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RSC backs 36,000 physicists in condemning ClimateGate

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RSC backs 36,000 physicists in condemning ClimateGate PostThu May 13, 2010 9:59 pm  Reply with quote  

Royal Society of Chemistry backs 36,000 physicists in condemning Climategate

Today, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announced to the Parliamentary Select Committee investigating the Climategate scandal that it is not letting Climategate fraudsters off the hook. The RSC has unequivocally stated:

“scientific information should be made available on request as outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.”

The RSC now stands shoulder to shoulder with the 36,000 strong Institute of Physics in speaking out against the cover up and destruction of data by unethical and criminal climate researchers at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.

With these public statements on the conduct of climate scientists from other scientists, we are seeing a monumental groundswell of scientific opinion against the crooked methods of advocates of global warming theory such as disgraced CRU Professor Phil Jones.

In a thinly veiled rebuke the RSC, an organisation that represents 42,000 chemistry scientists, unequivocally agrees with skeptics that scientific data must be made available to the public and be open to scrutiny. They argue that the benefit for the status of science outweighs the perceived risks. To this end the Society has urged the Parliamentary Select Committee to clarify,

“the severity of the acts carried out by those scientists at the CRU involved, i.e. whether it was a misguided protection of their work or a malicious misrepresentation of data.”

We applaud both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics for making such a valiant stand for the integrity of the scientific method. We are particularly heartened to see that both institutions have taken the view contrary to the politicisation of science, so that such announcements will be of great comfort to climate skeptics so hotly opposed to the skewed advocacy among left-wing environmentalists now popularly referred to as ‘post-normal science.’

A full transcript of the RSC submission may be found here, and are shown below:

Memorandum submitted by the Royal Society of Chemistry (CRU 42)


- It is essential that the public and all non-specialists remain truly confident in the scientific method to provide a sound scientific evidence-base on which strong decisions can be made. Correspondingly, it is in the interest of scientists and the public that society as a whole has an understanding and an appreciation of science.

- Access to reliable, up-to-date information is vital to advancing research and enabling the discovery or development of solutions to global issues. Sharing information is especially important in multi-disciplinary research, where progress is very much dependent on willing and effective communication between different speciality areas.

- The RSC firmly believes that the benefits of scientific data being made available and thus open to scrutiny outweigh the perceived risks. To this end, scientific information should be made available on request as outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.


1. The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) welcomes the opportunity to submit formal written evidence to the consultation on the disclosure of climate change data from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia.

2. The RSC is the UK Professional Body for chemical scientists and an international Learned Society for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a network of over 46,000 members worldwide and an internationally acclaimed publishing business, our activities span education and training, conferences and science policy, and the promotion of the chemical sciences to the public.

3. The document has been written from the perspective of the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is noteworthy that the University of East Anglia is a member of the RSC Partnership Scheme, however this in no way constitutes a conflict of interest. The RSC’s Royal Charter obliges it “to serve the public interest” by acting in an independent advisory capacity, and we would therefore be very happy for this submission to be put into the public domain.

- What are the implications of the disclosures for the integrity of scientific research?

4. The apparent resistance of researchers from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) to disclose research data has been widely portrayed as an indication of a lack of integrity in scientific research. The true nature of science dictates that research is transparent and robust enough to survive scrutiny. A lack of willingness to disseminate scientific information may infer that the scientific results or methods used are not robust enough to face scrutiny, even if this conjecture is not well-founded. This has far-reaching consequences for the reputation of science as a whole, with the ability to undermine the public’s confidence in science.


When they asked the "master" Phil Jones to present the raw data of so many years of research in the CRU, so it can -afterall- be peer-reviewed and thus verified, he answered that he "lost" the data....
It is estimated that "working backwards" from the published results, it will take THREE YEARS to reconstruct the raw data...

But there isn't really much to 'reconstruct'...
Large portions of data was selectively and deliberately left out and the rest was already highly manipulated to present the famous "Hockey Stick"....

You can find this Memorandum directly here:
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