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Tourists flee Bali after bombings

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Joined: 25 May 2002
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Location: Hayward Ca.U.S.A.
Tourists flee Bali after bombings PostMon Oct 14, 2002 8:58 pm  Reply with quote Tourists flee Bali after bombings
Monday, October 14, 2002 Posted: 2:35 PM EDT

KUTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Crowds of tourists and embassy workers are anxiously boarding planes from the Indonesian island of Bali following weekend bombings that killed more than 180 people.

Most of those killed by two explosions in the nightclub district of Bali's Kuta Beach on Saturday were young tourists from Australia.

Citizens from at least 12 other countries – including Bali, the UK, France, Germany Sweden and the U.S. -- are also among the dead.

Investigators suspect that Islamic extremists linked to Jemaah Islamiah -- a radical Islamic group with ties to al Qaeda -- might be behind the attacks. The group has denied involvement.

According to witnesses, an explosion occurred at one nightclub. As people streamed out, another, larger blast tore through the Sari Club, which caters mainly to international visitors and was jam packed with hundreds of revelers. (Gallery: After the nightmare)

More than 200 people were missing following the blasts. At least another 300 people were injured. (Survivors recall horror)

Officials at the Sanglah General Hospital in Bali reduced their estimated death toll from 187 to 181 Monday, saying an accurate count was difficult because of charred remains. Only about 40 bodies have been positively identified.

U.S. President George W. Bush said: "I think we have to assume it is al Qaeda, but we are beginning to hear reports that are more definitive than that. But I wait for our own analysis... Clearly, it was a deliberate attack on citizens who love freedom, citizens from countries who embrace freedom."

After a day of security meetings, Indonesian chief security minister Lt. Gen. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said his country also had information about possible terrorist plots against vital oil and gas installations in the country.

He told CNN that security had been stepped up at the oil and gas facilities, Western embassies in Jakarta and other possible targets.

The United States has issued updated travel warnings and Britain has also urged its citizens to leave the country.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said 30 Britons may have been killed in the attacks.

"We have yet again evidence of the appalling depths to which these extremists will sink," Blair told reporters outside 10 Downing Street. (Full story)

Debe Campbell, from the Bali Tourism Authority, told CNN that eight Indonesians had been killed.

The U.S. State Department ordered all non-essential U.S. employees and their families to leave Indonesia, and urged other Americans to do the same due to "increased security concerns."

A wounded American woman said officials at the hospital where she was being treated told her at least three Americans had been identified among the dead.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asian markets tumbled and concerns grew that the tourism industry -- which had been on the rebound since the September 11 attacks on the U.S. -- would once again take a severe hit.

"We are sure al Qaeda is here. The Bali bomb blasts are related to al Qaeda, with the cooperation of local terrorists," the Indonesian defense minister told CNN Monday.

Jemaah Islamiah is blamed for the September 23 grenade explosion near a U.S. Embassy warehouse in Jakarta as well as several other bombing attacks in Southeast Asia.

However, Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Baasyir, accused by Washington of being the spiritual leader of JI, denied any involvement in the Bali explosions. He blamed "foreign parties," including the United States. (Full story)

Relief teams combed debris looking for bodies and the missing. The blasts leveled an entire block. Authorities told CNN they believe explosives were packed inside a jeep-like vehicle parked outside the Sari nightclub.

U.S. FBI agents and Australians are aiding Indonesians in their investigation.

Women light candles in memory of friends killed in the blasts

In an address to Parliament Monday, Australian Prime Minister John Howard said 14 Australians were confirmed dead, 113 hospitalized and another 220 unaccounted for.

More than 130 of the most seriously injured were flown to Royal Darwin Hospital by the Australian air force. One victim died en route.

Howard called the bombings a "barbaric mass murder."

"In many ways... the word terrorism is too antiseptic an expression to describe what happened," he said, pledging that Australia would continue to support the international war on terrorism, led by the United States.

"I wouldn't be claiming that it was an attack specifically targeting at Australians. I would say though that there is a pattern of anti-Western behavior in so many of the terrorist attacks that have occurred."

It was the seventh major bombing in the region in the last three weeks, and occurred on a two-year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 sailors and wounded 39 others in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen.

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostMon Oct 14, 2002 9:40 pm  Reply with quote thinks that there is something funny about the past 2 weeks....."terrorists" all attcking at the same different places. Hmmmmmm,.. Yes, very interesting. I wonder where THEY (whoever THEY are) will strike next.
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Joined: 25 Jul 2000
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Location: Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
PostTue Oct 15, 2002 2:05 am  Reply with quote  

they are called terrorist "cells" mech,and they are everywhere and networking should expand your reading to more than anti-war propaganda...

btw heard that "dogs" have been outlawed by clerics in some muslim country...and if you have one you will be fined...

man's best friend...against muslim law...

what a wonderful religion...

here's something from the now "fat" binladen :

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostTue Oct 15, 2002 1:00 pm  Reply with quote  

See below...

(Accidental repost)

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostTue Oct 15, 2002 1:03 pm  Reply with quote  

Ohhhhhhhh!!!! So I take it YOU were in Bali at the time of the "bombing" so you are 100% sure who did it. Wow! You should congratulate yourself. By the way, since when was it wrong to be against war?

No seeker, you can believe what media and government tell you all way the up untill your last days.I also find it highly suspicious that we have a "terrorist" here in the United States randomly killing people and still not getting caught, very suspicious. All while this is going on. I tend to know better most of the time that what they tell me just may not be the truth.

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Mech on 10-15-2002]
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Joined: 25 May 2002
Posts: 959
Location: Hayward Ca.U.S.A.
PostTue Oct 15, 2002 6:01 pm  Reply with quote  

US Intelligence - Bali
Attack 'Sophisticated'
By Tabassum Zakaria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The bombings of a popular nightclub strip in the Indonesian resort island of Bali were conducted by a "sophisticated" terrorist group because of the large amount of high explosives used and the coordination of the attacks, a U.S. intelligence official said on Monday.

That is why U.S. intelligence agencies believe the Saturday night bombings of an area frequented by foreign tourists was probably the work of a group linked to al Qaeda which would have the capability of striking that type of blow. More than 180 people were killed in the attacks.

"We haven't come to any final conclusions, but it's clearly the work of a sophisticated terrorist organization of which there are only a few, there are some in that region that are associated with al Qaeda like JI (Jemaah Islamiah)," a U.S. intelligence official told Reuters.

"There were near simultaneous explosions designed to inflict the greatest amount of casualties on innocent people," the official said.

Al Qaeda has been blamed for coordinated attacks against Western targets such as the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, and the Sept. 11, 2001, suicide attacks that used four hijacked planes as weapons.

The network has also been linked to the USS Cole bombing in 2000 when a small boat carrying explosives blew up alongside the U.S. destroyer off Yemen, gouging a huge hole in its side.

U.S. intelligence agencies are also analyzing whether the Bali bombings were linked in some way to recent shooting deaths of U.S. Marines in Kuwait and an explosion at a French tanker off the coast of Yemen.

The speculation was that they could all be the work of independent terror cells responding to a call by al Qaeda leaders for increased action, officials said.

Qatar's al Jazeera television has recently broadcast audiotapes of Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri, as well as a statement the station said was faxed that carried bin Laden's signature. The messages called on Muslims to conduct war against the United States and Israel.

U.S. intelligence officials said the authenticity of the latest reported bin Laden statement had not been determined. U.S. intelligence agencies had earlier determined the audiotapes were probably genuine. The one by Zawahri was made in recent months, but the time frame for the one made by bin Laden could not be determined, they said.

The al Qaeda messages broadcast on Jazeera, along with other electronic communications picked up by U.S. intelligence agencies, have shown the type of increased "chatter" among terrorist suspects that have preceded past attacks, said Sen. Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican.

"Most of the time there have been terrorist attacks immediately after a lot of signal traffic," Shelby, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said.

That happened before the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, the USS Cole attack and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, he said.

"These are not isolated incidents," Shelby said of the recent attacks in Bali, Kuwait and Yemen. "They are measured, they are planned, they are part of the terrorist attacks, and there will be more," he told Reuters.

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Joined: 25 Apr 2001
Posts: 663
Location: Nashville TN
PostTue Oct 15, 2002 6:25 pm  Reply with quote  

C4 came from US?

Police investigating the deadly bombing of a nightclub in the Indonesian island of Bali in which nearly 200 people died have found traces of plastic explosive at the site of the attack.
The discovery of the explosives suggests a sophisticated bombing operation.

Unconfirmed reports from the French news agency AFP say that the head of Indonesian intelligence, Hendropriyono, has disclosed that the explosive was a type known as C4, manufactured mainly in the United States.

US warns pror to attack:

Kuomintang legislative leader Lee Chuan-chiao (ÀîÈ«½Ì) pointed out that the incident had exposed the DPP government's poor crisis management skills, particularly in view of the Executive Yuan's claim that it had, last Friday, obtained intelligence on a possible terrorist attack in a southeast Asian Muslim country.

According to Lee, the worst part is that the government did not issue a warning because the United States government asked it not to disclose the information.

Getting intnl support for our never ending war?

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Joined: 25 Jul 2000
Posts: 3403
Location: Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
PostWed Oct 16, 2002 7:40 am  Reply with quote  

Ohhhhhhhh!!!! So I take it YOU were in Bali at the time of the "bombing" so you are 100% sure who did it.

mech, I rode a tank held a general's rank, with the blitzkrieg raids, and the bodies stank...pleased to meet you...hope you guessed my name...and what's troubling you is the nature of my game...

actually mech, I know how to tell the difference between false media and real reporting...and acquired gift...let's say...

no matter how you and other sixties wannabees wish to paint the war against is a just war...fought in the name of good...if you are not muslim, you are a infandel...the quran specifically states "kill the infadel"....wake up boy...

good is all that matters...

use the force mech...

as far as catching the sniper these things take time...I feel he will attempt to strike twice more and be caught or terminated...end of this or begining next week...before halloween definately...

a hopeful guess

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostWed Oct 16, 2002 2:03 pm  Reply with quote  

You have bought into the Bush propaganda, lock, stock and barrel 100%. only SEEK(er) to minimize and demonize all those who don't fit into your conservtive set of values. So what you just said was that you believe what the media and the Bush administration are telling you to be the truth.

I thought so.
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Joined: 25 Apr 2001
Posts: 224
Location: Menlo Park, Ca, USA
PostWed Oct 16, 2002 3:08 pm  Reply with quote  

Copyright © 2002 The International Herald Tribune |

Man confesses to making bomb that destroyed club
Ellen Nakashima and Alan Sipress The Washington Post
Wednesday, October 16, 2002

KUTA, Indonesia A former member of the Indonesian Air Force has confessed to investigators that he assembled the bomb that destroyed the heart of Bali's nightclub district Saturday, killing at least 181 people, an Indonesian security official said Tuesday.

The suspect, who is being held by Indonesian authorities, told investigators that he regretted the massive loss of life, but he has not disclosed who ordered him to make the bomb, according to the security official. The official said the suspect had learned to make explosives while serving in the air force, which later dismissed him for misconduct.

Indonesian investigators at the scene have recovered traces of C-4 plastic explosives, the national police chief, Da'i Bachtiar, said Tuesday. The police said the material was similar to explosives used in August 2000 to bomb the Jakarta residence of the Philippine ambassador to Indonesia, an attack that Philippine intelligence officials have blamed on a radical Islamic network known as Jemaah Islamiyah. That group, which Western and regional intelligence officials say is headed by a radical Indonesian cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir, is active in several Southeast Asian countries.

The police chief also said that investigators were "intensively" interrogating two other men in connection with the bombing in Kuta. Police officials said the two included a guard who witnessed the attack and a man related to the owner of an identification card recovered at the scene. The two men are among about 50 people whom the police say they have questioned.

The Indonesian security source said his government learned a week before the bombing that Muslim extremists were planning to carry out an attack. Security was heightened at 60 locations around the country but not in Bali, because the authorities did not suspect that militants would strike this resort island, the senior official said. Separately, a senior police official said that 5,400 officers were engaged in a massive operation on Bali to determine who was responsible for worst terrorist attack in the history of Indonesia.

Indonesian officials said the authorities also had broadened their investigation and were following leads in East Java, South Sulawesi and Lombok.

In Manado, in northern Sulawesi, dthe police were questioning two suspects, local residents, in connection with the bombing there Saturday of the Philippine consular office. No one was hurt in that attack. The police said they were not sure if that incident was connected to the Bali bombing.

Agents from the FBI and Australian federal police, as well as Japanese forensic specialists, are in Bali participating in the investigation.

Copyright © 2002 The International Herald Tribune

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostMon Oct 21, 2002 2:33 am  Reply with quote  

I am still convinced much like Sept 11th the events tht occurred recently in Bali were not an Al Qaida attack. decide for yourself....

----------"At 11.05 p.m. local time on Saturday night, a giant blast scattered pieces of the Sari Nightclub right across Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Though two other synchronized blasts shook the American Consulate and a Philippines travel agency office at exactly the same time, there were no injuries or deaths at these other locations, both of which served as mere “flash cards” to reinforce the unexpected presence of “Al Qaeda” in this beautiful tourist paradise.
Al who? So far as I am aware, the Muslim world does not yet have access to a sophisticated “Special Atomic Demolition Munitions [SADM]”, one of which certainly went critical in a sewer more than four feet below the road bed outside the Sari club. Within five microseconds of detonation the awesome million-foot-per-second shock wave hurled two tons of road bed and sand particles upwards and outward in a deadly fan, cutting tourists to bloody ribbons and hurling body parts for several blocks. The body count is currently 187, with more than 300 injured.
The blast from this weapon was so severe that its detonation terminally damaged 47 buildings in the immediate area, and trashed more than one hundred vehicles. In the words of a tourist who earlier survived attacks on London during the nineties, “I felt my hotel shake violently and ran to look out of the window. In the distance I could see a large white mushroom cloud, and knew I wasn’t looking at an ordinary attack.”
Photographic evidence proving the use of an unconventional weapon was edited out almost immediately by the major media, though not from the amateur video cameras which provided the pictures above. The very presence of the crater itself proves the weapon was detonated sub-surface, while the crater’s depth in combination with its diameter, prove the depth at which the weapon was initially placed.------"


Operation Shekhinah

Micro-Nukes in London

Torpedoed French Tanker

List of confirmed dead as of 16 October:

1. Mugianto (M) Indonesia 2. Kadek Beri Prima (M) Indonesia 3. Anna
Sesilia Aviles (F) Equador 4. Christopher Bradford (M) Singapore 5.
DJ Sari Club (M) Indonesia 6. Josua K. Daegan (M) Australia
7. Pascal M. Dolf (M) - 8. Faturraman (M) Indonesia 9. Mr. S. Foley
(M) - 10. March Benny Gajardo (M) UK 11. Nash Gary (M) Australia 12.
Maria Johansson (F) Sweden 13. Chris K. Kays (M) Singapore
14. Bjorn J. Abon Magnusson (M) Sweden 15. Christian Redman (M)
Singapore 16. Julie Stephen S. (F) Australia 17. Mr. Stafford (M) UK
18. Achmad Suharto (M) Indonesia 19. Nassima Cladia Tele (F) Germany
20. Jean Underwood (F) France 21. Robin G. Webster (M) - 22. Joshua
Illifee (M) Australia 23. Clint Thompson (M) Australia 24. Adam
Howard (M) Australia 25. Agus Suhaeri (M) Indonesia 26. David
Majendies (M) Australia 27. Kadek Sukerna (M) Indonesia 28. Berry (M)
Holland 29. Norbert Frericks (M) Holland 30. Made Martana (M)
Indonesia 31. Steven Brooks (M) USA 32. James Corey (M) Australia 33.
Findley (F) UK 34. Linda Makwana (F) Australia 35. Aris Munandar (M)
Indonesia 36. Deborah Snodgrass (M) USA 37. Michael Stanoring (M)
Australia 38. Marlene Doris Whiteley (F) Australia 39. Widayati (M)
Indonesia 40. X (F) Unknown 41. Eun Jung Moon (F) Korea - United States President. - TEA. - R. Buckminster Fuller. - CENSORED. - Exposing Media Disinformation. - Prosperity, Not War & Pollution. - Time + Energy = Wealth
Off the grid recycled housing.

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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
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Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostMon Oct 21, 2002 5:42 am  Reply with quote  

A Jakartan Perspective....

Some commentators are already presenting the recent bomb blast in Bali as the Indonesian, or even an Australian, version of the September 11 attack on the WTC in New York. The terrible carnage created by the bomb blast this weekend in a packed night club in the tourist resort of Kuta in Bali is rapidly provoking a political tidal wave in the whole of the region. It will have far reaching ramifications for Indonesia, Australia and the whole of South East Asia.

At the time of writing some 188 people have been reported killed in the explosion of a car. A further 300 have been injured and hundreds of other tourists are still unaccounted for after another smaller explosion. Most of the victims are tourists from Britain, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore and also from Indonesia itself. The biggest group among the victims however is composed of Australians, which have led many to think that Australia was specifically targeted by this attack. An Australian paper has stated that: "it was an attack guaranteed to take the heaviest toll of Australian lives". Another paper goes further and concludes that: "likely the attack will result in the greatest single peacetime loss of Australian lives overseas."

Dark clouds are hanging now over Bali, the tourist island known for its peace and tranquillity. During the most unstable moments of the post-Suharto turmoil in Indonesia, Bali was still recommended by foreign embassies, unlike other parts of the archipelago as a safe haven for tourists. Now this has come to a brutal end.

The fact that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world has provoked an immediate international knee jerk reaction against local Islamic fundamentalist groups supposedly linked to the al-Qaeda network of Osama Bin Laden. But the immediate condemnation of this attack by the US president Georges Bush and by Jack Straw, the Foreign Affairs Minister of the UK smacks of sheer hypocrisy. They are trying to use this human disaster to justify their so-called "international war against terrorism".

The finger is being pointed in the direction of an obscure group called Jamaah Islamyah (JI) with links to Abu Sayaf in the Philippines and Osama Bin Laden. This group has been accused by the US embassy and the Malaysian government of being host to the Taliban on the run and al-Qaeda operatives looking for a new home. More importantly the US government has accused Indonesia of being the new breeding ground for radical Islamic groups.

The leader of the JI is Abu Bakar Bashir who runs an Islamic boarding school in Central Java. He also heads the pan-islamist Mujahideen Council of Indonesia. Some of his lieutenants are wanted by the Indonesian police for their role in a series of bombings in Indonesia on Christmas Eve 2000 and also by the Malaysian police for alleged links to terrorist groups. Despite this doubtful reputation, the leader of JI was invited to dinner a few weeks ago by Hamza H, the Indonesian Vice President and leader of the reactionary United Development Party (PPP), an old satellite party of the Suharto regime with links to the military.

In spite of this, reports over the last year, especially from US officials, that claim JI was operating as the local branch of al-Qaeda, have been received with a lot of scepticism inside Indonesia and also by independent experts. So far no serious proof has been found to substantiate these accusations. Even now with this recent attack it cannot be definitely concluded that al-Qaeda is behind it. It is not even certain that the fundamentalists are responsible.

The BBC World security correspondent wrote on Sunday morning (October 13) that the pattern of this attack does not carry the marks of al-Qaeda. He quotes an anonymous source which indicates it could be a violent Indonesian nationalist group banking on revenge on Australia for the loss of East Timor.

However, it would also be wrong to immediately think this attack is a payback action against Australia for its support for the war against Iraq. Ordinary people in Indonesian can think of many other potential suspects for the atrocities in Bali: elements within the army, Suharto nostalgics, the US and Australian services, Israel, etc. etc.

The deluge of US, UK, Australian and other propaganda which is again abusing the sincere feelings of indignation and disgust of ordinary people, has the aim of uniting the majority of the population behind the new imperialist adventures in Iraq and elsewhere. The Australian bourgeois press leaves no doubt about this:

"This is a wake-up call to Australia, to our region, and to the entire civilised world to unite more strongly than ever to defeat terrorism. The Bali bombings expose the lie that the act of war on September 11, 2001, was simply an attack on Americans and American values. Bali proves that all freedom-loving peoples are at risk from terrorism, at home and abroad. We cannot let national rivalries, domestic political differences or cynical anti-Americanism divide us. The Bali bombings should serve as a lesson to the waverers who have let their distaste for George W. Bush or knee-jerk isolationism blind them to the realities of terrorism." the Australian October 14, 2002.

The Howard government has also already announced (on Monday October 14) that it will strengthen its anti-terrorist legislation as well as its security apparatus as a consequence of this attack.

It is possible that this attack had a mainly domestic aim of destabilise the Megawati government. In the last 4 years Indonesia has been the violent theatre of many paramilitary groups of an Islamic character. Their activities blur the distinction between criminal gangs and militias. Many of those groups, like Laskar Jihad mix politics with criminal activities, such as extortion and racketeering. They were used in the past in the massacre of communists in 1965/66 and as anti-independence paramilitaries in East Timor. Very often their activities represent an alliance of convenience between criminals and segments of the political oligarchy and the high ranking military. Other groups like the Islamic Defenders Front (or FPI) was established in 1998 with the help of high ranking officers. This group led some noisy anti-American protests after September 11 and have involved in the sweeping of Jakarta night spots as part of the lucrative business of running protection rackets.

In Yogyakarta in Central Java, a group called Gerakan Pemuda Ka'bah is playing the same role. This group has been denounced by pro-democracy groups as a creation of the local military commander and the United Development Party (PPP). In quite a few cases radical Islamic groups have been trained by the military and encouraged by them to engage in terrorist activity. Laskar Jihad fighters have played such a role in the communal conflicts in the Moluccas, central Sulawes and in West Papua. In the case of the Moluccas, Laskar Jihad was able to bring in combatants from the main island of Java without any government opposition, despite the fact that President Abdurrahman Wahid and other officials had appealed to the security forces to stop them. The rise of these groups can clearly be linked to the collapse of the Suharto regime and the attempts by different factions within the civilian and military oligarchy to create instability to further their own goals.

It has been reported that 1200 pro-independence leaders and activists in different part of Indonesia, pro-democracy advocates and other social activists have been blacklisted by both groups, Laskar Jihad and Jemaah Islamyah, and have become legitimate targets.

Furthermore terror in Indonesia has its origins in the repressive strategies of the Suharto state since 1965/66 and all the governments that have followed since his overthrow. It started with the bloodbath in which one million communists were killed. Later there were the Tanjung Priok killings, the Lampung massacre, and the abduction and assassination of student activists in 1998. The Indonesia army was also responsible for the slaughter of a quarter of the population of East Timor from 1976 until its recent "independence" and it was also instrumental in the creation, arming and the protection of the pro-integration militias in 1999.

It is sheer hypocrisy for the National Chief of Police to declare that the bomb blast in Bali 'is the worst act of terror in Indonesia's history."

This year alone already 2000 civilians and members of GAM, the Aceh guerrilla movement have been killed in attacks by the army in Northern Sumatra. The daily death toll for this year exceeds that of 2001. In West Papua, the intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of independence activists by the army is a daily occurrence.

In an earlier article we explained the effects of September 11 on the international position of Indonesia. South East Asia has been largely seen as the second front of the war against terror. The deployment of 660 US soldiers in the Philippines in a counter-insurgency operation in the South of the archipelago was the start of this new front. Washington wants Indonesia to play a central role in the new security set up of US imperialism in the region, as it is located in a strategic position, both geographically and economically. Since September 11 the US has started to resume its ties with the Indonesian military which were cut three years ago in "protest" against human rights abuses. Already US$50 million have been disbursed and more will come. The plans are to resume also the Inter-regional Military Education and Training as well as the involvement of Indonesian officers in a counter-insurgency fellowship program provided by the US.

The participation of the Indonesian military (TNI) in this programme was resisted by human rights groups in the USA and by some members of the Congress. There is no doubt that this resistance will be pushed aside now as a result of the Bali blast. The sound of US army boots on Indonesian soil is not the most likely perspective in the short term. The "war on terrorism" has also given the army the possibility of strengthening its political weight despite its formal and early retreat from parliament. Without exaggeration, it can be said that the army's political clout has never been stronger since the fall of Suharto. The so-called "territorial structure" of local commands, vital for exerting effective political and military control from top to bottom in Indonesian society, have not been dismantled. Quite the contrary. New ones have been created, especially in the area of unrest in Aceh in Northern Sumatra. In this area the army is waging low intensity warfare against the local guerrillas, which is costing the lives of thousands of civilians every year. With its new-found authority the army is now threatening an all out war against the Acehenese independence movement.

The Centre for Strategic and International Relations based in Jakarta is absolutely right when it says: "It is no exaggeration to say that the current antiterrorist campaign makes the TNI the victor."

In the short term the US will insist on the Indonesian government passing antiterrorist legislation. This will strengthen the repressive arm of the state. Those proposals are widely seen as a danger to democratic rights and a threat to civil liberties. This has already been the case in many Asian countries where "anti-terrorism" has been used to justify the curtailment of democratic rights and to increase repression against the left.

In the immediate aftermath of the blast in Bali the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Security Affairs announced that they would increase the security at vital energy projects around mines, gas and oil industries. As most of these are situated in Aceh and West Papua this is a clear message from the military that they will use the terrorist pretext to upgrade their violent activity in these areas. The "protection" of these projects also represents a lucrative source of income for the army commanders.

Megawati who so far has been dragging her feet in taking action against the local Islamic groups (at the demand of the US, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia) will come under irresistible pressure in the coming days. The fact that she did not take any action against these groups, (independently of whether they are linked to al-Qaeda or not) was mainly due to domestic reasons.

Anti-American feelings have been mounting over the last few years in Indonesia, especially in regard to the role played by the International Monetary Fund in imposing a severe austerity programme and the privatisation of the main assets of the Indonesian economy. Those anti US feelings are not only widespread amongst radical fundamentalist groups but also among large layers of the population and also within her own party. She is being seen more and more as having become the puppet of the US and the IMF. Within the oligarchy there is also opposition to the privatisation programme, which is seen as a sell-out to foreign companies.

The US based think tank, Strategic Forecast, warned recently of the risks of political backfiring if the US were to insist too much and too openly on the Indonesian government taking stern action against fundamentalist groups. The US embassy has already faced an amateurish grenade attack by some individuals in Jakarta. In Central Java Islamic groups have made a speciality of attacking US tourists in the hotels of Solo.

Many bourgeois observers have criticised Megawati for her laissez-faire running of the coalition government made up of antagonistic parties. The same accusation was directed against her predecessor Gus Dur, who had to cope with the criticism of his "erratic leadership". In both cases personal flaws have been invoked to explain the lack of direction, the profound sense of paralysis in government policy. But again we must insist that personal characteristics play a secondary role in explaining this phenomenon. The lack of strength and direction derives from the profound divisions among the bourgeois as they busily scramble for privileges, and access to influence and rich assets. But it is also rooted in the crisis within the main branches of the state apparatus (executive, legislative and judiciary) who are stricken with gangrenous corruption and inefficiency and who lack the slightest legitimacy in the eyes of the mass of the population, from the urban poor, to the peasants and the middle class professionals.

The élan of so-called 'reformasi' has been exhausted. Ask anyone in the streets of Jakarta what he thinks of the new 'reform period' and he will most likely tell you 'this is pure rubbish'. The judiciary is headed by a notoriously corrupt Attorney General. Parliament is chaired by Akbar Tanjung, leader of Golkar and condemned to three years' imprisonment for embezzling state funds. Since the fall of Suharto there has not been one prosecution or jailing of a high ranking politician or military for the acts of state terror that were carried out under his regime. Suharto himself has not even been charged with violation of human rights. There is a general feeling of impunity among the state apparatus. Would this state not correspond to the description of a 'rogue state'?

There is growing criticism of Megawati on the part of ordinary people for her 'regal' indifference to the suffering of the poor. This was highlighted recently by the lack of any measures on the part of her administration to help 100,000 migrant workers expelled by the 'friendly' Malaysian neighbour and left stranded on the outer islands to die of hunger. The incessant price hikes of petrol, transport costs (up to 300% in a few years), telephone charges and school fees has further contributed to the unpopularity of the government and the era of 'reformasi' in general.

Daily life for ordinary Indonesians has worsened since 'reformasi'. Jakarta, the capital, has been described during recent debates by young Indonesians on Indymedia as the 'least liveable city in the world', even as a 'hub of hell' with its increased poverty, permanent traffic congestion and terrible pollution levels.

This recent bomb blast and the Australian and US pressure on Megawati's administration will dramatically exacerbate the already existing tensions in Indonesia. The survival of the weak equilibrium of the government is at stake. A regional newspaper reported today that the only "stability under the blood of the carnage in Bali was the instability" of Indonesia. The "arc of instability", a concept coined by Australian security planners to describe the new political environment in the pacific is rapidly becoming a reality.

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Bali Disco Bombing - Another US "Inside Hit."
Introducing the "Link" and "Pivot" bombs
Looks like another US Military/Intelligence Black Op
by Vox

It’s not hard to find pieces of the puzzle that just don’t fit. That’s why the dark force spent years obliterating American’s critical capability. So that the pieces that just don’t fit - don’t even get noticed.

Here's a piece that doesn't fit.

They expect us to believe that the same Islamic Terrorists who supposedly masterminded the Sept. 11th attacks, (Arguably the most significant MILITARY strikes in the history of empires, shaking the very roots of the globe’s preeminent empire.) would blunder and bomb the disco containing Australians when a disco full of juicy Americans was just a few doors down the road?

One only has to spend an afternoon on the strip to find out which places are popular with the Americans. Even Islamic terrorists can ask any Kuta vagrant which club has the Americans in it.

And absolutely , positively, if Islamic terrorists were behind this attack, they would have gone straight to the discos frequented by Americans only several doors down the street, and bombed them - Absolutely - Positvely.

So voxfux gives this attack, this months award for being, “The Most Suspicious Attack - Looking Most Like Just Another Clandestine US military/Intelligence Attack of the Month” award.

Since American journalist’s don’t have the courage or grey matter to make such obvious extrapolations, the biggest clues go completely unnoticed, unreported and uninvestigated. So forget about mainstream media. (Most US journalists have never even heard of the Northwoods memo - so the depth and magnitude of the ignorance is profound.)

News must now be almost entirely extrapolated by independent and trusted sources. A good source such as WWW.VOXNYC.COM or WWW.WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM will have an 80% accuracy rate of extrapolation from the actual 1 or 2 percent of viable data gleaned from the semeiosphere of total $#@#!. The other 20% of the 80% of correct extrapolation can be error. But that is still better than the near 95% of corporate news, which is as everyone now knows, pure fabrication, designed only to further an elite few’s industrialist goals, and take away every thing you own.

So if you believe the major media’s version of events - congratulations - you’re a big part of the “Problem.”

So, here’s what really happened:

Bali, the lush paradise which remained secluded for decades attracting a few backpackers and surfers has over the years succumbed to an influx of the worst of the spring break and package tourist crowd. Kuta beach, now a swarming tourist $#@#!, of this still stunning island paradise, is a steady lineup of souvenir hawkers, drug dealers and a gauntlet of McDonalds, pimps, Pizza Huts, American tourists, Wendys, Australian tourists, and KFC’s (I once counted 4 KFCs within eyeshot. Note: Colonel Sanders’ eyes have been altered so that he appears at both times Caucasian to Caucasian customers and Asian to Asian customers - check it out - the power of capitalism is remarkable.)

The average tourist necks are getting thicker and the buttocks bigger with each passing year.
(The two worst things that ever happened to the beautiful Hindu people and island of Bali - The Western tourists and the Muslim conquerors.)

Since many of Indonesia’s dregs (and quite a few from the west) pass through Kuta’s streets crowded with dope dealers, crooked cops, nightclubs, bars, Germans, whores, fast food joints, girly-boys, locals, etc. a terrorist would go little noticed. He wouldn’t even have to bother to cloak his Islamism, after all it is the Muslims from Java who operate the Kuta district, not the peaceful Hindu Balinesians. He would at least have the sympathies if not full scale support of some hard line religious group there. The point is that he could move freely enough to know the basic thing that everyone knows while visiting and partying in Kuta - who hangs out where - and he would have known that the Americans hung out in a different club. He would have had ample time to scope out and familiarize himself with the strip and know where the “Great Satans,” were, and bomb them first. If you believe the stories that it was an Islamic terrorist who bombed the disco it would be entirely possible that they could even have been locals or working with locals there, in which case, once again, they would certainly have known where the Americans were.

The bottom line is, everyone knew where the Americans were. So why would they bomb the Australians, who, compared with the Americans are buddy buddy with the Islamic world? If it was Islamic Terrorists there would certainly be strong case to be made that any such production by an Al Queda sleeper cell there, would not go unnoticed by the real locals Muslims - There would have to be someone there on the ground - a local Muslim - who assisted in the operation - Again making it highly unlikely that they would overlook the much juicer American target just a few doors down (at the Peanuts club, for example, frequented by Americans).

For a terrorist, the time and effort it takes to find out where the Americans hang out as opposed to where the Aussies hang out is NOTHING compared to the time it takes to construct and deploy a car bomb. Islamic Terrorists who have the skills to pull off 911 type operations - would not have overlooked this detail.

Therefore reinforcing the extrapolation that Al Queda didn’t do it because they would NOT have overlooked the fact that there are easier and better targets of Americans in Kuta Beach than the Sari Nightclub. But the corporate media will not inform you of this fact.

Once again - Any Islamic Terrorists would bomb the Americans first before bombing the Aussies.

Right? I mean think about it people. Take some time and think about it. (If you have a shred of critical capability still intact, it all unfolds.)
Why would they bomb Aussies when the "Great Satan" is just a few doors down?

Answer: Maybe a covert US group did it.

Introducing the “Spin,” “Link,” and “Pivot,” Bombs.

Another bomb went off simultaneously with the disco bomb in a different part of the island. The American consular office was bombed simultaneously (where no one was hurt.). It is the exact same M.O. as the Twin Towers and Pentagon job. (The Pentagon hit serving roughly the same function as the Consular office in Bali.)

The Bomb at the consular office is called the “Link Bomb.” I will coin it as one word containing two capital letters - Because you are going to see many more LinkBombs in the near future. Designed to form multi-various linkages: It Bonds Australians with Americans in their time of sorrow, as both, “Victims under attack.” Also, it links the perpetrator to Islamic Terrorists and Al Queda. (As usual, with ZERO evidence linking the attacks to Al Queda, the State Department trumpeted the connection and the media dutifully relayed the lie directly to our brains.)

It links rage and anger of generations of Australian people who saw images of bloodied fellow Australians and scrolling lists of body counts on their TV to the “Evil of Islamic Terrorism.”. It is a Link-Bomb for certain. And it’s a SpinBomb too. It forces Prime minister Megawati’s hand to play Bushes geostrategic terror game. It forces them away from the vital tourist industry to play ball under the crushing thumb of oppressive debt and IMF restructuring for what remaining industries they do still have. It’s a SpinBomb in that it may reverse Australians resistance to Bushes aggressive global rampage. And it spins the entire country and people of Indonesia into a spiraling trap of an ever increasing military rule, which had after decades started to release it's grip on that country.

It’s role is exactly as is the role of flight 77 (alleged to have slammed into the Pentagon.) Only the Pentagon plane is more a “Pivot Bomb” and only secondarily a spin or link bomb. It’s pivot/spin function is superb. Designed to fool onlookers to believe it is America which is under attack, and not America who is on the attack. It is a decoy designed to preempt any question which are bound to pop up in certain awake and aware analyst’s minds, that being of course, “Could the US be behind the attacks?” “Why of course not, see, the Pentagon got hit...


Unfortunately there’s only about 150 years of facts that demonstrate that this technique is standard operating procedure for US military planners. Attack yourself and people and blame your enemy. And trick your own people into conquering your enemies for you. The oldest trick in the book.

Come on people, the deployment and explosion of the Link&Spin bombs tells the WHOLE story. This bomb attack was designed to consolidate the thrust against Islam in the second most populous Islamic country, Indonesia. (130 million people)

Think about it. It just doesn’t make any sense that Al Queda would knowingly bomb young Australians - taking on a new enemy, after all Australia is the last remaining major English speaking nation who DOES NOT SUPPORT Bushes New World Order of insider oil wars and arms deals? Why then would the Al Queda or any Islamic Terrorist try to inflame Australians? They’ve got enough on their hands with the Americans. It’s not logical that they would be anxious to take on new enemies.

Bush’ll try to tell you it’s, “Because they hate freedom.” But that line doesn’t work anymore. I’d say it’s more because they’re mad. Because we’ve been f@#$% them over for a long time.. The worlds population is under attack by the shadow government which is now running the entire US government. No, this car bombing was likely to be the handiwork of the same covert US forces who are raging forward with their plans of global conquest - They are not Islamic.

This bombing was by the same forces who did the Twin Towers. They are Anglos, for sure, who are masterminding these attacks. They exist at the pinnacles of secret societies and secret councils. These real controllers are never seen, there is always intermediaries between them and those who follow their orders. And even those like Presidents of the United States follow their orders directly yet are unaware of who they are. But you can bet they have billions of dollars more in their holdings than a lowly little American President. And you can bet that they use whole countries as mere instruments of their wishes.

Whatever ultimate name has been ascribed to them, be it, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Freemasonry, Jesuits or any number of others, they exist as a real group of real men who really gather and plot such titanic power shifts. I suspect that In their last gasp at vitality, these dying Anglo geezers, are clutching vaingloriously to Maltese Crosses, getting their rocks off at our expense before thier long good bye - On this, the last of their industrio/religious crusades - this time against Islamic control of precious oil. When these geezers die (not soon enough) I suspect the whole petrochemical paradigm will die with them. Their's is a world of superstition and ritual that even a child can see is silly. Their gowns, festooned with maltese croses, crests and heraldry of all sorts are romantic, futile, fatal gestures of mock vitality.

But for now, they are on the attack. If we resist. It will be their last. If we submit, they will continue until the earth consumes their bones. But know that we are under attack.

The disco bombing was surely perpetrated by the same US based covert intelligence group who masterminded the September 11th attacks. It is completely intertwined at the highest levels with US intelligence and the US military. It is international in scope and has a huge base of support, supply and operations currently in the states of Texas and Florida. Former President George Bush Sr. is heavily linked to this group. Himself being an instrument for the religious order who commands the operations of this covert group. That religious order is itself subservient to an even higher group of multi billionaire industrialists and banking dynasties. At this level these billionaires command governments and religions to bend at their will. Controlling religious orders, intelligence organizations and countries such as the Catholic church, The CIA, The United States of America, Freemasonry, The M 16, Great Britain, Knights Templar, The Council on Foreign Relations, Israel, Pakistani Intelligence, Knights of Malta, KGB, Jesuits, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, FBI, Southern Baptists and on, with a force proven to be more forceful than god - money.

Know Your Enemy.
Fight back.
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With so many warring adversaries from both abroad and from within the highest oligarchies of industry here in the US, and with an administration bent on alienating the US from the entire world community it is possible to imagine so many multitudinously layered threats, each cloaked in an anonymous wrapper, itself concealing even deeper layers of deceit, control, blood and money.

Franklin Roosevelt said, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."
For nearly a thousand years, stealthy acts of unclaimed terror spectacles have been the choice methodology the puppetmasters of the dark force have used for power grabs and crusades of global conquest. But now strategists from far and wide, have seen the effects of these spectacular terror strikes, and they have learned one thing - Terror works! And so now the principle target of all the "Evildoers," both from Texas and abroad, is the American people. That is the Irony. Because Americans are the very embodiment and exaltation of the spectacle, it's only natural that we become the very spectacle itself. Soon many of us will get to watch our own death live on CIA/CNN. Soon, in the society of spectacular victims (Which America has surely become) someone will watch the live CNN broadcast of their own death on their wristwatch television, palm, or vidi-cellphone as their plane's fiery drama unfolds live, or the city they live in wafts over with the death sentence of an Anthrax attack, live, on Spectaclevision's live broadcast of the next American Spectacle.

But now that we have this knowledge one would think that it would spoil the intended effect, lessen the impact, co-opt or preempt such an attack. Not so. The cat's out of the bag. The spectacular effects of terrorism and it's ability control populations especially Americans is not lost on any thinking rouge nation... or any ex or current President... or any ex or future superpower. The Bush criminal clan is not the only group who has learned how to use terrorism to control the American population. In attacking America, Bush and the dark hand which buttresses him sends a clear message and lesson to every enemy of freedom and peace in the world today.

China and or Russia are at present undoubtedly assessing the feasibility of manufacturing and deploying onto US soil, small tactical nuclear devices, made to look like they were crudely manufactured by an able terrorist group. At this level it becomes merely a matter of a smuggling operation and nothing more.

The origin of the first detonation of a wartime use of a nuclear bomb on US soil will be so cloaked in layers and layers of deception that any evidence found is actually more likely to be the exact opposite of what it is representing itself as. So if the "evidence" found points to Osama that will mean that it is highly unlikely that Osama did it. If the evidence points to China it would likely mean that China had nothing to do with it. It means that nearly any adversary from China to Russia to Israel to folks right here in the good old' USA can explode a smuggled device and plant "Evidence" to implicate whom ever they chose. And in the rush of lies and systematic deception, that is the American media, the truth will as always be completely obfuscated.

So if China or Russia wanted to hit us now they could deploy a scenario (A Psy-op) to have the appearance that it was Osama's Bin Laden's Al Queda that did it.

They learned that lesson from the masters of terrorism - The US based arms and oil industrialists who orchestrated the September 11th attacks. Bush let the cat out of the bag. Anyone who wants to attack America, say for example by slamming aeroplanes into US landmarks like twin towers they would simply plant evidence to implicate al Queda or anyone else they choose. You get the picture.

Intercontinental ballistic missile plumes and trajectories are impossible to cloak, so almost assuredly the first nuclear detonation used against the United States in this world of simulations and deception will be planted - not fired from a missile - it will be a ground blast. And this scenario of secretly detonating nuclear bombs in American cities includes, "sneak attack," scenarios from China, Russia, Israel as well as the most likely perpetrator - A group of American Industrialists linked to George Bush Sr.

The manufacture of fraudulent evidence is now more than a "force multiplier" - It is now the United States' principal modus operandi. That's what they do -That's all they do.

Unless we activate and get the message out that the US needs to be stopped and a rational policy of normal decency implemented (not complete industrio-military oppression of the earth's poor and rich for that matter) scenes like this will soon become real.

Vox 2002

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I think our corporate media is trying to tell u something the bigwigs have already planned.

10/25/02 12:18 PM
Report: Next Attack Could Top 9/11

By KEN GUGGENHEIM, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States remains "dangerously unprepared" to deal with another major terrorist attack, said a report by former top government officials, academics and business leaders.

"In all likelihood, the next attack will result in even greater casualties and widespread disruption to American lives and the economy" than the Sept. 11 attacks, said the task force chaired by former Sens. Gary Hart, D-Colo., and Warren Rudman, R-N.H. The report was released late Thursday.


The report comes a week after CIA (news - web sites) Director George Tenet warned that Osama bin Laden (news - web sites)'s al-Qaida network is likely to strike against the United States sometime soon and that the current situation is similar to what existed before the Sept. 11 attacks. Tenet previously said a terrorist attack would be more likely if the United States takes military action against Iraq.

Because a year has passed without a major terrorist attack against the United States, the report says, "there are already signs that Americans are lapsing back into complacency."

Few of the ships, trucks and trains that enter the United States each day are searched, the report said. Emergency personnel are unprepared for chemical or biological attacks. Oil refineries and energy distribution lines could be sabotaged. State and local police still lack access to State Department terrorist watch lists.

"When it comes to combating terrorism, the police officers on the beat are effectively operating deaf, dumb and blind," it said.

Rudman and Hart had led a previous commission whose warnings in January 2001 of the likelihood of catastrophic terrorist attacks seemed prophetic eight months later. That commission, created by Congress, said the threat of international terrorism was growing and recommended creating a domestic security agency.

President Bush (news - web sites) created a Homeland Security office shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks and has proposed creating a full Cabinet department, but Congress has not yet approved it.

Hart and Rudman's latest panel was formed by the Council on Foreign Relations. Its 17 members included former Secretaries of State Warren Christopher and George Shultz, former FBI (news - web sites) and CIA Director William H. Webster and retired Adm. William J. Crowe, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In a foreword, Leslie H. Gelb, the council's president, noted that federal, state and local officials have taken many steps to strengthen homeland security, but their effects won't be seen for some time. "You cannot turn a nation as large and complex as this one on a dime," Gelb wrote.

The Office of Homeland Security is reviewing the council's report, said spokesman Gordon Johndroe. He said many of its suggestions are similar to what Bush has proposed.

"We continue to implement what we can and are hopeful that Congress will appropriate and enact the homeland security initiatives that the president placed before them," Johndroe said.
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