggest, widest, weirdest I have ever seen, I screamed they were that low and that big.

I did not see any other trails besides these 2 super wide ones and we did get rain later on, just a sprinkle, any ideas what this was? Why the such low spraying and are these double wide trails?

Went to Palm Springs last week and saw lots of trails, double and triple x's you name husband said they can't care much about business as this is what the desert thrives on.....sunshine especially at his time of year.

NEPA Observations 4/6/09 to 4/11/09 PostSat Apr 11, 2009 9:13 pm  Reply with quote  

Just as I thought,there was no spraying from the 6th until late evening on the 9th.They started spraying around 11:00pm on the 9th,building in from the South ahead of a approaching rain storm.The spraying lasted until the early AM on the 10th.The storm was at first expected to leave over 1" of rain,then .50" and so on.We received just a trace amount of rain on the 10th and 11th(today) instead.The sky is now clearing out revealing scattered small cumulus clouds with a layer of CT's above them.No more rain is expected until Wednesday or Thursday this upcoming week.

NEPA Observations for 4/12/09(Easter)+4/13/09 PostTue Apr 14, 2009 3:17 am  Reply with quote  

The spray dissipated from Saturday the 11th and the skies cleared for Easter Sunday.Unlike other places,they took the day off here it seems.There was nice clear sky,but it was a very cold and windy day.I took a walk in the evening after the wind died down and admired a crystal clear moonlit sky with very fresh air.

Today the 13th,I woke up to a totally greyed and whited out sky.The "Sky Spiders" must have started up in the early AM hours with their dirty work.Even with the greyout conditions,quite a bit of sun was able to shine through the chemclouds which warmed it up to about 50^.It is still currently overcast.Of course,there is expected rain forecast for tommorow into Wednesday,and the rain amounts keep getting downgraded.We are still down around 7" of rain YTD.

On another note,has anyone noticed that you can see the moon during the day frequently anymore?Also,when there is a clear night,there is massive radiational cooling,much more then there used to be.When it cleared out Easter night,temps dropped into the teens in some places here and set a few record low temps.These two things have me suspecting that the CT spraying has somehow thinned out the atmosphere???

NEPA Observations for 4/14/09+4/15/09 PostThu Apr 16, 2009 6:59 am  Reply with quote  

On and off light rain Tuesday during the day,which became heavier overnight into Wednesday.Wednesday morning there was some rain,light sleet and snow in spots,even with temps in the 40's.Still our precip total was only around .50",which was a good amount less than was forecast.

"Elliot - we had sleet and 48 degrees in Katonah (westchester) on my way to work this morning too. Wasn't sure if it was hail or sleet, and when I checked the radar at work, the precip was actually moving from east to west. Odd day.

Posted by Sean M | April 15, 2009 12:46 PM "

I also found that strange too,this storm actually moved in reverse for awhile!North to South,with East to West movement also!When it started to clear Wednesday late afternoon,I soon saw why.Above the departing storm were the remnants of highly burnt HAARP'd CT's.They get a very shimmery,silvery apperance after they have been microwaved to death I've noticed.Another weird thing,so far there hasn't been any wind behind this departing system either.This is unlike the recent train of similar storms that have come through here.

NEPA Observations for 4/16/09 PostFri Apr 17, 2009 7:38 am  Reply with quote  

Not much wind behind this latest storm,strange.The day started off sunny,with much warmer temps topping out near 65^,and clear blue skys until near noontime.Then the chemplanes showed up.They sprayed the blobby,feathery CT's in a seemingly random pattern.Much farther East it looks like they layed some long lines out too.It was not low altitude,but not super high either,kinda intermediate height.The spray quickly expanded leaving the sky looking clearish/milky white by around 5pm or so,then the spraying op ended.Into the night,you could see the stars dimly,the light filtered by the intermediate CT layer.There was some slight aerosol smell in the air with a dry icky feel.Only some radiational cooling down to about 45^.I would say that they HAARP'd this layer slightly as usual under these same conditons to create the clear,filtering,high pressure intermediate CT layer.Some light rain is expected Saturday night into Sunday,with heavier rain arriving on Monday.We're still down close to 7" of precip YTD.

The past few nights it has been hard to sleep due to all the HAARP/CT activity.It for sure has a mood and sleep altering effect imho.When I say HAARP,I mean it generically,not just from the HAARP outpost.I also believe it eminates from local sources too,such as cellular phone towers.I know some on here share that same belief and I'm with you guys.

NEPA Observations for 4/17/09+4/18/09 PostSun Apr 19, 2009 6:41 am  Reply with quote  

Friday the 17th was basically a repeat of Thursday the 16th.The only exception was the spraying became heavier and they started a little earlier in the morning, but they still wrapped things up around 5-6 in the evening.Overnight into Saturday we were left with the "Clear" CT filter layer.

Saturday the 18th was complete and utter CT bombardment.I woke up to CT filled skies, and they sprayed all types of trails during the day.At 12:30 am on Sunday the 19th, they are currently leaving the miles long trails all over the sky.During the day they stopped just shy of total greyout, but the spray did block the sun at times.What should have been clear blue skys all three days was anything but.

I personally have never witnessed such prolonged and in your face heavy spraying as has been going on.The rain that was forecast for Saturday night into Sunday never happened.And the storm that is suppose to arrive Sunday night has been cut to a third of the prior expected rainfall according to the weather.I have been seeing a lot of young people that "Died suddenly" at home in the local newspapers lately.Lots of people falling ill.Here is another take on this ongoing CT op,

Weatherman714, if you see this,thanks for shedding light on how the USAF creates these CT high pressure areas.I always enjoy reading your take on things, as well as most everybody elses posts around here.

NEPA Observations for 4/19/09-4/21/09 PostWed Apr 22, 2009 7:20 am  Reply with quote  

Woke up to CT filled skies on Sunday the 19th.The approaching storm clouds then mixed in with them.It became windy Sunday,then finally the atomsphere became moist enough to rain sometime during the early AM on Monday the 20th.This rain was welcome because we had humidity levels in the teens(due to the CT's),which caused multiple brush fires to erupt over the weekend.Wind,and on-off rain during the first half of the storm which we received Monday into early Tuesday.Middle of storm Tuesday the 21st it became warmer and sunny for a time,then the second half of the storm arrived Tuesday evening with some more rain,but less wind.All said and done the rain total was under 1".When this storm was first forecast,the rain levles were supposed to be over 1.5" and they were talking about possible local flooding.Wednesday the 22nd is forecast to be windy,colder and partly sunny.

It is currently partly cloudy and still at the time of this writing.I went out for a walk after the second batch of rain stopped to enjoy some nice fresh air finally.Us,like the West,have just experienced some wild temperature swings also,

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