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FULFORD: Letter to Mr. Peter Taubel Concerning Haiti

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FULFORD: Letter to Mr. Peter Taubel Concerning Haiti PostSat Jan 15, 2011 2:55 am  Reply with quote  

BENJAMIN FULFORD: Letter to Mr. Peter Taubel Concerning Haiti

Dear Mr. Traubel,

Thank you for having the courage to write to me. My understanding is that Haiti was targeted by a non-HAARP type of earthquake weapon to justify a military invasion disguised as a humanitarian mission. The Bush Nazi gangsters have been using the tragedy in Haiti to ask for donations from around the world. They then steal all the money donated by the people's of the world which is why Haiti is still suffering. They also wanted to steal a device located in the Haitian central bank because they wanted to try to break into the codes for the new financial system.

Our group is encouraging nations and individuals around the world not to buy US government bonds because the money is all being spent on a giant killing machine. We expect soon the US will be forced to stop all their endless wars. When that happens huge amounts of money will be made available to help all the poor and suffering people in places like Haiti. Good luck in your efforts. They cannot kill us all, because we are very many and they are very few.


Attention to: Benjamin Fulford Tokyo, Japan

From: Peter Taubel,

Samana, R.D.

Issue 1: First anniversary of the Port au Prince mass murder earthquake!!!

Issue 2: The Situation of Haiti and the Dominican Republic!!!

Issue 3: The Caribbean Sea in general!!!

Dear Mister Fulford, hi Ben,

Like we have both the same interests in the realization of a sane humanity and the global brotherhood, so I please you to give priority to the help for the population of Haiti as soon as any budget and logistics permit. After this January 12th 2010 mass murder earthquake these poor people live under unsupportable conditions and it is surprising, they are not suffering from more epidemics. The Island Hispaniola is preconditioned for a local and continental war based and fueled by the unrest of the population of Haiti to ignite it, living abandoned from the world’s interest and help on propose and the rich reserves of patrol, gold, uranium etc. in the region. The efforts of the Dominican Government can’t compense all the urgent needs of Haiti. The benevolent attitude of ower President is well confirmed, but he is not any magic either. The geostratetic position of Hispaniola is evident! The Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller assault team, called US Army, is already present with almost 20.000 men and women to realize their project called:


This title leaves all kinds of interpretations open, we can smell the sh.. already, right?!

They are working on the framework of the strategic infrastructure for a major assault.

Jan. 13, 2011

The open letter from Martin Mc Pherson, Director of Organisaciones Internationales, Programmas de Leyes Internationales y Organisationes, directed to all members of the Dominican Congress, date 6. June 2003, Index: AMR 27/003/2003 with the petition to do not sign the “American Servicemembers Protection Act”, an illegal juristic instrument to permit genocide and crimes against humanity and war crimes of all kinds, talks for itself.

This A.S.P.A. is nonsense and without any value because it conflicts with the good habits, but its creation already tells us about the intentions of it’s creators, or I’m wrong? Please let your Pentagon connections know that the people of Haiti are well aware of HAARP, the whitehats should pray for their troops stationed in Haiti when passion is gone forever. Ben, you surely understand why we should act today and reinstall peace for this people! A what ever move has also to make sure that there will not be any side effect like Katyn / Smolensk on any side of the border on this island. We are well orientated that the political class is kidnapped in her situation and under permanent threat from the people you are writing about weekly. They might be innocent like the Polish Government was at the day 10th of April 2010 or just being ignoring this reality by the missing information not supplied to them. Any further human disaster has to be prevented! I forwarded your weekly publications to one of the local secret services and provoked a major investigation on my person and contacts; your writings are a major threat but seemed to have been misunderstood by these investigators at first hand. I expect to be brought or called in to the Capital these days to explain my overview over your writings or be flagged as a terrorist what I am not at all. I understand this is in your and yours W. D. S. connection’s interest, the world’s interest. Meanwhile all mass-media focuses on the Korean conflict, the Caribbean Sea is going to be prepared to be a major war-zone in the future; we have to be aware of this situation. The population here is innocent to this view into the future. I will appreciate to be contacted by you or a person of your choice and confidence as soon as convenient so we can start humanitarian help for real and prevent an other disaster on this island or even entire region, which is for seen to be an other unlawful war-scenery followed up by a never-ending military occupation with all of it’s atrocities like in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan or even my own country Germany. I agree to get fully involved into these nonviolent but peaceful activities. These American soldiers are victims for me like the nations they occupy; they are just cannon food in those dirty “war-games” all times instrumented by the same satanic cabal of bankers and their puppets, orchestrating wars under faked evidences and false arguments only for their own financial benefit and to reinforce their influence on a so called political condition. I am comfortable with the risks I take by writing you this letter. Over here it is easy to get killed, people say. More than 17 intentions didn’t resolve my death yet. So please do me the favor to publish this communication, with your additional comments, if you agree to do so. We need peace! We have to stop the slaughter and suffering, the mass murdering on this world, the willingly killing of civilians and children in the order of coward Satanists, afraid of pain and suffering by themselves.

With my best regards,

Peter Traubel, R.D.

P.S. I will forward this email to Jane B. in Vienna to be published in her blog if she

wants to do so. Thanks to her for the efforts in 2009/2010 against the faked

pandemic, She is like you wrote her in an email she forwarded to me a “real hero”!

We should meet one day and brainstorm over different issues of your choices.


The following should not be published!!!

P.S.S. Tanja Graeff, the kidnapped young Lady from Trier, Germany, hopefully will be

rescued within these days, thanks also to both of you, Ben and Jane. The

cooperation with the investigators of Germany is an excellent experience for me.

We created a digital workshop using the internet on real time 24/7, incredible

effective, never contaminating anybody the investigation of each other.
Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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