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Concentration Camps in Amerika?

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Joined: 03 Apr 2001
Posts: 131
Location: Marysville,WA USA
PostMon May 21, 2001 4:30 pm  Reply with quote  

Hey CQ.. Would that be Men In Black? Still trying to get use to the short words here.LOL.Anyway, I have to wonder where they were heading? Huh, I will probably ponder this one for a while. Thanks for the link also. I will add that one to my list to read.
God Bless,
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Joined: 27 Oct 2000
Posts: 1113
Location: Level 64
PostTue May 22, 2001 2:30 am  Reply with quote  

I think that The Military Lies is referring to the forum that cydoniaquest posted called "Black Helicopters Anyone?" in the main Chemtrail area. This seemed to be an attempt by cydoniaquest to discredit and ridicule, or 'screen' out anyone who says they've had a direct experience with 'black helicopters'. I posted the following message there with a liink to Operation Garden Plot, (and it happened in many cities, not just a couple... including Houston. But it was done in poor areas, like Houston's 5th Ward> Maybe these areas were chosen because people have no economic power to protest, no access to lawyers, and may have been an attempt to terrify those populations? Maybe dress rehearsal for actual Martial Law scenarios in the future.

Operation Garden Plot

"It was during the Reagan years that many of the domestic military and intelligence programs were instituted. Operation Garden Plot is the code name for the use of coordinated military action in law enforcement at any time during a civil disturbance within the fifty states, District of Columbia, and possessions and territories The operation of the FBI's COINTELPRO Domestic Counter Intelligence Program, FEMA Federal Emergence Management Agency, and JTTF Joint Terror Task Force, all give the government the authority to step in and immediately crush any civil disturbance or turmoil which might occur. Civil disturbances are defined as riots, acts of violence, insurrection, unlawful obstruction or assemblage, or other disorders prejudicial to public law and order.

Urban Warfare Training has been conducted in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, Charlotte, and may be coming to a city near you. These exercises may be calculated to condition the American people to the sights and sounds of warfare in their neighborhoods. About ten mock invasions of major U.S. cities occur each year. The Charlotte Observer reports on one such invasion in March of this year, "Without warning, helicopters swooped over Third Ward, scaring residents with sounds of simulated bombs and gunfire as commandos stormed a vacant warehouse. They used training ammunition designed to look and sound like the real thing, with flash-bangs and people jumping out of helicopters. About 100 Army special operations troops descended on uptown for a secret drill. 12 helicopters, including special Black Hawks, swooped in. Charlotte residents, rattled by hovering choppers and noises that sounded like explosions, flooded police and city offices with complaints."

"The world is witnessing, on a massive global scale, the lethal conditioning of humanity. Whole populations can so easily become desensitized to the significance of the most earth-shaking events happening around them. As exemplified in the degradation of the moral and ethical character of our military, what seems reprehensible and abhorrent at the outset, slowly becomes reasonable and justified after a period of conditioning."

If cydoniaquest is really open to discussion of topics about Operation Garden Plot and brain implants, that's fine. I just question his efforts to post links and begin new forums of topics that have already been started? We may actually agree on the U.N., but not necessarily the reasons behind military operations being staged (Garden Plot), and carried out (Waco, L.A., OK City?).

[Edited 3 times, lastly by defender on 05-21-2001]
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Joined: 12 Aug 2000
Posts: 797
Location: nowhere
PostTue May 22, 2001 3:57 am  Reply with quote  

This seemed to be an attempt by cydoniaquest to discredit and ridicule, or 'screen' out anyone who says they've had a direct experience with 'black helicopters'.

Actually, your premise that it was an attempt to discredit might be valid....if were not the truth!!!!!!!!

I actually saw a black helicopter fly over me just as I reported it...did you ever think of that!!!!!
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Joined: 27 Oct 2000
Posts: 1113
Location: Level 64
PostTue May 22, 2001 2:46 pm  Reply with quote  

..."Hope one of these baybees didn't scoop up MR Sux now!
If you see the inside of one, can you give us all a good description Delphi and RTW?"...

It was obvious to those of us familiar with cydoniaquests tactics that he was attempting to ridicule members who reported incidents with black helicopters. Similar to his attempts to ridicule members like Delphi and others in regards to electronic implants or anything or anyone else he's tried to discredit. I'm just reporting to new members what most of us already know.

As I said in that forum, I haven't had the experience of personal harassment by any helicopters. I've seen Apache gunship choppers over Lake Conroe, like I've seen other military choppers in other parts of the country, but they appeared to just be in transit, nothing like the Urban Warfare/Gardenplot operations carried out in American cities. I heard about the one in Houston through a local news channel on the day it happened at about 6:00am, either shortly before or during the time that the actual operations was taking place over the poverty-stricken and drug-infested 5th ward.

Individual incidents where people are being harrassed by choppers for some other reason should be taken seriously. I have no reason to doubt that it has happened to some people in light of all the other things going on in America these days.

[Edited 2 times, lastly by defender on 05-22-2001]
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Joined: 12 Aug 2000
Posts: 797
Location: nowhere
PostTue May 22, 2001 4:18 pm  Reply with quote  

Delphi made the ridiculous implication that Nsa may have been abducted during his absense. This was a response in context. You misinterpret everything you read Defender. You chose the wrong handle......because most of the time you are on the offensive.
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