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What really happened on 9/11?

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Author Thread

Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 4771
What really happened on 9/11? PostMon Sep 08, 2003 7:44 am  Reply with quote  

The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking

by Leonard Spencer

Included in this article about anomalies in the new 911 footage are some interesting photos. Here are two paragraphs quoted from the article:

"The plane that hit the North Tower was not American Airlines Flight 11. It was not a Boeing 767. It was a custom-built military plane carrying three missiles that created the impression of a plane crash without leaving any wreckage. In order for it precisely to strike the correct part of the tower (in line with the bomb already planted in the east wall) it must have been flown remotely using cruise navigation. I believe a similar plane was used to strike the Pentagon.

The 'Conspiracy Theorists' have got it dead right this time. The true Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93 were indeed substituted with other planes when the transponders were switched off. Someone hijacked the hijackers to make sure the job was done properly."


This War On Terrorism Is Bogus
The 9/11 Attacks Gave The US An Ideal Pretext To
Use Force To Secure Its Global Domination
By Michael Meacher
The Guardian

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Joined: 23 Nov 2002
Posts: 1294
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 10:01 am  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Ellyn:

anomalies in...911....

From the movie "Wag the Dog"
"A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

Face it:
Evidence fails to support any theory other than:
Operation Northwoods was authorized by Bush.

Nobody other than the "commander-in-chief" could have ordered the two hour military stand down on 911.

Project Moongoose/ Operation Northwoods is/was a pentagon plan
to fake an attack on America via remote flown airliners "painted to pass' as civilian jetliners.
with the civilian jets ordered to land at a military airfield and replaced by drones which "continue to follow the origional flight plan"
eg: crash into buildings with military pilots remotely steering them.
what happened to ALL the passengers and crew from the "4 hijacked airliners"?
shot down by an F-16 over Pennsylvania.

Use search terms/Global Hawk/ Operation Northwoods/ America's Reichstag Fire/Wag the WTC/Wall Street Killing on 911 (about page ten or thereabouts)/Ethnic outreach committees/

Use search terms all who care about truth.

All who care only about Bush, and hate truth,

post insults, namecalling and
diversions from the topic
Standard operating procedure at this forum and most others.

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Joined: 04 Apr 2003
Posts: 515
Location: Greece
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 10:29 am  Reply with quote  

An international symposium on the open questions of Sept. 11, 2001

Berlin, Germany, 7 September 2002

Statement by the organizers and speakers

We gather here today to speak our minds and engage in discussion, because two years after the crime and tragedy of September 11th, 2001, many questions of what happened, and of who bears responsibility and accountability, are far from settled.

We have seen the administration in the United States obstruct the independent investigation that in a true democracy would have immediately followed the events. Two years later, the executive has yet to issue an independent report. Chapters of the recently published Congressional report remain classified. The Bush administration is blocking the ongoing work of the government-appointed independent commission (Kean Commission) in a way that the New York Times has said recalls the practices of the Soviet Kremlin.

What are U.S. authorities trying to hide? We are in solidarity with the demands for disclosure raised by families of 9/11 victims.

The Bush administration has insinuated an outrageous conspiracy theory, that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was linked to the attacks. This entirely unsubstantiated claim was used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq, with disastrous consequences for the Iraqi and American people. What did this have to do with defending against new terrorist attacks? The first victims of Sept. 11, the people of New York City, overwhelmingly opposed the invasion.

Sept. 11th is still "the day that changed the world." The tragedy of the victims was exploited as a pretext to drum up support for wars - to stifle dissent at home - to push through repressive and unconstitutional legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act - to reorganize American society and shift hundreds of billion-dollars in spending priorities from butter to guns - to inspire fear among the American people.

The groups organizing this conference, 9/11 Truth Alliance and the German 9/11 Research Network, are informal and have no institutional structure or sponsorship. The "Unanswered Questions - Demanding Answers" conference is a one-time event, financed individually by the organizers themselves.

We are against all forms of terrorism, we are for the American people, we are pro-New York, pro-truth, pro-freedom and pro-world. We do not support disinformation or ideology, and we resist all efforts to exploit the aftermath and oddities of Sept. 11th by the purveyors of propaganda, paranoia, racism and mystification. We condemn the attempts by German neo-Nazis to take possesion of this issue, and we resist efforts to associate the questioning of Sept. 11 with their hateful ideology.

We do not share one line on all questions. There are issues on which we disagree. This conference is an opportunity for debate. We ask that you take each speaker as an individual, and especially that you attribute quotes and views accurately to the individuals who state them, and not to the group as a whole.

That should be self-evident, but we we have seen that some voices unfairly tar all who question 9/11 with the same brush. Those who question the official Sept. 11 story are routinely misrepresented, misquoted and subjected to labels and ad hominem attacks. The real issues are lost in distractions and side-stories.

In Germany at the moment, 9/11 skepticism is treated as a peculiarly German phenomenon, when in fact the movement for 9/11 truth disclosure is international and primarily American. We ask the German press and media to examine the evidence presented by the English-language researchers who have also questioned Sept. 11. Among the many available resources the book, The War On Freedom by Nafeez Ahmed and the "9/11 Timeline" by Paul Thompson provide excellent overviews of the real issues of Sept. 11th.

9/11 Truth Alliance - German 9/11 Research Network - Speakers of the Conference

Testimony we would like to hear

9/11 TA

HOME / Events


Berlin, Germany, 7 September 2002 - PRESS CONFERENCE 2 p.m. CET


As we prepared for this conference, we considered questions about Sept. 11 that we would all like to see answered.

We also picked a few of the officials and other people that a truly independent investigation would call as witnesses to answer these questions.

We agreed on the following seven sets of witnesses and "starter questions." On Sept. 11, we intend to deliver them to the U.S. ambassador, the German Chancellery and the offices of the European Union in Berlin:

1. To Richard Myers and Ralph Eberhard, the military generals responsible for United States air defense on Sept. 11, 2001: Why did the U.S. air defense system fail to follow the standard operating procedures for dealing with errant aircraft, such as were long in place before Sept. 11? Under these automatic procedures, the U.S. air defense system sent jet fighters to intercept errant planes on 67 occasions in the year prior to 2001, and on 129 occasions in the year 2000. What were the average response times of these routine intercept actions?

2. To Kay Nehm, Attorney General of the German Federal Republic, George Tenet, director CIA and Robert Mueller III, head of the FBI: Please tell us about your agencies' surveillance of the "Hamburg Cell" that started in Germany before moving to Florida and allegedly masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks. When and where did this surveillance begin? When, if ever, did it end? What did you discover about the cell's members and associates and their plans in advance of Sept. 11?

3. To David Frasca, FBI official responsible for the anti-terror investigations (al-Qaeda) unit prior to Sept. 11, and to Robert Mueller III, head of the FBI: Why were five separate investigations into suspected al-Qaeda terrorists (and specifically into potential hijackers at U.S. flight schools) suspended by your offices, at a time when there was a crescendo of warnings of an imminent attack involving hijackings in the U.S., and despite the urgent protests of FBI case officers like Colleen Rowley and Robert Wright?

4. To Harvey Pitt, head of the SEC (on Sept. 11), Ernst Welteke of the German Bundesbank, and financial investigators in Tokyo, London, Hongkong, Frankfurt, Chicago and San Francisco: In the days immediately following Sept. 11, your offices all issued statements that you had located cases of massive insider trading suggesting specific foreknowledge of the attacks, their location, and the way in which they were carried out. Mr. Welteke called this evidence unmistakable and said it would ultimately lead back to the perpetrators. Investigations were supposedly started. After a few days, this story was never heard from again. Where did the investigations lead?

5. To Major General Mahmud Ahmad, chief of the Pakistani intelligence service ISI as of Sept. 11, 2001 (when he was on an official visit to Washington): Why did your agency wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta? Please describe ISI connections to the Hamburg Cell, al-Qaeda, and the 9/11 plot. Was your counterpart at the CIA, George Tenet, whom you met in Washington during the week of the attacks, unaware of these connections?

6. To Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof, manager-owners of flight schools in Venice, Florida where the alleged 9/11 pilots Atta, Alshehhi and Jarrah trained starting in the summer of 2000:* Were the two of you, who purchased your flight schools less than a year before the terrorists arrived, operating as cut-outs for a clandestine operation?
NOTE: In July 2000, the same month that the terrorists are said to have arrived, the real owner of Dekkers's Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard, had one of his planes (on a regular flight) impounded with 42 kilos of heroin on board.

(* or spring 2000, depending on which official timeline you care to use.)

7. To leading members of the Bush administration (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice): What was the content of the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, entitled "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN U.S.?" What prompted the Pentagon to twice rehearse the scenario of a passenger plane crashing into its headquarters? What prompted the CIA's wargaming of a kamikaze hijacker scenario on Sept. 11 itself? How specific were the warnings of imminent attacks received from Russian President Putin, the Israeli Mossad, the Echelon system, the German BND, French and British intelligence, Morrocco, Egypt and Jordan? Which of these warnings reached which of you? What did you know and when did you know it?

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Proud Veteran

Joined: 31 Jan 2003
Posts: 212
Location: United States
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 2:19 pm  Reply with quote  

Do any of you know about physics?

Figure out how much energy a 300,000lb plus airplane traveling at 400kts has! Those clips do not have enough detail in them to support this assinine theory. Watching the video of the second plane, all I saw was what appeared to be sparks from friction and electronics that are housed in the nose a split second before all that energy is dispelled into the building.

The biggest laugh is the theory of "missles" mounted on these planes and a bomb already in place waiting to take down the buildings.

Some people are pathetic, they have no lives and like to sit around and stir s!@# up about government. That's how sad it has become in America today.
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Joined: 25 Jul 2000
Posts: 3403
Location: Damnit...I'm a doctor jim
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 2:33 pm  Reply with quote  

I wasn't even going to comment on these idiotic notions...I'm so sick of trumped up jeff rense $#@#! I COULD JUST PUKE !!!!

they had a special on the travel channel that actually showed the floors buckle and then collapse...

also it was mentioned the 2nd plane was doing in excess of 560 mph...not to mention all the combustable materials in those buildings...paper wood tiles carpet...nawg...they don't burn do they...not even with a full load of jet fuel dumped on it...

I'm curious if some of these bozo's that repost this stuff, if they had to type it instead of cut and paste...would they do it at all ?

have at it P/V...I'm instituting a new not comment anymore on idiotic and stupid s!@#...that has been gone over and over an over and over again...

so look's I won't be posting much
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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 3:07 pm  Reply with quote  

I dont see it as stupid...just possibilities.

I know for certain that this govt. LET IT HAPPEN.

Were the FMS computers in the planes taken over by global hawk technology? Seems to me those planes all went in with SURGICAL prescision. If you ask longtime pilots...most will say you would have to be a crack pilot to have aimed those planes so perfect at that speed.Some of those "terrorists" had access to the planes before takeoff. It wouldnt suprise me in the least if they were able to install a global hawk module on board in the avionics bay.

By the way.."proud veteran" (Sic)...there is VERY LITTLE avionics at the nose of the plane, mostly just a big fat RADAR.

You say you saw sparks? Uhhh..okay.

Also.... some of those "pilots" were trained on Cessna's?? COME ON!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! A Cessna driver piloting a Boeing...? Uhhh..YEAH RIGHT!! Especially ones that "leave their Korans in a nudie bar". ROFL.

Allegedly the others were trained at the Pensacola Naval Air station.

Anyway you slice it...old Bush SRs men have their signature all over it.


[Edited 1 times, lastly by Mech on 05-07-2004]
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Joined: 16 Feb 2002
Posts: 207
Location: Tucson, AZ
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 5:05 pm  Reply with quote  

Originally posted by Mech:
[B]Were the FMS computers in the planes taken over by global hawk technology?

"Global Hawk technology"??

Unmanned aircraft are nothing new. It was first tried during WW2, and UAVs flew numerous missions over China during 60s and 70s. BOMARC, SNARK, NAVAJO were just early large cruise missles, as are the AGM-86 Tomahawks. Cruise missles are just really unmanned planes too. Why is so sinister and nefarious about Global Hawk now, when unmanned aircraft are nothing new?


Seems to me those planes all went in with SURGICAL prescision. If you ask longtime pilots...most will say you would have to be a crack pilot to have aimed those planes so perfect at that speed.Some of those "terrorists" had access to the planes before takeoff. It wouldnt suprise me in the least if they were able to install a global hawk module on board in the avionics bay.

By the way.."proud veteran" (Sic)...there is VERY LITTLE avionics at the nose of the plane, mostly just a big fat RADAR.

You say you saw sparks? Uhhh..okay.

Also.... some of those "pilots" were trained on Cessna's?? COME ON!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! A Cessna driver piloting a Boeing...? Uhhh..YEAH RIGHT!! Especially ones that "leave their Korans in a nudie bar". ROFL.

Now come on, "SURGICAL"? So those planes were flown within microns distance of precision? Taking a little bit of artistic license I think with that phrase, to get your point across.

Why would one have to be a "crack" or whatever that means, pilot to be able to aim a plane at those speeds? Airliners are made to be very stable handing and easy to fly. Driving a car down a highway lane requires far more precision than it would take to hit a large building.

Planes have occasionally hit far smaller broadcast towers. Did they have soooper sekret equipment on board?

A B-25 crashed into the Empire state building during WW2, when they couldnt even see it due to clouds? Gee, wonder how they managed that without your "Global Hawk technology"

There would not be anything challenging whatsoever about hitting a huge building like that. The building is wider than the planes freakin wingspan, and was well over 1000 ft tall and I am sure they could see the WTC towers from 20-30 miles away!

How can that be hard to with with a plane? Pilots who have gotten to the larger aircraft like Boeings, say its the easiest planes they have ever flown.

And yes, you can learn a lot about flying planes from computer PC simulators. Those are more advanced than many of the simulators that some flights schools have.

[Edited 3 times, lastly by msu94 on 09-09-2003]
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Swamp Gas

Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 4255
Location: On a Hill in the Lowlands
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 6:53 pm  Reply with quote  

1) 2 planes incinerated, but pristine passport survives

2) 4 planes hijacked, but NORAD doesn't scramble until almost hour later

3)a few thousand gallons of kerosene is enough to ,completely vapourize a 120 ton aircraft, have enough left over to burn ferociously enough for over an hour at the impact point to melt steel (melting point about double the maximum combustion temperature of the fuel), still have enough left over to pour down the elevator shafts and start similarly destructive fires all through the building.

4)Since they're already re-engineered the combustion qualities of jet fuel, violated the second law of thermodynamics, and re-defined the structural properties of steel, why let a little thing like the laws of gravity get in the way?

5)WTC #7 was brought down by cockroaches and rats gnawing at the foundation.

6)If you are killed by an Arab terrorist in NY, your DNA will be destroyed by such temperatures. But if you are killed by an Arab terrorist in Washington DC, your DNA will be so robust that it can survive temperatures which completely vapourize a 120 ton aircraft.

7) Tesimonies of NY Firefighters that heard incendiary devices going off, some with 30 years experience fighting every type of fire imaginable, including the "natural gas explosion" nonsense.

Here's a conjecture:
CIA assett USAma Bin Laden recruites mindless robots to target "The Great Satan's" symbolism of military and economics, and is in a witness protection program, along with the other CIA asset, Saddam Hussein. Remote control could be a POSSIBILITY, but I tend to lean toward the brainwashing of Arab terrorists to do the dirty dealings of BushLaden Productions, to give an excuse for the current incarnation of Napoleon and Caesar, to line their pockets with our hard earned money.

More on WTC 7

1) Power to the Twin Towers was wired from the substation in WTC 7 through two separate systems. The first provided power throughout each building; the second provided power only to the emergency systems. In the event of fire, power would only be provided to the emergency systems. This was to prevent arcing electric lines igniting new fires and to reduce the risk of firefighters being electrocuted. There were also six 1,200 kW emergency power generators located in the sixth basement (B-6) level of the towers, which provided a backup power supply. These also had normal and emergency subsystems.

2) Previous to the collapse of the South Tower, the power to the towers was switched to the emergency subsystem to provide power for communications equipment, elevators, emergency lighting in corridors and stairwells, and fire pumps and safety for firefighters. At this time power was still provided by the WTC 7 substation.

3) Con Ed reported that "the feeders supplying power to WTC 7 were de-energized at 9:59 a.m.". This was due to the South Tower collapse which occurred at the same time.

4) Unfortunately, even though the main power system for the towers was switched off and WTC 7 had been evacuated, a design flaw allowed generators (designed to supply backup power for the WTC complex) to start up and resume an unnecessary and unwanted power supply.

5) Unfortunately, debris from the collapse of the north tower (the closest tower) fell across the building known as World Trade Center Six, and then across Vesey Street, and then impacted WTC 7 which is (at closest) 355 feet away from the north tower.

6) Unfortunately, some of this debris penetrated the outer wall of WTC 7, smashed half way through the building, demolishing a concrete masonry wall (in the north half of the building) and then breached a fuel oil pipe that ran across the building just to the north of the masonry wall.

7)Unfortunately, though most of the falling debris was cold, it manages to start numerous fires in WTC 7.

Cool Unfortunately, even with the outbreak of numerous fires in the building, no decision was made to turn off the generators now supplying electricity to WTC 7. Fortunately, for the firefighters, someone did make the decision not to fight and contain the fires while they were still small, but to wait until the fires were large and out of control. Otherwise, many firefighters may have been electrocuted while fighting the fires.

9) Unfortunately, the safety mechanism that should have shut down the fuel oil pumps (which were powered by electricity) upon the breaching of the fuel line, failed to work and fuel oil (diesel) was pumped from the Salomon Smith Barney tanks on the ground floor onto the 5th floor where it ignited. The pumps eventually emptied the tanks, pumping some 12,000 gallons in all.

10) Unfortunately, the sprinkler system of WTC 7 malfunctioned and did not extinguish the fires.

11) Unfortunately, the burning diesel heated trusses one and two to the point that they lost their structural integrity.
Unfortunately, this then (somehow) caused the whole building to collapse, even though before September 11, no steel framed skyscraper had ever collapsed due to fire.

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Joined: 14 Apr 2003
Posts: 174
Location: NW Florida
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 8:45 pm  Reply with quote

Explain why the FEMA report made some serious miscalculations on the scar.

"The interesting thing here is that FEMA's rendition of the scar is much too small. This is easily demonstrated by comparing it with Figure 2-15, which is positioned immediately above it in the report. You will see in the diagram that it clearly shows the individual box columns, comprising three vertical pillars of steel welded onto three horizontal base plates. If you look again at the photograph you will see also that the vertical pillars of these box columns are clearly visible on the exterior of the building. It is a simple exercise therefore to count the number of vertical pillars that lie between the furthest extremities of the scar. This number should tally precisely with the number of vertical pillars depicted in the diagram for the same measurement. According to the photograph the real scar spanned 43 of these vertical pillars. On the diagram it spans only 30. The real scar was therefore over 40% larger than FEMA would have us believe.

That FEMA is prepared to publish inaccurate and misleading information like this, yet provide on the very same page the key to exposing its own deceit, gives us a vivid insight into the contempt with which this organisation views the intelligence and attentiveness of the general public. Had FEMA been accurate with its diagram it would have looked something like this. I have simply expanded the scale of the scar by 43%."


Proud veteran you are not thats for sure...IF all these things are just so silly to believe why do you feel its your duty to even post to these silly ideas?

Are you being paid to post?

Why does the idea of an alternate explanation require your posting knowledge if in your mind its silly to begin with?

Seems to me your rather confused, if your sick of america get the hell out....i for sure dont want a veteran in my country that cannot question authority....

See if this quote means anythign to you SICK VETERAN

""We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." — Thomas Jefferson,"

seeeker doesnt even warrant a reply, everyone knows his game, he does more harm to himself then good....whahahha
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Swamp Gas

Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 4255
Location: On a Hill in the Lowlands
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 9:20 pm  Reply with quote  

Here's another one Hatchet,

My brother-in-law was the site manager for the construction of the Hyatt Hotel across the Hudson River in Jersey City. He, and a few hard hats saw 8 EPA trucks parked down one of the side streets that are abandoned now, but with new construction. This was at 7:00 AM on Sept 11th.

He thought nothing of it at the time, being a firm believer in Apple Pie, and the Red White and Blue. He actually saw both planes fly into the buildings. He called me and asked my opinion, and of course I told him what I thought. Pre-knowledge.

Now he is determined to vote Bush out, and doesn't hesitate a minute to talk about his experience of Sept 11th, and his views on the Israeli Mossad. Amazing what experience does to people that simply just can't believe our own government with collusion from Papa Sharon, would do such a thing.

Oh, I forgot, Maverick's crap-house is getting about 4 posts a day, and they are fighting amongst themselves, so they have to come here and try to moon everyone. This is why the people you mentioned come here now. They are banned eveywhere else.

They would probably call Thomas Jefferson a stinking-liberal terrorist.

[Edited 2 times, lastly by swamp gas on 09-09-2003]
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Joined: 14 Apr 2003
Posts: 174
Location: NW Florida
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 10:56 pm  Reply with quote  

interesting swamp

i would have to say that alot of things can be takin with a grain of salt, we have all been down that road.

Like this ringing in my left ear that started last monday about noon, Ive flushed my ear, takin antibiotics for days,currently using antibiotic eardrops, researched the possible causes. Nothing

Most likely pointing to Vertigo, my balance is off, the ringing never subsides.

Although it doesnt pertain to this topic i was wondering if any of the other readers have exp with this in the past???
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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
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Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 11:09 pm  Reply with quote  

To me ...this FREE movie says it all.....

9-11 the road to TYRANNY.

WARNING: HUGE File!!!!!!!


[Edited 4 times, lastly by Mech on 05-07-2004]
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Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 1257
Location: Northeast
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 11:19 pm  Reply with quote  

I would sure like to have answers to even one of the groups of questions (1 - 7 above) presented by the International Symposium in Germany. Its a year later and there's still no answers?!?

I’m not sure if the numerological implications of 9/11 have been discussed on the various threads here, but I believe there is a correlation between the World Trade Center incident and numerology. As some of us know, the importance placed on numerology can be seen as far back as 10,000 years ago, beginning with the Egyptians and Babylonians; onto the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Persians; and even is a part of the secret wisdom of the Kabbalah, and the ancient science of Gematria - to name just a few.

The number 11 is a master number - which means it does not get reduced to a single digit (such as 22, 33, 44…). As most history buffs know, WWI ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. In ancient history, King Tut’s tomb displayed many combinations of 11 in his burial chamber. In space exploration, Apollo 11 was the first mission to land on the moon (note: the mission numbers were skipped to ensure 11 was the number that landed).

For Freemasons, master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent a triangle. A triangle of enlightenment or illumination. Illuminati rituals and ceremonies are always based around symbolism – one being numerology.

There are so many “coincidences” with the number 11 on September 11, 2001, but I’d like to point out a few that have always stood out for me:

1. The Date: 9/11 = 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
2. New York City = 11 letters
3. The Twin Towers = Look like number 11 (or used to anyway)
4. The first plane to hit the towers = American Airlines Flight 11
5. September 11 is the 254th day of the year = 2 + 5 + 4 = 11
6. World Trade Center Towers, 22 letters = 22 divide by 2 (for 2 towers) = 11
7. George W. Bush = 11 letters

Check this one out: President George H. W. Bush gave his New World Order Speech to Congress on September 11, 1990. 11 years later = September 11, 2001. Hmmm.

Now to go further, the NORTH is left empty in the Mason Lodges as a symbol of their belief about that direction. They believe north is the direction of God’s throne [see Isaiah 14:13 KVJ] and represents the area of darkness, superstition, and ignorance - “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.”

The two most important numbers in the occult world are 11 and 13. The number 11 symbolizes all that is evil and imperfect and the number 13 signifies rebellion against God's authority.

The NORTH Tower was hit first by Flight 11
The south Tower was hit by Flight 175 = 1 + 7 + 5 = 13

Speaking of occult, this song popped into my head:

War Pigs by: Black Sabbath

Generals gathered in their masses,
just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
sorcerers of death's construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
as the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
poisoning their brainwashed minds.
Oh lord, yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away.
They only started the war.
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor, yeah.

Time will tell on their power minds,
making war just for fun.
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
wait till their judgement day comes, yeah.

Now in darkness world stops turning,
ashes where the bodies burning.
No more War Pigs have the power,
Hand of God has struck the hour.
Day of judgement, God is calling,
on their knees the war pigs crawling.
Begging mercies for their sins,
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.
Oh lord, yeah!
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Joined: 06 Jun 2001
Posts: 8237
Location: THE 4th REICH USA
PostTue Sep 09, 2003 11:23 pm  Reply with quote  

Music to my ears.

People will just say you are a "kook" Jersey Blue eyes....if you talk about things like that.

Remember...everything the NWO media and the politicians are telling us is the "truth".


Tumbling down the rabbit hole.


[Edited 2 times, lastly by Mech on 05-07-2004]
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Joined: 09 Jul 2003
Posts: 1257
Location: Northeast
PostWed Sep 10, 2003 6:10 am  Reply with quote  

Anothing I find odd about the Twin Towers collapse - was the speed. They fell in approximately 10 seconds with NO RESISTANCE from the UNDAMAGED STRUCTURE. That means they collapsed at the around the same rate that an object would fall through the air. Isn’t that the same way controlled demolition works?
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