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Vaccines & NWO's Agenda of Eugenics (massive depopulatio

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Vaccines & NWO's Agenda of Eugenics (massive depopulatio PostWed Aug 05, 2009 12:56 am  Reply with quote

Subject: Vaccines and the New World Order's Agenda of Eugenics (massive de-population) - This is an Important Read.

Definition of Eugenics: : a "science" that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed. The contemporary eugenics movement has included experimentation upon, and the elimination of "inferior races" and to eliminate those people of incompatible beliefs who may interfere with a world-wide eugenics agenda.

Considering that freedom is inconsistent with eugenics, freedom to reproduce as you choose and with whom you choose, freedom to live your life with the beliefs of your choice, freedom that includes speaking out and defending the weak from tyrants and bullies, freedom to learn truth, work hard and earn your worth, then philosophies associated to freedom are diametrically opposed to eugenics and henceforth, an enemy of the movement. The pseudo-scientific use of the word "eugenics" is truly a cover for a bunch of criminal thugs who want the entire world and all of its' rich natural resources to themselves.

Who are the contemporary eugenicists? The Royal Families, our political elites, the secret society elites, organized religious elites, mafia and corporate elites and their United Nations (World Health Organization and FDA) front men.

The contemporary target of the eugenicists? "Inferior races" (everyone else), especially people of any belief system that would interfere with the eugenics agenda - that includes you and me.

_______________________________ ____



Vaccines for my family? Not on your life! After years of seeing the government repeatedly dish out unsafe and unproven vaccines based on threats of pandemics that have NEVER happened, some of those very vaccines the government claimed to be for our protection were the very instruments that have caused millions of cases of autism, early Alzheimer, AIDS, cancer, paralysis and even death. Now the "stick-me-with-death needlers" are at it once again with the upcoming H1N1 vaccine to be forcefully administered to all Americans (at least that is the current plan).

Remember, in 1976, the Swine Flu vaccine caused millions of people to get the disease, caused the death of many Americans and perhaps even worse, several hundreds of people were paralyzed with Gullian-Barre Syndrome, then discovered as a newly-found disease that arose SPECIFICALLY from giving those scam swine flu vaccinations. The paralysis in so many was a product of the vaccinations "unforeseen" damage that it did to the central nervous system of the poor victims who trusted their government.

After the harm caused by the 1976 vaccines, public outrage ensued, the flu s hots were stopped, the swine flu never became the pandemic we were warned about (as usual). Although they never discovered the real problems with that vaccine, here the scamsters go again, trying to give another similar vaccine that poses the exact same threats and worse. Forced vaccines - you say it will never happen in America?

Of course, our delightful traitor to humanity, President George Bush Jr., as one of his last treasonous acts against humanity before leaving office, gave the vaccine companies 100% immunity (gee, what a coincidence) for any and all of the damage done by any vaccine, no matter if the damage was proven due to simple negligence or by a contrived, evil design.

These internationalist Eugenics promoters, the same bankster-funded evil that has robbed America of hundreds of trillions of dollars in the last decade, the same ones who founded scams like Planned Parenthood under the&nbs p;lame excuse of "the right to choose" when in reality, it was just another eugenics mass murder plan all along, are clearly using this scam pandemic and the related vaccines as the latest approach of dumbing down and culling the population. People, that means they are trying to kill us - plain and simple. Forget the immediate effect of paralysis and death that will likely be seen in so many vaccine recipients, look at the long term implications of this vaccine scam on the common man by the combined forces of evil, including our own American politicians (yes, the elites of both political parties are in on it for you people still foolishly believing that our both parties do not serve the same bankster masters).

In addition to the real threat of brain damage, paralysis and death, these vaccines lowers your body's immunity - a known fact - even though there is no guarantee that if you take the vaccine, you will not get the illness they profess to be protecting against.

Add the lowering of our immune systems through these needles of death and combine it with the these other methods of damaging our immune systems and what does it logically tell you is going on?

1. ; CODEX ALAMENTARIUS - the UN's world standard for food coming online in 2009, forcing all foods to contain chemical preservatives and to be radiated - YES RADIATED - (including fresh fruits and veggies) and that the healthy and much-needed nutrients God put in our food, be classified in the Codex regulations to be "toxins" and thus, they are to be removed. Yes, these critical nutrients our bodies need are now deemed to be toxins and are to be removed through chemicals, radiation and through genetically modifying the foods.

One such chemical now being sprayed on all fruits and veggies, legumes and nuts in America is MSG - you know, the same MSG that we try to avoid when eating in Asian restaurants? Another little gift from that last White House traitor, George Bush Jr.

MSG is both a neural-toxin (damaging the brain) as well as a fattening agent - yes, MSG significantly contributes to making Americans fatter (an d thus, a contributing factor to diabetes) - much like the proverbial cow being fattened for the slaughter perhaps?

2. Genetically modified foods: these degenerate elites are taking God's good and natural grains, fruits and veggies, and modifying them genetically, without any understanding of what the change in gene sequencing and to the genes themselves will do to the human body (or do they already know and are doing it on purpose to slowly kill us?).

3. The addition of steroids added to our meats and poultry, ad even to our farm-raised fish, is a major contributor to America obesity, diabetes, cancer and death. Steroids also create a highly supportive living environment to harmful bacteria and viruses, thus helping them in their efforts to invade and overtake our bodies and weaken our immune system even further.

4. The simple things such as processing sugar makes an otherwise innocuous food into a slow-acting killer.

5. Salts are the same. Natural and unprocessed sea salts are not nearly as harmful as processed salt, where the unremoved key nutrients make salt a more balanced foodstuff, which does not cause high blood pressure like its' nutritionally imbalanced processed counterpart, are all removed by burning it off at 1200 degrees.

6. Conveniently, the honey bee, an essential link of our food chain is mysteriously disappearing off of the face of the earth. My, how convenient indeed for those who want to cull the population - an event that devastates the pollination of our food, which would lead to mass starvation. This will further make us reliant upon genetically modified foods, potentially weakening our immune systems even more.

7. Adding Sodium Fluoride to our public water supplies and even our toothpaste, as the elites in the USA have done, refusing to accept hundreds of medical doctor's test results (threatening them with losing their licenses if they speak the truth) proving the dangers of sodium fluoride, evidence of danger to our health and that it DOES NOT help teeth at all, but in fact, damages the brain and bone structure in the body and it weakens our immune system.

Incidentally, sodium fluoride is one of the main ingredients in rat poison, but we drink it everyday and it accumulates in our bodies doing long-term damage to our brains, internal organs and skellital structure. SearchBox&rlz=1I7GGLL_en&q=rat+poison+and+fluoride&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

8. Chemtrails - poisonous aerosol spraying in our air by unregistered shadow government planes. Chemtrails are spraying slightly radioactive baruim, aluminum, other heavy metals into our air, experimental nanotechnology and other harmful elements for us to ingest. You don't think that our government would conduct dangerous and unethical experiments upon our own people? Think again:

9. The government is working in conjunction with Big Pharma, to suppress natural and alternative cures, to keep us on their monthly payout routine and to make sure we do not ever get cured of otherwise curable diseases. Cured people are less profitable than sick ones and cured ones do not accommodate the New World Order's eugenics agenda. hBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GGLL_en

10. Big Pharma and their treasonous political stooges have even tried to outlaw simple vitamins, although the outrage was so great, they backed off - at least for the moment. I am confident it is a topic soon to be discussed again in the halls of our lawmakers, likely after some staged "impure vitamin scare" following a few engineered deaths of average people taking vitamins.

If you question if Big Pharma and the elites are suppressing health truths from us, simply ask yourself the logical questions: if 1/2 to 1/3 people contract and die from one or more of killer diseases like cancer, aids, and diabetes, etc.. then why don't 1/3 presidents (or ex presidents) get it and die from it? Their wives? Their kids? Senators? Their spouses? Their kids? Political elites from around the world? Their spouses? Kids? Royal family members? Nope, few if any of them get these diseases and less die from them, and certainly nowhere near the same ratios as the public at large. Why? They have the cures and since they own Big Pharma, and they have a massive de-population eugenics campaign goin g on and want to kill 95% of the earth's population, they deny us the truth.

11. Of course, the artificial sweeteners that our culture is saturated with, such as NutraSweet, are so dangerous to our health that even the FDA listed 50 reasons why NutraSweet can NEVER be approved for consumption. More damage to our immune systems with these proven neuro-toxins?

All of that wisdom quickly changed as soon as Donald Rumsfeld, a former corporate head for NutraSweet manufacturer GD Searle, got political power in the Reagan years.

12. Let us not forget the complete saturation that Big Pharma has made into the "mood stabilizing drugs" and anti-depressant drugs like prozac, paxil, zoloft, effexcor, and others, which have placed millions of Americans on a daily dependency just to feel any sense of peace and normalcy. Certainly, this is not a healthy boost to our immune systems and general health and according to many qualified men o f science, contain many hidden dangers.

13. Add to all of these "coincidental" contributing factors to a highly reduced immune system the worst of all factors - the tremendous stress of that the criminal elites are trying to place upon us with financial collapse, thievery through massive Wall Street counterfeiting, political treason, bailouts that will enslave our kid, BS terrorist threats when the evidence is powerful that these elites are behind the terrorists attacks, the mockery of our immigration laws causing frustration with the system and job scarcity, sending our jobs overseas, engineered criminal and racial strife and so much more. Stress is a factor in general health and a lot of it can lower your immune system significantly.

Add all of these factors together, and you get a radically weakened immune system for the general population, incredible susceptibility to any and every form of disease, and huge jumps in sickness and death... and presto - massive depopulation is on the way. This is their agenda - to depopulate the earth. Don;t believe me? Read all about thei r New World Order agenda, printed boldly on their own mocking version of God's 10 Commandments. The Georgia Guidestones is a testament to their agenda of pure evil. Better learn it if you want to understand the goal of the elites and 100% of the reason why there is sop much turmoil in this world.

I can give no answers as to escaping the tentacles of this far-reaching cabal. They are evil and there is not one nation on earth that their filthy stench is not to be found. However, there is one powerful answer to their evil, and that is turning to our Lord for His peace and understanding. Learn the tactics of the enemy, but be above them through faith and avoid their evils whenever possible - evils like vaccines. “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16, KJV).

Some more general information on the dangers of vaccines. Wake up America - please?
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