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Particulate loading of the atmosphere and Chemtrails

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Particulate loading of the atmosphere and Chemtrails PostSun Apr 05, 2009 5:19 pm  Reply with quote  

In March 2006 I discovered that by using a photo software program called

PhotoElf, I could capture reflected light of microscopic particles in the

atmosphere using a digital camera.

I kept this knowledge secret because I was afraid that if it were

discovered by the wrong people, a great effort may be undertaken to

remove this capability from use by the public. Since that time I have

accumilated thousands of pictures. Some I have yet to process to see

what I might have captured. Far too many digital cameras are available

which will work at doing this process, so it is too late for anyone to yard

them in. The computer program is readily available and I have no interest

in it whatsoever for compensation.

Contrails are made from moisture vapor. Chemtrails are made from


The particulate matter in chemtrails can be visualized by taking a high

resolution digital image. Load the image into PhotoElf editor, use NEON

to accentuate the particulates.

This process will highlight the reflected light of the particles of the


The skies all across the United States and even in other countries are

loaded with particulates. Much of it from the chemtrail process. Rain

will effect the particulate loading of the atmosphere. These particulates

can be effected by airplanes and helicopters passing through them. High

frequency directed energy at an approximate wavelength of 1.2GHz will

have a profound effect on the alignment of these particulates.

In looking at photos of the particulates you will notice what appears to

be alignment in energy bands which can be straight lines, circular, or

combinations. Photos of particulate matter in random unorganized

features are naturally occurring.

There are photos on this site which I have posted illustrating this


I have been urged to reveal this information and have been reluctant to

do so. I wanted to be absolutely sure it could not be discredited or

disproven. I am convinced the process is effective.
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