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Joined: 07 May 2004
Posts: 44
Location: Yakima, WA, USA
A NOTE TO MORGELLONS SUFFERERS...IN DEFENSE OF JEFF RENSE PostTue Feb 21, 2012 4:00 pm  Reply with quote  

By now I am sure that most of us are aware of the latest series of personal attacks being made against Jeff Rense by a certain disgruntled Internet writer and blogger. These attacks are without intellectual merit and are ad-homenem and despicable.

Morgellons sufferers all owe a debt of gratitude to and Mr. Rense for the outstanding work he has done over the years to defend and further the cause of Morgellons.

With out the exposure that Jeff has given the Morgellons issue we would all be much worse off.

I have known Jeff Rense on a first name basis for more than 6 years. During that period of time I have come to know him as a sincere and honest man. I am proud to call him my friend. I will not hesitate to be his friend or to defend him publicly in the face of unfair and unscrupulous attacks. That is what "friends" do.
I have had the opportunity to visit Jeff at his modest home in the Pacific Northwest. I can assure the reader that everything Jeff owns or has built on his delightful property has come into existence as the result of long hours of hard work.
But more importantly.... Over the years, Jeff Rense has been willing to step into the Internet breach for a long list of underdog and high risk causes. In so doing he has often put his personal reputation as well as his life's work at risk. Nonetheless he has done so willingly and without question. Jeff Rense has high standards, a good heart, and an unerring sense of what is right and what is wrong.
As they say here in Mexico...Jeff Rense is made of "Buena Madera"!
There is no question in my mind that the Internet community is a better place for having Jeff Rense and on the battlements patrolling the front lines of the struggle we wage together for truth and justice.
It is difficult to conceive just exactly where in the darkness the counter-community would be currently wandering were it not for the light-of-day that Jeff's work and have cast over our collective paths.
Few of us would disagree that it remains quite possible that even darker days loom ahead. Jeff and others like him who have chosen to take a high profile public stand are risking it all in the face of a ferocious foe. Jeff Rense deserves the support and the approbation of the entire Internet community.
As for Henry Makow....Perhaps he needs to review the definition of "Scruples"...I find it ironic that he invented a game and then chose to name it as such.
-Cliff Mickelson
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