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NEPA Observations 3/8/09+3/9/09

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Additions to the 4/19/09-4/21/09 NEPA Report PostWed Apr 22, 2009 7:30 am  Reply with quote  

Forgot to mention,during the first half of the storm there were very strong,tree downing type winds.Also some spots of snow and sleet.Then calm in the middle.During the second half of it,some lightning strikes were seen with a bit of gusty winds.

NEPA Report for 4/22/09+4/23/09 PostFri Apr 24, 2009 9:15 am  Reply with quote  

Thankfully two more CT free days due to a "Upper Level Low" above us.It has been windy and much cooler with rain showers,but it got nicer Thursday evening.Friday is supposed to become much warmer and sunnier,with temps in the 80's to follow for the weekend.This is much above normal for this time of year.So I fully expect the CT program to return for Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th.It was nice to sleep and to be able to walk in the fresh air for the past four days,oh well.

Here is a SUPER interesting article,

It reminds me of what "Deep Shield" was saying.As far as the so-called Deep Shield dis-info,I believe alot of what was said was based on truth. But I don't think the main goal of the "Shield Program" is to control global warming.I believe the main purpose is to control the weather,and the secondary purpose is military uses.The USAF's "Owning the Weather by 2025" paper is starting to make tons of sense to me now.

PostFri Apr 24, 2009 9:28 am  Reply with quote

"Live in Fullerton. Sunday April 19th, massive Chemtrail spraying. Monday, massive amounts of white fibers and spider webs floating in the air. You can see this by looking up on the side of a building with the sun just blocked out of view. You can see my pics of the fibers I have collected from another state, Utah. The fibers I see here in CA are the same. "

Flu Pandemic anyone?

Are these events connected...hrmmm???

NEPA Observations for 4/24/09 PostSat Apr 25, 2009 8:00 am  Reply with quote  

Yep you guessed it!The CT spray operation went into full swing on Friday morning the 24th.Full-on middle altitude spraying with active HAARP'ing.Mostly the fake chemclouds that resemble cumulus clouds.Light Ammonia/Snomax scent in the air.They didn't let it get to greyout status though.Same old,same old,they sprayed until around 6pm then let up.CT's cleared and blended into the late evening leaving a "Clear" CT filter layer that filters out some starlight.Tonight it became very windy for no apparent reason,it must of have been due to the HAARP CT heating.Sunny,very dry and warm during the day,with temps in the 70's and humidity in the teens.Brush fires are starting to break out again already,even with the recent rain and coolness.All due to the CT spraying imho.

Reading more about this swine flu scare.It sounds alot like what is happening in schools and nursing homes in various places as I have reported before.It seems the first round of the flu symptoms are milder.As the flu spreads,it then becomes deadlier.I would strongly bet that the low,heavy scented,symptom causing CT spraying is the most likely method of spreading this designer pathogen.

NEPA Observations for 4/25,26,27/09 PostTue Apr 28, 2009 5:01 am  Reply with quote  

Saturday 4/25,heavy mid to high level spraying from the morning until the evening.Total greyout for most of the day.A heavy saturation point was reached.CT's blended/cleared overnight leaving "Filtered Starlight".Sunday the 26th and Monday the 27th were identical to each other.Some natural and old CT/fake cumulus clouds with lighter spraying the whole day to keep the CT saturation point up I reckon,leaving "Filtered Starlight" overnight.I'ts pretty impressive with the amount of CT saturation that so much sun is still able to shine through.As I write this,there is "Filtered Starlight",the wind is picking up from the West,and there is a VERY heavy ammonia smell in the air.

It has been way above normal April temps the past few days,with many temperature records being broken.Hot and dry with brush fires all over the place breaking out.A cold front is supposed to come through Tuesday night with some rain dropping the temps back down into the 60's.

A thought from Wikipedia,

"In biochemistry, ammonium sulfate precipitation is a common method for purifying proteins by precipitation. As such, ammonium sulfate is also listed as an ingredient for many United States vaccines per the Center for Disease Control."

I believe most CT spraying is for weather control,but the low-level,smelly spraying shouldn't have much impact on the weather???And my observations over the past few months seem to be whenever there is low-level,heavy scented spraying,flu-like disease seems to break out on a pretty big scale around my area,hmmm?

NEPA Observations for 4/28,29/09 PostThu Apr 30, 2009 6:03 am  Reply with quote  

Going back to Monday the 27th,two non-believers I have told a few times about chemtrails in the past have been converted.The heavy ammonia smell I smelled on Monday night,these people witnessed and smelled for the first time.They stated a mega-sprayer(my words) buzzed very low over their area laying the super-wide CT's.Soon after they smelled a sh_tty smell(their words) and felt ill with burning eyes/throats and coughing.They also stated that on Tuesday the 28th,early AM the smell was then a heavy burnt-plastic smell(burnt CT HAARP smell as I would have said) with active CT spraying.

The CT spraying then continued for Tuesday the 28th in full-attack mode with greyout as a cold front slowly approached from the West.The "Natural" clouds associated with the cold front mixed in well with the CT chemclouds.Heavy ammonia smell all day until the front passed with mostly wind and just a trace amount of rain.It was amazing to watch the rain disintegrate on the radar.I managed to sneak out for a walk after all this to catch a small window of fresh air.

It only "Cleared" for a short time as they must have been right back at it early AM on Wednesday the 29th.Full-blown CT onslaught all day long with greyout acheived.Every kind of trail you can imagine was laid out.Currently at the time of writing,there is total greyout overcast and a super-strong ammonia fertilizer smell hanging in the air.

In total,around 7 days that should have been mostly clear,sunny,and nice were everything but.It's been seeming that they reach their higher altitude spraying saturation point first,then proceed with the low altitude spraying afterwards.

NEPA Report for 4/30/09 and 5/1/09 PostSat May 02, 2009 5:23 am  Reply with quote  

On Thursday the 30th,woke up to a grey overcast,ugly,cold,damp,CT filled day.A front was comng through slowly,leaving it overcast the whole day.There was CT spraying going on overhead though,as seen through breaks in the cloud cover and by the strong ammonia smell in the air.I only ventured out for a few minutes during the day because of how sickening it was outside.It took awhile for the atmosphere to moisten up enough to rain.It didn't rain until very late evening,and when it finally did,the rain was just a very light mist.

Into Friday May 1st,on and off light rain continued early AM,with the rain becoming a little heavier during the day.No fresh CT's were observed.We were robbed again of a good soaking rain,there was much less rain than anticipated of course.As I write this,it is really muggy outside with no rain,but the air was cleaned of CT fallout which enabled me to get out for a walk earlier to enjoy the nice,freshly scented spring air.During the next few days,it is supposed to get warmer with chances of rain everyday into later next week due to the front stalling just to the South of us.

NEPA Observations for 5/2,3/09 PostMon May 04, 2009 5:39 am  Reply with quote  

On Saturday the 2nd,early AM,CT's could be seen through heavily scattered natural cumulus cloud cover.Above the clouds,the CT's were neatly HAARP'd into pretty corn rows as far as the eye could see.There was some rain that fell earlier in the AM also before sunrise.The rest of the day was cool,dank,and became increasingly grey overcast with no more rain until the AM on Sunday the 3rd.I didn't even try to go outside and just exercised indoors instead.

The past few days,the HAARP activity has been so heavy that it is causing rythmic fluctuations in the power grid in my area.Like if someone keeps turning a fan motor speed dial up and down in a pattern,causing my CFL's to flicker on/off and my computer to crash randomly.I caught sight of some power lines bouncing wave-like in time too.You can also feel a slight tingling in your body in sequence with it.My neighbors are noticing similar.We called the power company and they basically said go scratch,there is no problem whatsoever....big suprise there.The tech did mention he received a few similar calls from around the vicinity though.

Somewaht steady rain for Sunday the 3rd,no noticed or smelled CT activity.It was weird,because basically a single band of light/medium rain lingered over my area pretty much the whole day until evening.Most likely due to HAARP action imho.We received some rain,but still less than forecast.Thank God for the rain though as it cleared out the CT fallout.I made it out for a walk to enjoy the scent of fresh air and spring flowers,just like you would expect to smell living in the middle of the woods.

Please feel free to reply in or add to this thread as desired,

NEPA Guest

PostMon May 04, 2009 8:11 am  Reply with quote  

I remember in the PNW they always slacked off on sundays.
Ex PNW Guest

Has anyone figured out why there are no CTs in India? Not a one in over 30 days. You will never hear about this in the west. They want you think they got world control. Well your just inside the gas chamber, thats all. be safe.

PostMon May 04, 2009 7:45 pm  Reply with quote  

Good to hear from you PNW guest.Do you plan to make India your permanent home?Someday I'd like to travel to Tibet.After I saw the movie Seven Days in Tibet,I've always wanted to go there.As far as why there are no CT's in India,you're probally right about them not agreeing to allow them.India is a nuclear power lest we forget.I am starting to think that having an extensive cellular telephone network is key to the CT program.I remember seeing research,that is hard to find mention of on the net,whereby it describes using the cellular phone network as a radar/sonar of sorts.Kind of like when a object displaces something in water,a flying object will disturb the EMF field as it passes through it.I believe the Russians devised this technology first.Looking at newer cellular phone towers,they are WAY overbuilt/overdesigned for their intended purpose.It's like using a .50 caliber to shoot a mouse if you know what I mean.

PostMon May 04, 2009 7:59 pm  Reply with quote  

To further elaborate,I believe current cell towers are also capable of producing HAARP frequencies to assist with the ENMOD program.So as far as I can tell,they have three purposes,communication,target detection and weather modification ability.

PostTue May 05, 2009 2:29 am  Reply with quote  

I know I throw a lot of stuff out there,but this flow chart by Cliff Carnicom seems pretty darn close to explaing the relationships between the Aerosol spraying operation and Morgellons/Chemtrail Sickness.

Looking at that matches a great amount of the things I have been observing lately.

NEPA Observations for 5/8/09 PostFri May 08, 2009 6:42 am  Reply with quote  

No observed CT spraying since Saturday the 2nd,it was nice to have clean air for awhile.Just on/off rain each day until Thursday the 7th.A quick early morning round of the miles long higher-level CT's could be seen through broken cumulus clouds.The spraying ended sometime in the early afternoon.It looks like HAARP was active,due to the shimmery,popcorn,wavey type chemclouds.The sky became progressively clearer until evening,then they went back at it with another quick round of high level CT spraying starting around 10pm give or take.They sprayed the wide,fake looking cumulus clouds that quickly expanded after being HAARP'd.The spraying ended early AM on Friday the 8th leaving a "Filtered Starlight" CT layer with some scattered fake CT cumulus drifiting in from the Southwest.No perceived scent as of yet.

Even with all the latest rain,we are still down 7" of rain YTD,and all this dampness has slowed down the crop planting around here.

NEPA CT Report for 5/8,9,10,11/09 PostTue May 12, 2009 5:43 am  Reply with quote  

During the day on Friday the 8th,it was too overcast to observe any CT activity.Saturday the 9th,heavy CT spraying above and between natural cumulus clouds.By the end of the day it became completely overcast and windy with scattered rain showers.People complaning of badly burning throats/noses,headaches,aches,upset stomach,and coughing.Mothers Day,Sunday the 10th,was partly cloudy and very windy with lots of natural cumulus clouds.Cooler with temps in the 60's after a cold front passed through.No observed CT's.Very early AM Monday the 11th,the CT operation sprung into action with heavy spraying that lasted all day until the evening.I would say it reached very near whiteout conditions.The CT's spread and blended leaving "Clear Filtered Starlight" with a heavy spraypaint type of smell hanging in the air.I never smelled quite the same smell before from CT's.As I write this early morning Tuesday the 12th,looking outside it seems that they are swinging into action with CT's coming in from the West,and new CT's being laid from South to North.

NEPA Reports PostThu May 21, 2009 3:09 am  Reply with quote  

I'm moving all NEPA reports to the main CT report thread as per Starman1's request.

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