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Ozone Debate

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Ozone Debate PostFri Nov 17, 2000 6:45 pm  Reply with quote  

The debate over the situation with the Ozone layer and that darn hole in it seems to be quite controversial. Excellent topic for this forum! This subject has been discussed somewhat in Sore Throat's "Ozone Depletion and Barium Chemistry" thread, but perhaps we can subtract Barium from the equation for now and focus on the root issue.

Goldrush provided a link to a Health website with a small article downplaying the Ozone Hole issue. Actually, when checking out the link, the story didn't appear but I did notice a link to another article about an increase in skin cancer. After searching, I found the "Hole" article too, so I'll post both:


High UV Summer Fears Allayed
13:00PM Thu Nov 16 2000 NZDT
IRN News
Fears of high UV levels over the summer have been allayed with data indicating the ozone hole over Antarctica has closed earlier than expected.

Dr Richard McKenzie from the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research says when the hole first opened it was far bigger than scientists had predicted.

He says that sparked fears that the South Island in particular could be hit with high levels of ultra violet radiation over the summer.

But Dr McKenzie says the concern is now gone as the hole has closed much earlier than usual.

He says UV levels this summer will be similar to those of the past two to three years.


Alarming Increase In Skin Cancers

There are frightening statistics on the numbers of new skin cancers being reported.

The number for last year was 67,000; more than four times the number of all other forms of cancer combined.

Cancer Society spokeswoman Belinda McLean says it is also three times more than previous estimates of the disease.

This week is the Cancer Society's melanoma and sunsmart awareness week and Belinda McLean says now more than ever it is important to "slip, slop and slap".

Both articles from here.

These articles seem a little contradictory, perhaps?

Here's another quote from an article that ST/Deborah provided:


LMMS Press Release:

Lockheed Martin spacecraft plays role in atmospheric ozone monitoring

SUNNYVALE, CA, June 22, 2000 -- A paper published in the May 26, 2000 issue of the journal Science is reporting that the ozone layer that protects life on Earth may not be recovering from the damage it has suffered over the Arctic region as quickly as scientists previously thought.

"It's clear that the problem of ozone depletion and recovery is more complex than originally believed," says co-author Dr. John Mergenthaler of the Advanced Technology Center Space Science Laboratory in Palo Alto. "Just abating the chlorine problem in the stratosphere is not sufficient for recovery of the protective ozone layer. Carbon dioxide must also addressed."

And here's a United Nations Environment Programme slide found by JR showing a decrease in CFC production after 1987:

So is the ozone situation getting worse? better? better but very slowly? Any opinions?

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