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Rain! PostMon Apr 05, 2010 5:58 pm  Reply with quote  

Mon. 4/5/10
Hi Folks,

Wow! What a surprise! Surprised Woke to cloudy skies, let the kitties out even though the ground was wet, and not five minutes later, it started to pour down rain! Had to run to let them back in, poor babies! This just doesn't happen around here. Once the winter months go by, the rain usually ceases, and it certainly was looking that way for the past month or so. The clouds look like they're actually starting to thin out and break up so I doubt this will be an all day event. But is this down to all the spraying they've been doing the past few days? Is this a natural rain and since they couldn't stop it all together, have they modified it in some way - not too much at once sort of thing? Twisted Evil Makes me wonder about the huge storms the East coast got a few weeks ago, too. That was pretty freaky as well! I grew up there so I kinda know - blizzards for sure, but not flooding rains like they just had. Maybe I've just grown too suspicious lately in light of all I've learned. But, better to know... Be well and stay warm and dry, my friends! Smile
Blessings, Love and Peace to you all,

With Infinite Blessings - May they multiply through Our Eternal Loving Energy.
Let this be the start of something New - me
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