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MRSA PostWed May 13, 2009 6:33 pm  Reply with quote  

I read some of the guest posts. Morgellons, Lyme Disease are pretty serious. For me, I had some very serious and nearly deadly problems with MRSA. I went to the ER and was walked through the process by a nurse and then met by a team comprised of a senior physician, and some others in training. It was very much like they were expecting a MRSA case to just stroll in. I was treated and released before a 19 year old boy who had just been brought in from an auto accident with the bone sticking out of his leg. As he cried in the next bed over with his parents at his side waiting for help, I got treated. I have never ever seen a hospital ER respond like that and I worked in a hospital for five years. I seem to have finally recovered from repeated outbreaks of MRSA and I want to share what I think was a major factor in treatment. I credit my family doctor with doing the lab work to find the appropriate antibiotic ( I was down to about four out of over a dozen). But at every skin cut, outbreak I used either liquid bandage from a bottle or from the spray, both seal the skin and have anti something in it. It isn't expensive, it works on all kinds of cuts and abrasions, and I highly recommend it. I use the name brand called New Skin I would bet it would be a great help to Morgellon patients. I think people are on the right track to discuss openly, government generated and released disease like Morgellons and Lyme disease. In some small way perhaps some benefit may be derived from others saying what has worked for them. Thanks
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