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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
Posts: 526
Location: Earth
FIGHTING BACK #4 PostWed Jan 03, 2001 8:45 am  Reply with quote  

Fighting Back #4

This two-parter goes right to the heart of the chemtrail aware personís problem: that is, ďHow can we learn about our world, share knowledge, and stay alive?Ē We do want to stay alive, yes? We donít want to end up like Chuck S, or Art B, Don B, or David O, or hundreds of other souls who have been run into the ground for their efforts. We do want to grow old, see our kids breath clean air, and get on with our lives, once this f@#$% nightmare is over.

As most of you have experienced, since you began your education into chemtrails and other oddities of the world the government would rather you didnít know or talk about, you have had
Your email accounts vanquished,
Your livelihoods messed with,
Your tires punctured,
Your computers hacked countless times while online,
Your modems burned out, over and over again,
Your mail read or lost,
Your phones audibly tapped,
Your car followed,
Your house burglarized, probably more than once,

You have experienced ELF attacks, astral TRV probes, and felt on hundreds of occasions, that spooky feeling of ďsomeone watching meóI canít explain it. Like eyes all over me.Ē

Raise your hand if the above describes you. Okay, everyone put their hands down. I see I am preaching to the choir.

What I do whenever the spooks do something annoying (they have a name for it, itís called AGGRESSIVE SURVEILLANCE), like delete my online mail accounts, I do what is known as pyramid activism. The idea behind pyramid activism is simply this:\

Letís say that in the course of your online day learning and being a CT aware person, you visit two boards and maybe a few fringe news services. You maybe chat with a couple of people and send an email here or there. Then, the spookers strike, deleting your email account or one of your board accounts. Instead of pissing and moaning or complaining to the choir, quietly and with no fanfare do the following:
Register with another board, in addition to the two you go to now: 2+1=3
If they attack again, get on a new board: 3+1=4

See the pattern?

Also, donít just get on a new board. Take the most damaging information you have about chemtrails and post it. A lot. A bunch. Everywhere. Again. And Again. And again.

Start posting other peopleís info on new boards, showing where you stole it from or providing the necessary link, if needs be.

This counter-intelligence tool is wonderful. It actually will reveal to their super computers that their efforts are actually INCREASING THE KNOWLEDGE BASE OF THEIR CHEMTRAIL ACTIVITIES! Hooray for humanity!

As their computers profile trends in knowledge, it will discover that aggressive surveillance techniques by the spookers are actually causing an INCREASE in activist awareness, etc. See it now?

Aggressive Surveillance is a J. Edgar Hoover invention. He coined the term and started it in the 1930s. It wasnít enough to watch his marks, he had his agents harass them while trying to leave a zero residual presence. He would do a myriad of things to mess with people he was watching (read the FBI was watching.) All federal agencies now utilize aggressive surveillance. This will turn it around and now, for the first time, each act of theirs will cause the EXACT OPPOSITE HOPED FOR REACTION.

Cool, huh?

Yeah. You know those little black boxes are on your property. You feel pretty sure that you locked the back door when you went to the store, but when you got home, you discovered that it was unlocked. Did you forget? Are you imagining it all?

Chances areÖno. You DID lock it. The spooks, in their haste, forgot to leave it as they found it. They do this all the time. You know your house, like the back of your hand. They donít. You know how you leave your keyboard. They donít. So, you constantly discover their mistakes all the time, donít you?

Finally, you realize that yes, someone was in your house! What did they do? Did they leave a device? Camera? Audio burst transmitter? Yep!

Then maybe you realize that you canít afford the fancy equipment the Feds have to track these gizmos down. In point of fact, they have cameras so small thatófor example, they have a camera that is actually a pin that looks like a pin with those little black plastic balls on the end. What they do with this is stick it some place like the ceiling or in a book or anywhere where it wonít be noticed. Damn hard to find, too. So howÖhow to find these?

Ever hear of dowsing? Check it out. Learn about dowsing. It is not Satanic and uses your own God-given powers of beingness. What Iíve done (successfully, too) is make a set of dowsing rods from coat hangers and then focused in my mind to the exclusion of all else (a nod and asked for help from Divinity is good here, btw) what I wanted. In my case, I asked to find any objects left behind by the spookers on their latest burglary of my home. Found two cams, one burst transmitter, and a cancer spike in the lining of my bed that way.

Letís go to work.
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Joined: 08 Jul 2000
Posts: 3137
Location: Texas
PostThu Jan 04, 2001 3:06 am  Reply with quote  


Found two cams, one burst transmitter, and a cancer spike in the lining of my bed that way.

nsasucks, is this you speaking here? Who wrote this document?
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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
Posts: 526
Location: Earth
PostThu Jan 04, 2001 3:13 am  Reply with quote  

Hi, unless otherwise indicated, the works are my own pen. Yeah, i found that stuff and more.
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