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What are "weather people" taught in school?

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What are "weather people" taught in school? PostSun Mar 15, 2009 5:30 pm  Reply with quote  

After the assault on our skies Friday, and not one mention of it on any weather reports, it makes me wonder what exactly is taught in the meteorology classes.

Are the instructors even aware of the issues happening up there? That was some serious weather mod happening. I can't believe they are all involved in a big conspiracy, but it boggles the mind by their silence.
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PostSun Mar 15, 2009 9:53 pm  Reply with quote  

There are two local meteorologists,a husband and wife team.They seem to go out of their way to explain away CT's.The past two days she tried to explain all the "High Thin" clouds that will be causing the sky to look "Milky White".She tried to put it numerous ways,while coughing and clearing her throat the whole time,lol.You can tell she was stressed and lying while doing it.Her husband also mentions the "High Thin" cirrus/cirrus shields alot also.He often shows CT's on the screen and explains it all away as either lovely cirrus,gorgeous sunrise/sunsets or pretty contrails.

I would guess that they subscribe to the "Deep Shield" way of thinking.That this program is necessary for the survival of humankind,and any loss of life or property is just collateral damage.Looking at the local ecosystem,and seeing how people are suffering,I think something is going to give very soon.

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PostMon Jun 22, 2009 6:10 pm  Reply with quote  

I'm doing a job for a local meteoroligist right now. I'd like to get his opinion or to even see if he'll acknowledge them. I've been waiting until the end of the job as I didn't want to make waves during. We've only got a few weeks work left on his house, so I'll be bringing up the subject soon.

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