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Weather Modification, ice Caps, Oil, And Local Antennae Tech

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Weather Modification, ice Caps, Oil, And Local Antennae Tech PostFri Jan 31, 2003 10:50 pm  Reply with quote  

a lot of the people talking about chemtrails say it is to combat the russians attempts to manipulate our weather with quantum science since the 70's, but I know for a fact that haarp has been used here to create drought and /or flood conditions

......the russians are squawking about haarp and geophysical weapons being used, if they were using this technology that haarp is supposed to combat, what gives?

.....also, the newsletter was great as usual, but a lot of the info concerning bush these days is definitely trying to paint him out of the corner his family painted themselves into, and definitely downplaying a lot of the covert stuff that they, and only they, are privy to, and which their media has labeled "Conspiracy Theory". Those people do NOTHING good, and only self serving agendas are financed. The smoke created by things like, and the state of the union address is just that---smoke

what ever happened to the snipers anyway? once info about project northwoods broke, or RE-broke, on the internet news, that sniper thing got shut right down, dinnit?


Of great importance!! Local HAARP array---ionospheric heaters!!!! they are EVERYWHERE JUST LOOK AROUND

in tampa there are gigantic antennae every other block or so in some places....mnore than enough to act in concert and close together too...

my brother helped install some of the earlier types and said many govt vehicles arrived at night and worked after the regular crews went home

the greatest problem with weather mod is this: they want to melt the ice caps to get at the oil and other natural resources....NOW--imbalance at the poles, due to precessional wobble, has caused crustal displacement many times in the geological history of the earth (Usually as a result of impact events) so I am thinking we can expect greater frequency of earthquakes and cataclysm along those lines any day now!!!!!

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