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Unsolved Mystery....

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elvis lives

Joined: 30 Sep 2000
Posts: 143
Location: Pismo Beach, California
Unsolved Mystery.... PostFri Nov 17, 2000 3:37 am  Reply with quote  


I don't understand how this incident applies. 1994 seems like ancient history as it relates to 'chemtrails' and aerial spraying of the populace.

I am still waiting for someone to show me just a smidgen of PROOF that any of the accusations made in the last 2 plus years by the 'chemtrail' community, and relating to 'planned aerial spraying of the populace', is fact.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a little over 2 years ago someone looked up in the sky, witnessed a strong display of normal contrail activity, took a bunch of contrail pictures, then boldly coined the word 'chemtrails'. The web has allowed hoaxes like 'chemtrails' to flourish. Before the web....they never got off the ground.

There are dozens of 'chemtrail' related sites where they swarm like bees in mad pursuit of the global conspiracy. I start to get nauseated after about 10 minutes of the Yahoo chemtrail tracking forum. is a melting pot of paranoia, gloom, and doom.

Many of these chemtrail 'promoters' shall we say....have several nics and use laptops or 2nd computers to post multiple times with different identities. Some for gain....but mostly to pull your chain. Carnicom and Rense are in it for the bucks so hype is critical to the bottom line.

It's sad to see so many innocent people getting sucked into these hoax sites. It's sadder yet when they financially support the hoaxsters.

I will say one thing though.....I have picked up a lot of new information that will be added to my current research as it relates to global air pollution.

By the way Thermit.....your site is the most legitimate of all the ‘chemtrail’ sites....job well done.

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Joined: 08 Jul 2000
Posts: 3137
Location: Texas
PostFri Nov 17, 2000 4:46 am  Reply with quote  

Thanks Elvis, appreciate it.


I don't understand how this incident applies. 1994 seems like ancient history as it relates to 'chemtrails' and aerial spraying of the populace.

Well, if there actually is such a thing as a Chemtrail, with sightings beginning roughly two years ago like you mentioned, then they probably had to have a phase of several years to get a viable system in place. Bear with me here for a moment. There would be issues to work out with the actual substance used as well as hardware systems and delivery techniques. One could imagine that the "goo" described in the Unsolved Mysteries story was a precursor to the "modern" Chemtrail, something of a 'live' experiment, so to speak. If this was the case, we can see that this particular experiment was probably deemed a failure. Why? Too stong: many got sick, pets died. Too obvious: people noticed goo and said "gee, this isn't right" (to quote the Officer Lacey) and then actually got samples tested and the biggest SNAFU of all: it wound up on damn national television for goodness sakes. So back to the drawing board to come up with a system that was more discreet and very difficult to get samples of. That takes us to your next point: proof. Tricky. I think the best proof would be samples analyzed in a lab. I don't have the connections or resources to make that happen. But meteorological evidence is cheap, it just takes time and effort to collect and analyze. And that is what I'm working on. I've learned a lot about contrail science recently and will admit that my earlier attempts were flawed, but my understanding has grown and I've collected some formulas from meteorologists. It will take some time but we'll see if it shows anything interesting.

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Joined: 27 Oct 2000
Posts: 1113
Location: Level 64
PostSat Nov 25, 2000 4:25 am  Reply with quote  

An excerpt from...

"Chaff was one of several unusual things that the North Koreans and Chinese
reported falling on their heads in 1952," write the authors.
Combined with reports of disease epidemics, there is enough evidence that germ
warfare during the Korean War was a fact, and not communist propaganda.

"The 581st ARC Wing operating in Asia under cover of a transportation service as a
means to carry out its mandate" is an example of covert warfare by the CIA,
an example of using a "cutout," or a third-party, to distance itself from illegal or
compromising activities.

When American fliers captured in Korea subsequently revealed that they were
engaged in biowarfare, the CIA denied everything. The Department of Defense
characterized the flights as "routine" while "some American congressmen worked
themselves in to a fury against the hated Chinese who supposedly were able to
brainwash their captives in to making false confessions."

Charges by the Chinese were dismissed "despite the fact that to there was
considerable overlap between the kinds of diseases that the United States was
preparing for its biological warfare program and those which the Chinese claim
followed attacks by US aircraft in the spring of 1952."

If the above is true, then 2 years is not "ancient history"

QUESTION; Could the Red Chinese be getting revenge on the U.S. though manipulation of the Clinton administration and media? Is the spraying a real attack? or a government-instigated hoax to gauge Americans reactions?

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