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Conference Call for the Louisiana Oil Slick -- May 4, 2010

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Conference Call for the Louisiana Oil Slick -- May 4, 2010 PostTue May 11, 2010 12:44 am  Reply with quote

Conference Call for the Louisiana Oil Slick – May 4 2010
By Richard Presser and Carolyn Evers‏

On May 4th, Carolyn and I held an open conference call to work on assisting with minimising the damage from the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf, resulting from the explosion of an oil well operated by BP.

What unfolded was far more than this. Gaia, the conscious being that is, you could say the soul of planet Earth, came forth and explained that this leak had been allowed, in order to wake up humanity.

Here are some of her words as brought forth by Carolyn:

...I know how to keep the workings of the Earth in its pure state, doing exactly what it is supposed to do, but I get discouraged at times because as I look upon this beautiful planet, I feel the intentions of those that wish to rape me; and I use that word rape.

It is such a violent word and there are those that rape the planet, those who in their greed continuously pump oil from its surface, knowing that there is technology. Those hold that technology, those that rape this planet, and what that technology is, is the energy that was discovered by Tesla. Those who rape this planet know that it is not necessary; they can use the free energy that Tesla founded. It was a gift to this planet by Ultimate Creator, but you see a free gift from Ultimate Creator would mean that they could not make the tons of profit that they make.

Keep in mind the oil company that is behind this speaks of the tremendous amount of profits that they have made this year alone, and they say that they will pay for their damage from those profits and there's plenty of profits. Yes, they have not only been raping the planet of the oil, but they have been raping the consumer. Profits upon profits; that is what they have forced from the Earth, forced from humanity knowing all along there is free energy that was given to this planet, founded by Tesla and he paid for this with his life. He was murdered and what he was given was stolen and hidden away.

I come and tell you this, because it is necessary for humanity to understand that number one, the collection of oil out of Mother Earth is not necessary. Humanity thinks this is required to run their cars, to heat their homes, to make plastics and all the other things that might be produced, but I tell you my friends this is not necessary. Those of the dark who do this know very well the process to use the sun to fire the engines, to run the automobiles, to heat the homes and it is free.

And so I come to acknowledge each and every one of you for being here, but I also wish to acknowledge that raping and pillaging the Earth of her gifts is not the way. You see, things happen in the world to wake up people. It was not my desire that this terrible accident be allowed, but I allowed it so that the people can become aware that this is abominable. I thought that after the Valdez moment that people would rise up when they saw the animals filled with oil, that they were dying, being smothered out from the oil upon their wings and on their feet, but it didn't make a difference did it? ...
She then went on to explain what we could do about it, along with bringing back the technology that Tesla was given.

Then Jeshua came forth and explained how we as human beings had the ability to change what was happening and to stop the leak and ensure the leak stayed offshore and was dissipated with limited damage. He then guided us in this work. He also explained to us how we could work to bring forth the knowledge Tesla was given once more and asked that we share the knowledge and content of this call with as many as possible, including those groups who wish to make a difference.

Here are some of his words as brought forth by me;

I welcome all of you that have come forth to assist with this frightening unfolding. Humanity has ignored the risks of using the Earth’s oil, ignored the risks of pumping it out of the planet, where its purpose was for lubrication as Gaia has explained; ignored the risks when an event such as this happens, where it can threaten wildlife, where it can threaten the livelihood of many people, where it can threaten entire ecosystems. The ecosystem in Louisiana along the coastline is very fragile and the potential impact of this oil on this area is truly massive; and these kinds of risks are run almost every day by those oil companies who would pump this oil for their own profits and to exploit humanity through the use of oil.

As Gaia has explained, it is unnecessary and I wish to reinforce what she has said in this regard. You need to understand that those who run the oil companies are beings of the dark. Their agenda is exploitation; exploitation of the planet and of humanity and the oil business is a powerful financial pump for their benefit and that is how they use it. And so you need to be all aware that this is happening and be aware that this message needs to go out - the message that Gaia gave you. Put in the effort to ensure that this comes forth. Put in the effort to ensure that the technology that Tesla brought forth and gave up his life to see come forth, that it come forth once more to assist humanity to find its freedom and to allow the planet to find its freedom.

So I just wanted to take a moment to reinforce those messages because they are extremely important and as Gaia said, it is why this has been allowed, because it has been allowed. It is a wake-up call for humanity. Exxon Valdez was not enough of a wake-up call. It didn't impact enough people. It didn't threaten enough people's livelihood. It wasn't in anyone's backyard, so speak. This is very much in people's backyard and to some degree it is why you are all here, because you feel the threat. You can see the threat, you understand the threat and you want to see it changed.

And as Gaia indicated, there are some things we can do, now that the doorway has been opened for this message to go forth, and that doorway is through each of you taking this message to whoever might listen, to all of the environmental groups who can do something with this. To all of the groups that are interested in alternative technologies to have them know that Tesla's technology can come forth once more. To have as many people upon the planet meditating upon having this technology come forth; and let me assure you, if enough people do this it will come forth so quickly it will astound you, truly astound you because humanity in general completely underestimates the power that they hold, each and every one of you. It was something that I was teaching when I was here upon the planet, but it has been well and truly buried by those of the dark who would have you be dependent upon somebody else for your livelihood, for your spiritual evolution, for your doorway to your God. None of that is necessary. You are all extraordinarily powerful beings and that truth is beginning to awaken and it will awaken more and more as we approach the end of 2012, when the energies arrive to prepare for that wondrous Ascension event in early 2013.

So let us take a moment to focus on what can be done to minimise the damage from this oil. There is more than enough power within the group that is on this telephone call to transform the outcome as to what will happen with this oil. You have the power to stop this oil flowing forth and I suggest that we do that today. You also have the power to direct the winds so that this oil stays offshore and is dissipated with a minimal amount of damage, because you can achieve this also. And again, I want this recorded and understood because humanity has forgotten the power that you hold. You are very powerful beings. You can determine the weather. You can determine how events unfold in your lives individually and as a group, and you have a responsibility to take care of your planet, a responsibility that has been largely ignored.

And that responsibility is not exercised through panic schemes around global warming, which is simply another ruse of the dark to control humanity. It is not through those kinds of mechanisms. It is through the kind of mechanism that we are working with today. When people come together as a group, the energies that you send forth multiply dramatically. If one person comes forth with an intention, it has the power of one person. If you bring two people together, that power goes up tenfold and then for each person added to that, it is then multiplied by the number of people; so it goes 1 to 10 to 30 and onwards. So there is not this understanding in humanity about the power of bringing people together in this way with a common cause. It is very powerful indeed, and we will use that today in this work.

So let us begin. I want you all to intend that the oil flow from this well be stopped, that it be stopped now; and I'm going to ask Richard to command that this be done, because he carries the power to do this, and I ask all of you in support of that command to intend that this oil flow be stopped...

I encourage each of you to listen to the recording of this call and to download the transcript below and understand what you can do to help planet Earth, yourselves and other beings on this planet to move forward. You can find the recording and the full transcription at

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

Cosmic Connections (International) Ltd
Room 1006, 10/F., 113-115 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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