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CANNIBUS CURES CANCER!?! PostTue Nov 02, 2010 10:14 am  Reply with quote


The Brotherhood of Light through Edna G. Frankel

Greetings, dearest ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We rejoin you once again as you zip along towards the most exciting future humanity has ever seen! The last few years of the Millennium Shift will go by in a fast blur of drama, noise and motion. Our best advice for you in this now moment of your reading this text is: Slow down! Take it easy. If we had a theme song, it would be the accapella song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” by ?

Our spiritual prescription for you is to listen to this song at least once a day, also to sing and dance to it! Go ahead, we dare you to be silly! If this proves difficult for you, ask any child to help out. (Chuckles, what a wonderful tradition to start in your home!) Getting lost in a moment of play can be a direct line to higher wisdom. Be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven! Your childish abandon can connect you directly to your right brain and there onto your aura, which is your energetic connection to your higher self and All the rest. Yes, go play, children, and discover your biggest strengths and talents along the way.

To begin, we would like to correct a modern myth that has begun to spread regarding the name “White Brotherhood”. This is, obviously, not the first time that this name has been diminished by people persecuting other people in the name of whatever bias they believe in. To us, it is quite funny to be accused of meddling in human drama, or otherwise participating in any physical subversions. We have been accused by unfounded rumor to be in league with the Illuminati, which is just a ruse to dim the Light around your beautiful planet. In so many ways you have been force-fed lies, at so many levels, that it would behoove you to wake up and see what is really happening! To help along your expansion of awareness, we offer you this quote:

“The conditioned mind reacts by saying, “I’m not going to look at this evidence, I will dismiss it because it is so different.” (This) conditioned mind is unbelievably imprisoned, while thinking it is free.” (Quote from “David Icke About the Serpent Race”, on

Please keep this quote in mind as you read this article, because all that you think you know about cannabis was a superb case of brainwashing an entire country into believing that cannabis is a bad drug that will lead your youth down the wrong path.

In this text we would like to focus on the emergence of growing acceptance for “medical marijuana”. Millions of dollars have been spent in America to defame and criminalize cannabis, more than has been spent on cancer research. For forty years, the US Government has been covering up the truth – cannabis has many, many PEMS healing benefits. And very few, if any, dangerous side-effects. For those who blindly believe everything they are told, cannabis became just another stick on the bonfire of their limited belief systems. We know that it is difficult to remain objective when your perspective is being twisted one way or the other by external forces. It becomes more difficult to remain objective when you don’t have enough information, or when you are being fed the wrong information.

When you sit down to assemble a puzzle without knowing what the final picture looks like, you cannot assess whether or not you have all the pieces, or all the right pieces. You have no idea what the outcome will be. In order to paint a complete picture of what your “current” reality really looks like, you need to know what questions to ask! In the Circle of Grace work, we provided a list of twelve questions to ask us in healing sessions, to facilitate our collaboration and speed up your journey towards healing and balancing yourselves along with the earth’s increasing energies. In the same way, we posed questions for our channel to research, to bring together the layers of your PEMS reality construct into a clear, cohesive picture. The first question is: What are the pros and cons of medical cannabis?

This subject has been in the news for several years, as federal enforcers battle state law enforcers in America. Ethical, moral, and legal rights issues are enflamed by this struggle over location, taxation, and other non-related political issues that completely rob people of the help they need – another way in which your personal rights are being taken away. In order to understand (or see) the bigger picture, one must step back and look at the history. We leave it up to your discerning minds to decide what rings true for you.

Before we begin, we would like to rectify a common misassumption: hemp and cannabis are cousins in the same plant species, but they are two different plants! They don’t even look alike. The hemp plant has a main stalk from which the leaves grow. Hemp does not produce cannabis buds, and research shows that hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. Still, hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties that should not be ignored. Cannabis that you know as marijuana contains anywhere from 6% to 25% THC. Cannabis grows branches from the main stalk, then leaves form on the branches, which become tipped with buds. Hemp, on the other hand, produces seed sacks filled with the most nutritious seeds on the planet! History will show you that all peoples once knew and used both of these plants for a variety of purposes. Currently, America is the only country in the world that bans the growing of both hemp and cannabis.

First, we would like to establish the parameters of our focus. We are not focusing on a narrow segment of the population that is caught up in addiction patterns – overuse and abuse are a separate issue. (Good news – chuckles – Lindsey Lohan is out of jail and in rehab!) When used in low doses, several times per day, people can get tremendous pain relief from cannabis for many different conditions. Why? Because Creation works thusly: For every illness on this Earth, there is an antidote growing somewhere. Better yet, cannabis is a “health tonic” that improves the function of all of your internal systems. And to make things easier, cannabis was designed to grow like a weed! (Oh, the joy of puns!)

Almost 3000 years ago, the Chinese were using cannabis as a tea to treat malaria, gout, rheumatism, and many other illnesses. The ancient Egyptians used cannabis for illness and stress. In India, cannabis was used for medical and emotional imbalances, and to ease the pain of childbirth. The ancient Greeks used cannabis as medication for people, horses and pets. The Native American Indians, the Hopi and Maya, almost all indigenous races used cannabis as a medicinal herb, and as a religious tool, as well. In Nature’s cornucopia of beneficial plants, cannabis has a long list of positive properties, and no known negative side effects.

By the 1800’s, cannabis was used as medicine around the world, ranking first in pain relief until the invention of aspirin. Cannabis was also used to treat migraines, depression, insomnia, nausea and muscle spasms. It was found to be a diuretic (balances water levels in the body), antiemetic (stops vomiting), antiepileptic (stops seizures), anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling), analgesic (reduces pain), and antipyretic (reduces fever). ( Medical Cannabis p.Cool

In the American colonies, hemp was the second-biggest crop after cotton. Clothing, rope, paper, fuel, oil and seed products, every part of the hemp plant was used. Yes, your American Constitution was written on hemp paper, which is much more durable than the wood pulp paper of today. Hemp grows much more quickly than trees, and could save much deforestation of your planet. Best yet, hemp products are biodegradable, unlike the plastics of today. So, what happened in history to make these two most beneficial plants illegal in the US?

You know the old story of the Illuminati who, for hundreds and hundreds of years have been secretly running your world. They decide what will or will not happen, from wars to politics, economics, biochemical control, i.e. all the events of your outer world. That is a good frame for your puzzle, dear ones. In the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, the USA banned cannabis and hemp, making them illegal to grow. Why? Well, the Rothschilds had millions of dollars invested in timbered acreage, and hemp threatened their profits. That is why, until today, you still build houses with wood. Big Pharma had a lot to lose, which is why today you are told to take synthetic pills instead of natural alternatives. Big Oil, too, had its gripes, because hemp oil competed with so many oil products. Hemp oil can be directly poured into diesel engines! Another example – petroleum jelly and all of its variations (like Vaseline and A & D cream) are petroleum-based products – wouldn’t you rather be putting a plant-based cream on your child’s sensitive skin? Even the plastics industries might have gone in a different direction, for plastics made from hemp would have been biodegradable. Instead, you have billions and billions of plastic bottles clogging up your landfills. Those bottles will surely outlive you and your children! Are you starting to see the bigger picture, dear ones?

In the early 1970’s, cannabis was discovered to lower intra-ocular pressure, and became a treatment for glaucoma. Though it was still illegal, the government asked the NIH (National Institute of Health) to oversee a research study whose aim was to find out how harmful cannabis was to the human immune system. The Medical College of Virginia study found no damage, at any level, to the cancer-riddled mice being used as test subjects. Instead, they found that “THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in the mice: lung cancer, breast cancer and virus-induced leukemia.” They estimated that the THC prolonged the mices’ lifespan by 36% beyond that of the control group. (Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in 1974, by Raymond Cushing)

Then-president Gerald Ford stopped public research on cannabis, and ordered the DEA to confiscate all materials from the Virginia study and any other independent studies across the country. Meanwhile, the “War on Drugs” had a new/old poster child, marijuana, starring in updated versions of “Reefer Madness”. To date, the US govt. has spent millions more on spreading fictitious lies about cannabis than they have spent on cancer research. What does that tell you? They don’t want to cure cancer, it’s too profitable. The cures offered by your current medical practices are poison, as you already know. It’s ironic that doctors are now offering cannabis to cancer patients to mitigate the bad effects of chemotherapy and radiation. This quote sums it up best:

“Millions of people have died horrible deaths. In many cases, families exhausted their savings on dangerous, toxic and expensive drugs. Now we are just beginning to realize that, while marijuana never killed anyone, marijuana prohibition has killed millions.” (from www.

No deaths have ever been reported from ingesting cannabis. No lung cancer or “brown lung syndrome” have been found in people who smoke just cannabis. A Gateway drug? That’s only if you are pre-wired for addiction lessons. If you are, anything will open that door, whether it’s nicotine (a much worse addiction, but legal) or alcohol (long list of harmful side-effects, but also legal). Most heavy drug users will tell you that they keep cannabis around in case whatever else they’re doing turns bad. Why? Cannabis makes you feel better!

So, back to the history. The DEA shut down the 1974 Virginia study, and disallowed any future public research. Why? Let’s follow the money…..

“In 1976, then-President Ford put an end to all public cannabis research and gave exclusive research rights to pharmaceutical companies, whose task it became to develop synthetic forms of THC that would deliver all the medical benefits without the “high”. (A quote from “Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in 1974” (by Raymond Cushing, Alternet)

In February 2000, Madrid, Spain, Dr. Manuel Guzman and his researchers found that THC (tetrahydracannabinol) given to tumor-bearing rats caused the cancers to shrink. The THC also cut off the tumors’ blood supply, further reducing the cancers. As a second control group, healthy rats were administered high doses of THC for a week. A subsequent search for biochemical or neurological damage showed none at all! Apart from one brief UPI article that came and went on February 29, 2000, this monumental news was banned in America. To this day, your media is not allowed to touch the subject. editor Richard Cowan made the following statement:

“…there really is massive proof ( that the suppression of medical cannabis represents the greatest failure of the institutions of a free society, medicine, journalism, science, and our fundamental values.”

The US Government hid the news that cannabis was beneficial to health, instead waging a “war on drugs” that has lasted forty years. Worse yet, they lumped hemp in with cannabis, denying you another one of the richest resources known to man. To end the scientific portion of this article, we offer you just a headline from this morning’s daily news:

“Cancer’s Massive Economic Burden Reaches Nearly 3 Trillion Dollars a Year Globally”. (

It’s so sad for us to watch all the needless suffering people are subjected to by their greedy governments. Please remember that it’s just more darkness coming into the light. The next few years will intensify this process, so have patience with yourself and those around you. Now, we hope to lighten your burdens a bit and enlighten your perspective on the energetic effects of cannabis, which you may find surprising.

Do you remember the first Kirlian photographs of the human brain? Kirlian photography was the first method of photographing the human aura, showing the brilliant colors of the human energetic body. But seeing the colors, and knowing what they mean, are two different things. One set of pictures showed a normal brain, with a myriad of blues, greens, and yellow swirls, next to a photo of a brain affected by cannabis. That one showed the right and left sides of the brain both lit up in bright red. Of course, through the distorted perspective imposed by the US government, this picture was interpreted to mean that when you got high on cannabis, “energy leakage” occurred in the brain, which made people tired, lowered their IQ, and made them lazy and useless.

Please keep in mind that we are not focusing on recreational use of cannabis, which is what is described above. In truth, that (second) photo can be described in another way:

Cannabis expands your consciousness from purely left brain to both left and right brain. In prior text we explained that your left brain connects you to your physical body, while your right brain connects you to your aura. Up until now, most people live and function through their left brain, while their right-brain connection stays dormant to their conscious mind. Cannabis activates both sides of your brain, balancing and integrating your total being. This is how you will function after the shift! Cannabis reconnects you with your aura, makes things slow down, brings in creativity and imagination you had recessed away and forgotten how to access. Cannabis relaxes your muscles, allowing your meridians to release internal pressure and flush out pain. Yes, it is an energetic tonic as well as a physical one!

We have explained in prior Circle of Grace text that the energetic part of your nervous system, the meridians, are woven into and expand outward from your physical core. When your muscular system is tense (check in with your jaw to see if you are clenching your teeth!), your tense muscles squeeze the meridians embedded in your flesh and prevents your body from naturally flushing out pressure when you sleep. That cleansing nocturnal cycle is the Circle of Grace!

Simply put, when you fall asleep and your jaw sags open, your body flushes recently-accumulated pressure in your nervous system to release and exit, down your limbs and out your hands and feet. Bless the drool on your pillow – you are far luckier than those who unconsciously clench their teeth at night. Your system will push out pressure in slow, systematic waves in tandem with your breathing. Meanwhile, your energetic chakra system is absorbing new, clean energy down into the crown chakra, and into all chakras that are functioning normally in their closed, clockwise spin.

Do you understand now why we counsel you to slow down, take it easy, and rest when you feel the need? This text was channeled in August, 2010, a mere two and a half years before 12-21-12. The speeding up of time, and the resulting global chaos, is becoming obvious to all. In the Circle of Grace material, our goal was to teach you how your energetic layers (emotional, mental and spiritual) are related to your physical core. We showed you how to clear and balance all of your PEMS layers, how to clear blockages, and how to tap into your body’s natural cleansing system to activate it whenever you feel the need.

Your medical sciences would greatly benefit from studying how the body naturally rebalances itself. By working with the body’s natural systems, your treatments and cures would greatly increase in strength, and greatly reduce complications. Why hasn’t this happened yet? Because there is a strong negative bias in Western cultures surrounding natural and holistic processes. Let’s lump in there the words alternative, energetic, New Age and Eastern practices, too. All of your Western news media is biased towards ridiculing anything besides the standard, medically-accepted practices of the day. That, dear ones, is the prison of the conditioned mind.

Please understand that we are not condoning the regular use of cannabis by healthy people. As an occasional stress-reducer, cannabis is the least harmful of your choices. For those of you faced with medical decisions, please consult your doctor, do not throw out your medications just yet! All the sciences are undergoing major changes, as you get closer to the nonphysical realms. Soon, dear ones, we will meet again and honor your achievements through the greatest Shift of the Ages humanity has ever seen.

– We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.

Copyright 2010 by Edna G. Frankel
Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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