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Why is the Son/Sun Silent or Silence is Golden

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Why is the Son/Sun Silent or Silence is Golden PostSat Jul 04, 2009 12:21 am  Reply with quote  

Why is the Son/Sun Silent or Silence is Golden.

The definition of sun is to be brilliant, the east, a ray, a battlement, House of the Sun. Now let us examine the physical makeup of the sun for a moment. The core of the sun is 40% iron and hydrogen, which forms helium. It takes 1 million years for energy to reach the surface of the sun. An atom is so hot that the nucleus separates from the electrons, which spawn magnetic fields. Lev. 26:19 I will make your mind (heaven) as iron (punched with holes). The core inside mankind is being superheated at this present time and separated into pure energy. The hot and dense center (which is the only begotten Son of God) is supporting its weight (which are the sons of God) (you and I) in the outer portions.
The next level of the sun is the radioactive zone. This is a calmer region. Here photons transport energy outward. Rom. 12:2,4 Be ye not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office…and everyone members one of another. In this portion of the Sun/Son, all of the sons under the main Son operate with transformed power, in calm and peace to transport God’s energy out of us to creation. THE INTENSE HEAT OF THE CORE IS PUNCHING HOLES IN OUR CARNAL THOUGHTS AND SUPERHEATING OUR ATOMIC STRUCTURE TO BE RENEWED. (NOT A PLEASANT PROCESS INSIDE OF US BY ANY MEANS). After we are completely changed, we will be a constantly ablaze in fire but never consumed. We will be operating with God’s pure energy, but with peace. We are moving His energy outward, spreading it toward the solar systems in mankind and showering them with God’s pure light.
The outermost third of the sun is the connective zone. It brings all of the gases together and shoots them at boiling temps over 200,000 km high. Sunspots occur when hot flares cause the magnetic field to “twist up”. Coronal mass ejections are billion ton clouds of magnetized gas. Sunspots are active for 11 years and inactive for 11 years. A cycle is approximately 22 years. During active years there is more radiation coming into earth’s atmosphere and causing loud storms. Radio waves, which are the lowest form of frequency, bounce and skip through the ionosphere 30 miles high and back to earth. These waves pick up the radiation in the form of loud static, which drowns out transmissions. Spiritually speaking, radio waves are symbolic of the lowest realm of hearing inside the mind/spirit of mankind. When the Sun/Son’s storms become intense in our lives, we lose control of our frequency and can only pick up loud static. Most people are trying to hear constant messages of reassurance from an outside source and not building the assurance from WITHIN the core of themselves, which emanates the power of the Son constantly. There is no need of flares when we have attained to this place of letting the Son’s light come through and out of us.
During the 11 year solar maximum x-rays, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays increase. They burn and kill. In a solar maximum there is a borage of “charged particles” coming to earth. Each time a solar cycle is finished, the Sun’s poles switch because of the turbulence and instability. This pole switch is a result of BALANCE and not imbalance as you might think. We must all move constantly in omega circles to stay in perfect balance and unity in God. This includes upsetting and turning over our lives and moving in new directions as the Spirit of God directs. This is perfect spiritual balance, but confusion to a mind that is not set on the Father’s will. The energy in a solar maximum is equal to 1 million, hundred megaton nuclear explosions in a matter of moments. And this is less than a drop in a thimble compared to the power of God, which is inside every man.
In December 2008 we entered into solar cycle 24. (24 is symbolic of the son company of God in the old testament heads of the 12 tribes and the new testament apostles, connecting the old with the new in the all encompassing truth of the Word of God). The time has come for God to speak through his sons in the power of his only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.
Scientists have predicted a very active cycle with many sunspots and storms of electromagnetic power, but are surprised and baffled at the quiet sun. Virtually no sunspots – why? Could it be that He is eliminating the static caused by the bombardment of charged particles of chaos in our mind? For the first time in 100 years a whole month has gone by with no sunspots. At this time the Son, with His son company are not flaring, raging, and spewing hot gas and being twisted up in a battle against the magnetic poles. They are becoming unified and learning to yield to the core energy inside of them, which is Christ Jesus.
Gen. 15:12 when the sun was going down a deep sleep fell upon Abram and horror of great darkness fell upon him. During this time God told him of the 400 years of bondage for the children of Israel. The full light (understanding, happy, joy) of God comes when the FULL SONSHIP (that means EVERYONE) is in the midday position, or standing up fully and “turned on at full power” completely and at full attention. The trouble is that we are for the most part, operating just before dawn where the troubles and horrors consume our thoughts, or we are operating at dusk when the scenery of creation becomes fuzzy around the edges and our spiritual senses become clouded and dull. Sleep is trying to overtake us. The mind wants to shut off the voice of clarity. Go ahead and sleep oh sleeper. The Spirit doesn’t sleep. Do you ever dream? The Spirit of God is in your dreams also my friend.
So, why is the Sun/Son silent? Silence is golden. The flesh must be silent. Zec. 2:13 be silent o all flesh (carnal mind) before the Lord for He is raised up out of His holy habitation. Paraphrase: hush, hold still, and hold your tongue, every portion of the carnal thoughts in the presence of God who has chosen through his Son to come up out of the temple inside mankind that He has created. This dwelling place inside mankind is a separate place made holy by God for Himself.
Secondly the systems of religion (ALL of them) must be silent. Is. 47:5 sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness O daughter of the chaldeans for thou shalt no more be called the lady of the kingdoms. Paraphrase: you will cease, wait in astonishment, perish, be cut down or off, stop, o woman (church system) of the professional (for money or pay) astrologer/sorcerers, for you are going to be exposed and stopped from representing the church of the kingdoms which belong ONLY TO GOD.
Third, the wicked must be silent. 1Sam.2: 9 He will keep the feet (foundation) of His saints and the wicked/evil shall be silent (be undone, perish, cease, destroyed) in darkness/absence of God’s light. The wicked lives in darkness, and a temple filled with God’s Light cannot entertain evil for evil will be consumed by the light, thus silencing it.
When God is silent. Reading the psalms shows us that God will hold back for seasons when false accusations come, when the enemy makes war against the word and when you are driven to search in much anguish the very depths of your soul to reveal hidden motives, prides, egotisms, lies, deceits, doctrines of devils that must be brought up, faced and killed. They must be laid waste. Also, God demands that we be silent. Is.41: 1 speak not a word, desired habitable spot/island/people… In keeping silent, we renew our strength in God. Stop murmuring, complaining, bragging and begging to God. Listen to the SILENT POWER OF GOD IN HIS UNIVERSE. Outer space is quiet. It listens internally and without static. Inner space inside of us should be this way also.
Then after we have been silent, our strength is renewed, God begins to speak through us in unity. We will have learned to only speak of God’s righteous judgments and cannot do otherwise. He is renewing our strength. He is searching our soul. He is being made perfect in our weaknesses. He is allowing the false judgments, the attacks of the enemy on our bodies through sickness, our minds through anguish our finances and loss of perceived possessions He is allowing the religious (Beast) systems to be exposed. In the religious (Beast) system’s loud and lying tongue, it has exposed itself. For God has become silent in its midst. He will tolerate it no more and will not speak from its pulpits in power. He is allowing the wicked to feel confident in their own perceived greatness. They will come crawling out of the darkness because they believe that God’s silence is an indication that He is not in control of all things. They will be caught in the Light and the evil inside of them will be consumed. (Not the person, for he will be delivered into the light).
He is hurling his sons through inner and not outer space in powerful silence. He is forcing us to hear (by the spirit) as the seals are popping off of us to the point that we will not need to receive the rays of the Son, but we will “BE” the Son’s rays!
Many scriptures in the old order speak of the going and the comings of man “under” the sun. We now operate “IN” the Son. Many scriptures talk about the rising and the falling of the sun in the aspect of wavering and needing new strength. We are now living in the NEW DAY, which is the everlasting Day of the Lord where the Son shines continually and evenly over all of His creation. Not one person is given more Light, or longer lasting Light or stronger Light or Stormier Light than any other son.
Rev. 19:17 and I saw the angel (message) standing IN the Son…Rev.21: 23 and the city (in us) had no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine in it for the Glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb IS the Light thereof. The Lamb of God is the effervescing, constant light and He is in us and when He has accomplished His work, we are operating in His full power. The little son has become quiet and the SON OF GOD IS SILENT NO LONGER! HIS VOICE IS VIBRATING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE SENDING WAVE UPON WAVE UPON WAVE OF HIS PERFECT WHITE LIGHT THAT ILLUMINATES EVERY CORNER IN TOTAL LOVE AND RESTORATION!

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