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Getting your account activated...

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Getting your account activated... PostMon Apr 06, 2009 2:44 am  Reply with quote  

We have recently received many new account activation requests.
Some have been from notorious trouble makers, and will not be activated. Others have been activated or are receiving consideration for activation.
To the new arrivals that are unaware of the continuing saga this site faces with repeated trouble makers, we make apologies.
With a little due diligence reading some of the threads here on site one can see for themselves the unending battles that have continued to arise over the years and hence the need to have closed the registration feature periodically.
In an attempt to allow the membership to grow and expand we are "screening" if you will all new account request.
If you are awaiting activation of an account, we are encouraging you to participate at some level in these guest forums as a way of getting acquainted and interacting with this community.
So then, feel free to post in these subject threads here in the guest area.
Unfortunately, at this time creating new topics is not an option for guest due to the abuse of some of our not so welcome visitors.
However, suggestions may be made on this and other threads here in this section for the creation of new topics, and your participation is both welcome and encouraged.
If your account has not been activated yet, here is the place to begin to get yourself heard, don't be shy speak out about it, lets hear your voice.
To those of you (and you know who you are) that will not be activated without your deceitful tricks, we suggest you just go away and play your games elsewhere.
To everyone else, go ahead and speak out!!! You can’t just lurk out there and expect to be activated.
Be an “activist” and get yourself activated… Start by participating here in the Guest Area threads…
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