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FIGHTING BACK #16 PostThu Jan 04, 2001 3:08 am  Reply with quote  


The spooks have terminology that will help you understand just how complex their world is. Again, here ya go.

ACCESS AGENT a talent spotter, performs reconnaissance for recruiters.
ACORN slang for someone who is performing an intelligence function.
ACTION DIRECTE an underground group in France.
AGENT a person under the control of an intelligence agency or security service.
AGENT-OF-INFLUENCE a deep-cover agent with influence among the members of a target group.
AGENT PROVOCATEUR a deep-cover agent who feigns enthusiastic support while tempting the target to incriminate himself/herself through action or words .
AIS Argentina's intelligence agency.
AL AMN AL-KHAS Iraq's security service.
AMAN one of Israel's intelligence agencies.
AMERIKA underground metaphor for a fascist USA remeniscent of Nazi Germany.
ANALYSIS drawing conclusions about raw information by assessing its significance and by collating it with other information.
ASALA underground group in Armenia.
ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organization.
ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service, a department of ASIO.
ASSAULTER a member of a SWAT team responsible for making a forced entry.
ASSET an agent.
AUM SHRINKYO underground group in Japan with expertise in germ and chemical warfaire.
AVB Hungary's security service, the Allami Vedelmi Batosag.
BACKSTOP an arrangement between two persons for the express purpose of substantiating a cover story or alibi.
BAG JOB surreptitious entry, break and enter.
BAKIN Indonesia's security service.
BATF a US security service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
BETTY BUREAU FBI slang for a female support person who has worked for the FBI her entire career.
BfV Germany's security service, the Bundesamt fir Verfassungsschutz.
BLACK-FLAGGED an agent or intelligence officer who is to be interrogated and summarily shot if apprehended.
BLIND DATE the first meeting with an unknown person.
BLACK PROPOGANDA a smear campaign, usually consisting of character assassination.
BLOWBACK unexpected negative consequences of spying activity.
BLOWFISH a mathematical algorithm for computer encryption of text that purportedly can only be cracked by brute force if the passphrase is unknown.
BLOWN detected.
BLUE-ON-BLUE friendly fire, inadvertent hostile engagement between allies.
BND Germany's intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst. Literally translated as the Federal News Agency.
BOX slang for Britain's security service, MI.5.
BREVITY CODES a system of code-words used by members of a surveillance team.
BRICK AGENT an FBI agent who works inside a field office. Also see STREET AGENT.
BRUSH CONTACT a clandestine, momentary contact between two agents who are passing information, documents, or equipment.
BRUSH PASS same as brush contact.
BSS Belgium's security service
BUCAR an FBI car.
BUG-ON-A-CHIP slang for USA's Clipper chip.
BUPO Switzerland's security service.
BURNT burned, completed exposed. See BLOWN.
BVD Netherlands' security service.
CALL-UP a police term meaning a situation where a SWAT team has deployed.
CANNON a thief who steals back the inducement offered by the spies to an informant, defector, etc.
CARIBINIERI Italy's federal antiterrorist police.
CASE OFFICER operations officer, controller.
CBI India's security service.
CHASE CAR a security detail or bodyguard vehicle that follows the subject.
CHEATING command of the target from in front of the target during floating box surveillance. See also COMMAND OF THE TARGET.
CHENG PAO K'O China's intelligence agency.
CHICKEN FEED low grade information fed through a double agent to one's adversary with the intention of building the credibility of the double agent.
CHOBETSU One of Japan's security services.
CIA a US intelligence agency.
CNT an acronym for crisis negotiation team. CNTs are used by police in situations involving hostage-takers or barricaded suspects. The name CNT is a misnomer their true role is not to negotiate, but rather to obtain intelligence to facilitate an assault by the SWAT team, and to distract the suspect to divert his attention from the coming assault.
COMINT acronym for communications intelligence.
COMM a small note or other written communication from an underground organization or one of its members. They are typically written on cigarette wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, etc.
COMMAND OF THE TARGET active visual observation of the subject of the surveillance operation. Used during pedestrian and vehicle surveillance. See also CHEATING and FLOATING BOX.
COMMANDO a civilian, military, or paramilitary combat group using irregular tactics. Commando can refer to an individual, a cell, a squad, or the organization as a whole.
COMMIT a surveillance operative performing the commit function is watching a location to determine the direction that the target takes (or "commits" to).
COMPROMISED breached security status.
CONG AN BO Vietnam's security service.
CONSUMER a person or an organization on an intelligence agency's distribution list. Also see PRODUCT.
COOKED a mixture of genuine and fake material provided via a double agent to one's adversary.
COUNTERESPIONAGE activities designed to impede the efforts of hostile intelligence agencies engaged in espionage against one's own nation, allies, and citizens.
COUNTERINTELLIGENCE activities designed to impede or thwart the efforts of hostile intelligence agencies attempting to penetrate or compromise one's own intelligence agency.
COUSINS slang for CIA.
COVER persona, profession, purpose, activity, fictitious image maintained by an undercover operative.
COVERT ACTION AGENT a spy who works to reorient an entire nation's politics in favor of his country.
CS GAS a form of tear gas, full name ortho-chlorobenzalmalanonitrile, used by cops, SWAT teams, and the military.
CSE Canada's sigint intelligence agency, Communications Security Establishment.
CSIS Canada's security service.
CUT-OUT a go-between used to preserve the safety or anonymity of the principals. Same as LETTERBOX.
COURIER delivers documents, money, etc.
DAM France's military intelligence agency.
DANGLE a spy who poses as a walk-in to penetrate the other side. Also see WALK-IN.
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (USA).
DATA RECOVERY bureaucrat-talk for the backdoor built into all US-exported crypto software since 1998.
DCSS Denmark's security service.
DDIS Denmark's intelligence agency.
DEAD DROP a physical location where communications, documents, or equipment is covertly placed for another person to collect without direct contact between the parties.
DEAD-LETTER BOX same as dead drop.
DEAD-LETTER DROP same as dead drop.
DECOY distracts adversary's attention.
DEEP-COVER AGENT permanent cover.
DEFECTOR a person who has renounced his/her country of citizenship.
DGI Cuba's intelligence agency.
DGSE France's intelligence agency.
DIA a US intelligence agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency.
DIRTY TRICKS covert sabotage carried out by a security service or intelligence agency, ranging from pranks to assassination.
DIVERSION distracts adversary's attention.
DLB acronym for dead-letter box. Also see DEAD DROP.
DOPE BOOK a notebook kept with a sniper rifle for the purposes of recording the atmospheric conditions, range, lighting, and resulting hit or miss of every shot fired.
DOPPELGANGER a lookalike. See also LOOKALIKE.
DOUBLE-AGENT simultaneously serves two adversaries (often with their knowledge).
DRY CLEANING active countersurveillance and antisurveillance against pavement artists and wheel artists.
DS Bulgaria's security service, the Drzaven Sigurmost.
DSD Australia's sigint agency, Defence Signals Directorate.
DST France's security service.
DUBOK Russian term for a dead-letter box. Also see DEAD DROP.
E&E escape and evasion.
ELEMENT a five-man SWAT team. Consisting of a team leader, scout, rear guard, and two assaulters. The rear guard provides cover for the scout and is usually armed with a 12-guage shotgun. The assaulters usually carry Heckler & Koch 9mm MP-5 submachine guns. See also ASSAULTER.
ELLIPTICAL CONVERSATION says one thing but means another.
EQUESTRIAN POSTURE an effect produced by rigor mortis whereby the cadaver sits upright as if riding in a saddle, with arms outstretched.
ESPIONAGE clandestine collection of intelligence by a non-domestic intelligence agency.
ESS acronym for environmentally stable strategy, a concept used in strategic game-theory.
ETA an underground group in Spain.
EVOC an acronym for Emergency Vehicle Operation Course, taught at the FBI academy in Quantico.
FALN an underground group in Puerto Rico.
FALSE FLAG RECRUITMENT impersonation by a spy while recruiting an informant, defector, agent, etc.
FBI a US security service.
FDS One of Mexico's security services.
FIBONACCI SYSTEM a system of non-carrying addition used for one-time pad codes. For example, (Fib) 999 + 222 = 111.
FILLING the act of inserting material in a dead drop.
FLIP a U Turn made by the target during a vehicle surveillance operation.
FLOATING BOX a method of surveillance where a team of operators establishes a containment box around the target wherever he/she goes.
FMLN Frente Farabundo Marti para Liberacion Nacional, an underground group in El Salvador.
FOLLOW a surveillance team is executing a follow when they are shadowing a moving target. See also FLOATING BOX. A follow begins when the target exits the stakeout box and a surveillance operative attains command of the target. See also COMMAND OF THE TARGET.
FOOTFALL DETECTOR vibration sensor designed to detect walking humans.
FOUR-BAGGER disclipline of an agent by FBI headquarters, consisting of censure, transfer, suspension, and probation.
FRA Sweden's military signals intelligence agency.
FREQUENCY FLOODING a technique that allows an ordinary telephone to become a covert listening device.
FRIEND slang for an agent, informant, or mole providing information to a handler.
FRIENDS slang for Britain's secret intelligence service, MI.6.
FRONT a legitimate-appearing business created by an intelligence agency or security service to provide cover for spies and their operations.
FSB Russia's federal security service, responsible for counterespionage.
FUNKSPIEL impersonation during electronic communications. Derived from the German phrase for "radio game".
FUNNY PAPER slang for the counterfeiting and forged documents section of an intelligence agency or security service.
GCHQ Britain's sigint agency, Government Communications Head Quarters.
GIA an underground group in Algeria.
GID Iraq's main intelligence organization, Da' Irat al Mukhabarat al-Amah.
GRU Russian military intelligence, the Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye.
GSS Israel's security service (also called Shin Beth).
GUAN-XI an access agent for China's intelligence agency
GUOANBU one of China's security services.
GUSTAV WEBER Hitler's double, used by the Fuhrer's bodyguards to stymie the Allies as to his whereabouts. Shot in the forehead immediately after Hitler's death.
HAMAS an underground group in Palestine.
HARD MAN an experienced operative who can survive in a hostile environment and who has killed.
HARD TARGET a surveillance target who is actively maintaining secrecy and may not reveal that he/she has detected the surveillance team.
HEZBOLLAH an underground group in Lebanon, alleged to have operating units in Latin America with links to major drug dealers.
HONEY POT Mata Hari, Raven, lady, femme fatale; a female agent using romance to compromise a target.
HOOLIGAN TOOL a specialized tool much like a crowbar, developed by fire departments for prying open doors and windows. Also used by SWAT teams.
HOSTILE RECRUITMENT recruitment by threat or force of an uncooperative informant, mole, or agent-in-place.
HUMINT intelligence activities involving people rather than electronic eavesdropping or communications interception.
HUNTING PACK slang for surveillance team.
IAKHBAL Israeli police unit that fights organized crime.
ICBM an acronym for instant calm breath method, a way to overcome the flight-or-fight reflex (panic). Also reduces hyperventilation.
ILD one of China's security services.
ILLEGAL an intelligence officer operating in a foreign nation without the protection of diplomatic immunity.
IMINT acronym for image intelligence.
INFORMANT a legitimate member of a target group providing intelligence to the surveillance team.
INTELLIGENCE OFFICER a trained member of an intelligence agency, an employee on salary.
INTERPOL international police body that coordinates the intelligence gathering and investigative activities of member police forces.
INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST the FBI's name for a surveillance operative (vehicle or foot). Pay grade GS-7 to GS-10. See also SSG.
IRA an underground group in Northern Ireland.
ISTIKHBARAT AL ASKARIYA Libyan military intelligence.
ITAC an acronym for International Terrorist Assessment Center, located in Washington DC.
JARKING bugging a weapons cache, often rendering weapons unusable.
JETRO -- one of Japan's intelligence agencies.
JIHAZ AMN AL DAOULA Egypt's security service.
JOE a deep-cover agent.
JRA Japanese Red Army, an underground group in Japan.
KEMPEI TAI Japan's secret police.
KGB Kometet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti.
K-LINE SVR internal security and investigations section.
KOANCHO Japan's counterintelligence and security service.
L5 4096 bit encryption algorithm
LADY honey pot.
LAKAM one of Israel's intelligence agencies (Ministry of Defense).
LEGEND the faked biography of a deep-cover agent.
LETTERBOX a person who is acting as a go-between. Also see CUT-OUT.
LINK DIAGRAM connections being analyzed in a complex police investigation or counterespionage case. See problem-solving matrix.
LLB an acronym for live-letter box, an address used to receive communication to be forwarded to an intelligence agency. See also DLB.
LOOKALIKES decoys used to confuse hit squads and surveillance teams.
LSD an acronym for d-lysergic acid diethylanide, a hallucinatory drug discovered in 1943 by Dr. Albert Hofmann, a researcher at Switzerland's Sandoz corporation, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Subsequently monopolized by the CIA for its MKULTRA project that developed methods for secretly controlling people. Still used today by numerous intelligence agencies and security services for the following functions 1. disturbance of memory; 2. discrediting by aberrant behavior; 3. eliciting of information; 4. creation of dependence; 5. suggestibility. At the CIA's request, in 1954 Eli Lilly & Company developed a method for manufacturing LSD from publicly available chemicals. The CIA's bungling of MKULTRA allowed the drug to escape from the lab, where the CIA lost control of it. LSD subsequently ruined two generations of young Americans. No CIA officer or contractor was ever reprimanded or punished.
M-19 underground group in Columbia.
MASKIROVDA Russian name for deception techniques designed to fool US spy satellites. Recently used by India's counterintelligence agency to conceal nuclear testing from the CIA.
MATA HARI honeypot, femme fatale,
MBRF one of Russia's intelligence agencies.
MERCURY FULMINATE an initiating agent for detonating PETN. See PETN.
MI.5 Britain's security service. K Branch is responsible for counterespionage, F Branch for countersubversion, C Branch for security of sensitive government installations.
MI.6 Britain's intelligence agency.
MICE an acronym for money ideology compromise ego (methods used by intelligence agencies and security services to ruin a target).
MINI MANUAL OF THE URBAN GUERRILLA an underground operations manual by Brazilian freedom-fighter Carlos Marighella. Contains 41 chapters. Banned in many countries.
MIN/MAX a concept in strategic game-theory.
MITI -- one of Japan's intelligence agencies.
MOLE a penetration agent.
MONTENEROS an underground group in Argentina.
MOSSAD one of Israel's intelligence agencies, noted for its expertise in wet affairs. Literally translated as "institute". Never referred to as the MOSSAD, but rather simply called MOSSAD.
MST Landless Rural Workers Movement, an underground group in Brazil.
MUKHABARAT Libya's intelligence agency.
MUSLIM UIGHUR an underground group in China.
NAICHO one of Japan's intelligence agencies.
NARCOTHERAPY HYPNOSIS CIA interrogators use hypnosis to force regression in the prisoner to make him believe he is talking to his spouse. The prisoner is first prepared by pharmaceuticals according to the following protocol. 1. An injection of 10 mg sodium pentothal to render unconscious. 2. Wait 20 minutes. 3. An injection of 10 mg benzodrine to revive the prisoner to a state partway between waking and sleep. 4. Repeat step 3 if required. At the end of the interrogation a hypnotically induced amnesia is invoked.
NEUROLINGUISTICS a branch of psychology used by intelligence agencies and security services to covertly manipulate unsuspecting human targets.
NEUTRON BOMBARDMENT used by security services like Britain's MI.5, America's FBI, Germany's BfV, and France's DST to detect microdots and invisible writing in postal mail. Originally developed by the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment in Britain for use by MI.5.
NIGHTCRAWLER a talent spotter who prowls bars and nightclubs looking for government employees, military personnel, etc. who can be compromised using booze, drugs, or sex. Also see TALENT SPOTTER.
NINJAS slang for members of a SWAT team.
NITROUS OXIDE an anesthetic inhalant used to render sleeping targets unconscious during surreptitious entry by goon squads.
NMI Norway's security service.
NPA National Peoples' Army, an underground group in the Philippines.
NSA US sigint intelligence agency and security service, the National Security Agency.
NSS Bulgaria's security service.
NSTL the FBI's national security threat list.
OBS Croatia's intelligence agency, the Obavestajna Bezbednostna Sluzba.
OP observation post.
OFFENSIVE PENETRATION OPERATION infiltration of an agent into a target group or organization.
OFFSITE a covert FBI site or facility situated away from a field office.
OG an acronym for original gangmembers, now in their thirties and forties, who supply cocaine and heroin to street gangs.
ONE-TIME PAD an unbreakable code system that works by adding the numeric value of the plaintext with a randomly-generated code string (the one-time pad). Also see FIBONACCI SYSTEM.
OSA official secrets act, usually a law to enable governments to conceal their mistakes from their own population.
OUTRIDER a wheel artist responsible for ensuring that the target does not get outside the floating box of surveillance vehicles. See also FLOATING BOX.
OVERT TARGET deliberately attempts to draw attention and drain the resources of an intelligence agency or security service. Occasionally a decoy.
PARALLEL-LINE/INCIDENTAL-CAPACITANCE a method of telephone, telex, and communications eavesdropping that is virtually undetectable.
PAVEMENT ARTIST outdoor surveillance specialist operating on foot.
PEEP photographer.
PERIMETER SURVEILLANCE is used to alert the surveillance team when the target enters or leaves a specific area.
PETN Pentaery-thritol tetranitrate, a plastic explosive favored by intelligence agencies and security services. See mercury fulminate.
PFLP an underground group in Palestine.
PHOTINT acronym for photo intelligence.
PICKET SURVEILLANCE focuses on times and places when target is likely engaged in activities of interest to the surveillance team. Also called chokepoint surveillance. Named after the openings in a picket fence.
PICKUP when the target of a surveillance operation is first spotted inside the stakeout box.
PINHOLE CAMERA video camera with fiber-optic lens attachment.
POSSE COMITATAS a Latin phrase that loosely means power of the people.
PROBLEM-SOLVING MATRIX a grid-based notation system used by police investigators and counterespionage officers when dealing with complex cases.
PRODUCT finished intelligence that has been evaluated by an intelligence agency and is ready for distribution to consumers. Also see CONSUMER.
PROFESSIONAL-NAME nom de guerre of a spy.
PROFILE STOP a random stop and search by police, based on a suspect's race, minority status, economic status, religion, physical appearance, travel status, location, etc. Previously inflicted on minorities and poor whites, but currently being expanded by bureaucrats to include all US citizens.
PSB one of China's secret police agencies.
PSIA one of Japan's security services.
PSYCHIC COMBAT a condition of active psychological warfare operations between two covert adversaries.
PSYCHODYNAMICS the CIA's psychological profiling system, used in combination with psychobiographic analysis.
QUANG BO Vietnam's military intelligence agency.
QODS One of Iran's security services.
QRF quick reaction force.
RADINT acronym for radar intelligence.
RAID an acronym for Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection, consisting of teams of National Guardsmen who assist civilian authorities after a suspected biological/toxin/chemical attack on a population center.
RAVEN a honey pot.
RCMP police agency in Canada similar to the FBI in the USA. Acronym for Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Also known as RCM Police.
RCMP SECURITY SERVICE counterespionage, counterintelligence, and counterterrorist branch of RCMP. Also known as RCMP SPECIAL SERVICES.
RED BRIGADE an underground group in Italy.
RENT-A-GOONS operatives proficient in hand-to-hand combat, used as muscle support when direct physical confrontation is likely.
RESISTANCE a civilian underground organization, consisting of cells (1 to 10 persons), circles (a group of cells), and sections (a group of circles).
RG France's police intelligence security service, Renseignements Generaux.
RING a network of spies or agents.
ROSCOE handgun.
RUSE DE GUERRE subterfuge.
RZ an underground group in Germany. Literally translated as revolutionary cells.
SA FBI special agent.
SAFEHOUSE a dwelling place or hideout unknown to the adversary.
SAPO Sweden's security service.
SASHA KVAP Russian mole inside Hitler's bunker during the final months of World War II. Subsequently poisoned by the KGB in 1955.
SAVAK one of Iraq's security services.
SCIF acronym for Secured Compartmentalized Information Facility (in Fort Gillem, GA, USA) where Clipper is housed (rumored to have already been penetrated by agents of China's intelligence agencies).
SEMTEX a military explosive suitable for sabotage and terrorist operations.
SECRET CLASSIFICATIONS Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and (SCI) Special Compartmentalized Information.
SERE an acronym for survival, evasion, resistance, and escape.
SERVICING the act of removing material from a dead drop.
SET UP to begin to conduct surveillance on a target.
SEVENTY-ONE YARDS according to FBI statistics, this is the distance at which a typical police sniper will get you. Although the SR60 .308 sniper rifle used by most police departments is designed for distances up to 600 yards, most police snipers do not fire at suspects beyond 400 yards. (Of course, at any distance an execution is still an execution.)
SHIN BETH Israel's security service (also called GSS).
SHINING PATH an underground group in Peru.
SMERSH KGB assassination group. Officially disbanded The name derives from the Russian phrase "death to spies".
SIDE Argentina's security service.
SIGINT signals intelligence (interception of electronic communications)
SINN FEIN the political arm (party) of the IRA.
SIS one of Britain's intelligence agencies, the secret intelligence service.
SIT REP situation report.
SIX slang for a police officer, police cruiser, or a police patrol. Used as a warning in the criminal community.
SLEEPER AGENT an inactive deep-cover agent.
SLUZBA BEZPIECZENSTWA Poland's security service, also called the SB.
SOFT TARGET an easy surveillance target, untrained and not looking for surveillance.
SOG an acronym for Special Operations Group, FBI agents who conduct surveillance. In contrast, SSG is composed of non-agents. See also SSG.
SOS dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.
SPECIAL BRANCH the security branch of the British police.
SPLASHED describes a bodyguard whose client has been assassinated. Also see WET AFFAIR.
SPOOK a spy.
SPY any member of an intelligence agency, security service, police agency, resistance movement, guerrilla group, or other organization engaged in covert intelligence-gathering activities.
SRI Romania's security service (rumored to be made up of former members of Ceausescu's secret police).
SSG an acronym for Surveillance Specialist Group, which is what the FBI calls a surveillance team. See also INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST. See also SOG.
SSS Georgia's security service.
StB Czechoslovakia's security service, the Statni Tajna Bezpecnost.
STINGBALL a flashbang grenade used by SWAT teams to disperse crowds and disorient barricaded suspects. Throws off rubber fragments when detonated. It is standard police procedure to cover up the deaths of suspects inadvertently killed by stingballs.
STREET AGENT an FBI agent whose work takes him to various locations. Also see BRICK AGENT.
SVR one of Russia's intelligence agencies, the Slnzhba Vneshnei Razvedaki.
SWARMING overfilling a location with surveillance operatives. Often used in psy ops as a means for controlling the target's environment.
SYNTHETIC HEMOGLOBIN a component used in carbon monoxoide detector alarms. The radiation weapons recently developed and deployed by DARPA will set off these alarms.
TALEBAN underground group in Afghanistan.
TARGET the victim of surveillance, the subject.
THERMAL IMAGER a heat-sensitive surveillance video camera and display.
THREE Bs Booze, broads, and bucars. The three temptations of FBI agents. (If the choice of words offends our women readers, please remember that this is a phrase originated and used by FBI agents. We are merely reporting it.)
THROW PHONE a cellular telephone thrown to a barricaded suspect by the SWAT team.
TRIADS Asian organized crime gangs.
TRIGGER a surveillance operative who is watching the target's vacant vehicle, home, garage, office, restaurant etc. and who alerts the rest of the surveillance team when the target is spotted.
TUPAMAROS an underground group in Uruguay.
UACB FBI acronym for Unless Advised to the Contrary by the Bureau.
UNITED RED ARMY an underground group in Japan.
UNS Croatia's security service, the Ured za Nacionalnu Sigurnost.
UNSUB an unknown subject in a surveillance operation.
UOP Poland's security service.
USSA slang for a USA reminiscent of the oppressive totalitarianism of the former USSR.
VCP vehicle control point.
VEVAK Iran's intelligence agency.
VICKIE WEAVER American citizen probably murdered by the FBI. A landmark case for many concerned Americans.
WAHABI a Saudi Islamic underground group .
WALK-IN an unsolicited volunteer.
WATCH-LIST people targeted for routine surveillance.
WET AFFAIR results in death of target. Also see SPLASHED.
WHEEL ARTIST an outdoor surveillance specialist operating in a vehicle.
WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS a spy operation so complicated that it is no longer possible to separate truth and untruth.
X RAYS used by intelligence agencies and security services to pick key-locks and to deduce the settings for combination locks. Equipment fits in a standard briefcase.
ZAPATISTA NATIONAL LIBERATION ARMY an underground group in Mexico.
ZERO-OUT the range at which a weapon's sights will produce a bull's eye hit. Handgun fixed sights are usually zeroed-out at 25 yards. A sniper rifle scope is usually zeroed-out at 100 yards. The term cold barrel zero refers to the calibration of a SWAT sniper rifle so that the first (cold) shot will hit a target at 100 yards. Subsequent rounds will diverge due to barrel heating.
ZHONGYANG LIANLUOBU one of China's intelligence agencies.
ZOU-HOU-MAN back door access to a protected target (as used by China's intelligence agencies).
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