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Obama Failure and Socialism|Kenyan Says BHOsamma Is A Kenyan

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Obama Failure and Socialism|Kenyan Says BHOsamma Is A Kenyan PostTue Jan 18, 2011 4:57 am  Reply with quote  

Obama Failure and Socialism | Kenyan Says BHOsamma Is A Kenyan

For whatever it is worth... So far, his new Supreme Court Justice managed to squash every case brought against him regarding his legal status to be president. She got the job as payment for stopping all court cases against him... Her name is on all the court papers as defending Obama in these case, as a result of her previous job...the last line says it all!

Here it is, folks! The document we have been waiting for! Now if only SOMEONE in Congress or the Supreme Court will act on this! Spread this around...if these documents are as authentic as they certainly seem to be, Obama is NOT qualified to be our President and he sits in the White House illegally!

This is what Obama has spent almost $2M (so far) to hide...
Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.

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PostTue Jan 18, 2011 5:37 pm  Reply with quote
Paradigms of Vigilance.
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