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Poisoned horses drank too much fluoride.What's in yourWater?

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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
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Poisoned horses drank too much fluoride.What's in yourWater? PostMon Oct 25, 2010 9:56 pm  Reply with quote

Poisoned horses drank too much fluoride - what's in your water?

Raw untreated hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer mining industry is being added to 18 million more people's water in Southern California under the guise of public health. The waste is straight from the pollution scrubber systems of the phosphate mines and is highly contaminated with arsenic, lead and a potpourri of other heavy metals.

The National Academy of Sciences 2006 Review of Fluoride in Drinking Water unanimously determined that the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) was not protective. Dr. Kathleen Thiessen wrote the majority of the chapter on endocrine dysfunction and recently spoke before the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles. Dr. Thiessen traveled over 2500 miles to be allowed 5 minutes to address the results of three years work by the NRC's expert panel

Dr. David Kennedy, Fluoride Information Officer and Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and Jeff Green, National Director of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water also spoke during the public comment period as did many citizens who were incensed by the callous disregard the MET has displayed toward our health and safety. David Kennedy Powerpoint
The congressional investigation of 2000 revealed that there is no chronic toxicological data showing that consumption of hydrofluosilicic acid is safe. The arsenic levels measured in the waste are sufficiently high after dilution with 180,000 gallons of good water to cause one additional cancer of bladder or lung per 1500 to 2000 lifetime water users. Don't take our word for it. Review the actual documents at

Fluoride in Southern California Tap Water: News Release - Plan to Add Fluoride to Southern California Tap Water will put 64,000 Kids at Risk more...

This web site is here for two reasons. One is to warn parents that babies should not be given tap water in their formula. It will cause fluorosis.

The second reason is to find other honorable citizens who will pledge our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor as the founders of our country did over 200 years ago in order to save our nation from this terrible intrusion into our health by industry. How will you help?

Call 888-728-3833 and tell me how you can help.

There is now complete scientific agreement that, contrary to what we were told, swallowing fluoride does not play any significant role in reducing tooth decay.
Fluoride's only measurable effects on dental decay are from topical application, as in toothpaste which is readily available to all. But read the FDA warning on fluoridated toothpaste. The FDA has never approved any ingested fluoride for safety and effectiveness.

Ingested fluoride causes dental fluorosis: white opaque spots, brown stains, mottled and fracture prone enamel.

Exposure to fluoride at levels well below the concentrations in tap water cause thyroid and other endocrine impairment, and is not safe for infants, toddlers, and children under 6 to drink in uncontrolled amounts.

The test: Not one manufacturer of the fluoridation chemical used will state that their product is safe for ingestion or will reduce tooth decay. Require that your water provider deliver a statement direct from the manufacturer, not an endorsement.

U.S. EPA states they cannot produce one single chronic toxicological study on the actual chemical (hydrofluosilicic acid) used. Demand that your water supplier deliver a single toxicological study on the long-term effects of their exact substance, hydrofluosilicic acid, not a review. Demand that your water supplier deliver the proof, not the grandiose claims and old rhetoric.

Visit the web site to view the documents. Join us in stopping the insanity and help us save the children, or call 888-728-3833 and let us know how you are going to help.

cnbc host recommends statins be put in the water supply
Makers of Crestor now claim that people with normal cholesterol are also at risk for heart attack. Their study shows that if this group has a high level of hsCRP they lower their risk for heart attacks and arterial disease. This even though hsCRP indicates generalized inflammation not just arterial and heart. Of course they didn't address the negative side effects of lowering your cholesterol below normal levels. Dr. Nissan of the Cleveland Clinic admits they will now get to treat a lot more people (Oh boy!). One CNBC host asked no joke why statins are not put in the water supply. The response: That would be a Communist plot just like fluoride.
Tennessee news report about fight against fluoride
1945 human experiment predicts current fluoride ill effects

Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5390
NEW BOOK: THE CASE AGAINST FLUORIDE PostMon Oct 25, 2010 9:59 pm  Reply with quote  


Order Book from Amazon

A "painstakingly researched exposé of fluoridation's overall ineffectiveness and toxicity... It remains to be seen whether the public-health community will give this landmark work due credit or continue to rubber stamp an outdated policy that, like bloodletting and trepanation, properly belongs on the scrap heap of sham medical interventions."
- BOOKLIST (American Library Association)
Read More Reviews

Interview with Author:
Why Water Shouldn’t Be Fluoridated
Toronto Globe & Mail, October 18, 2010
Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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