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FIGHTING BACK #3 PostWed Jan 03, 2001 8:35 am  Reply with quote  

Fighting Back #3
The house scan
Or beating the black helicopters

If you’ve studied psychotronic weaponry even in brief, you know how capable, willing, and able most governments can be especially when it comes to activists—like chemtrail activists. You also know that before they act against activists, they do all they can to gather as much intelligence about the person possible. This includes, but is not limited to, phone snags, satellite imaging, vehicle/phone/clothing transponders, Humint, sigint, box-surveillance, moles, video cams, audio transmitters, etc. The previous is standard operating procedure against any activist, in any field, that seeks to understand why things are going wrong with whatever is being observed.

There are those that would say that the Intel agencies are more concerned with real terrorists and don’t/wouldn’t bother with citizens. Really? Do you really believe that Bin Laden nonsense? Do you know what a straw-cutout is? It’s not my place here to discuss why these agencies do what they do, but go to the Internet and do a search term on the following keywords and phrases, take a week or two, and be prepared to be horrified beyond belief. MKULTRA, MONTAUK, MONTALK, ARTICHOKE, PAPERCLIP, CLOVERLEAF, GWEN TOWERS, HAARP, CHEMTRAILS, MIND CONTROL, etc. From these search terms, then follow whatever links that lead you to more information. It’s sobering, to say the least.

With Fighting Back #3, we are concerned with maintaining privacy. If you’ve read the information given out by Fritz Springmeir (sp), you know that there are hundreds of ways and devices available to these agencies for scanning your home, person, and vehicles. What I’ve done is least each access point they have into your lives and how we can defeat it.

Cell Phone Surveillance
The truth here is that if you talk on the phone—any phone—they got you. What you say, your intentions, how you are feeling that day, your weaknesses, who you talk to, what they say, etc. You have to ask yourself: is this conversation better kept of the NSA books? Is there another way I can communicate this information? The key here is to analog your life, back like it was prior to 1989. If you don’t want your privacy violated, hang up the phone. Meet with them in person. Write a letter (there are ways around that problem.)

The main issue with cell phones is that not only are our phone conversations being recorded, but cell phones also function as AREA SURVEILLANCE MICROPHONES. Turning the phone off won’t cut it, thanks to digital switching. You actually have to take the battery off. Most of you will shriek at the thought. Well, then, realize everything you say to anybody, anywhere, is going right into your dossier and the agencies. Most phones come with a carrying case that clips onto your belt or purse, so release the battery, mate it without attaching it to your phone, and case it until you absolutely have to make a call. This will drive them bonkers.

Land Line Phone Surveillance
This one is easy. Unclip the line to your phone and make it go dead. Leave an answering machine on to catch your calls, though. Pug it in when you need to make a call. Again, this wipes out their ability to use your existing phone infrastructure against you.

Helicopter scans
Some time ago, a friend of mine was getting weekly visits from a black helicopter. This was no surprise—he’s hip to what’s happening and makes it a point of his life to make others hip. Still, the helicopter would fly low (about 500’, in clear violation of existing FAA laws, btw) every Tuesday or Wednesday. What we realized was that his house was being scanned by any of a dozen kinds of technologies openly used by the military (see Jane’s Weekly or Defense Today mags for a ton of info on this.)

It occurred to us that might we not take some rolls of tinfoil/aluminum foil and line his attic ceiling? So, we went to the store, got some Reynolds foil and found that the size of 24” was exactly the distance between his attic runners. We laid it right over the R19 insulation. Took about 25 rolls to do the whole house. Not sure if this would help in any, it did feel good to do it, though. Come the next Tuesday, here comes the pas over the house, low and slow. We sat in his backyard to see if anything changed with the flight we had come to know so very well.

Did it! The copter kept flying back and forth for almost an hour. Bingo! The tinfoil was shielding his house from whatever equipment they were using on him. Until this day, he gets multiple flights, at all hours. It’s obvious they can no longer see, whatever they were seeing. We did a little research on the technology and found that they use a form of ELF magnometer spectrography. The foil strips were deflecting these scans back and away, making the whole house appear as a reflected bright light mirror. We found also, that at the ANSI and IEEE sites, there white papers written in the 1970s about the interference of aluminum/tin foils with microwave communications. This is why when, in the big cities, if you used to wrap your rabbit ears with aluminum foil, your reception would either improve or degrade, depending. Spread the word. BTW, shiny side toward the sky.

A side note here: friend says too, that his wife and him used to get a ton of headaches all the time, but they’ve all but vanished now. Connection? Who can say, except the FEDS.

We also found information going back to the 1960s (RAND, TAVISTOCK) that for reasons of microwave and ELF transmissions, the lead in leaded paint acted as a barrier to this stuff. Hence, I believe that major effort that had leaded paint eliminated from our use; also the enormous propaganda by the media regarding NOT painting over old lead paint, but SCRAPING IT OFF. If you live in an older home, don’t scrape it off. Paint over as needed, but leave that stuff there. It screws with microwaves. That’s why most cell phones (Motorola white paper, #3445-QR) wont’ work in old homes or buildings—the lead in the paint!!! IF the cell phone makers are bitching about lead paint, then you know this is why our governments are so hot and have been for twenty years about getting it out of our world. Also, a cursory look at all those lead paint studies being unhealthful seemed to come from those universities that are heavily funded by defense dollars. Connection? Yeah…connect the dots.

Spy Cameras
A simple magnetometer or radio scanner with an attenuation meter set open ended will flush these out. Look to your property line, trees, any place where you congregate (backyard, porch, balconey) and look to line of site in all directions. Then walk over to any phone poles or trees and again, look them over very closely with a pair of binoculars. They are square, about the size of a pack of matches, and are often painted the color of the bark of the pole or tree to which they are attached. Get a ladder and rip it off. Run over it with your car or toss it in the fireplace while having a nice brandy.

They can laser windows from a few miles away, so this is a tough one. Outside shutters block laser/masers, or get some kind of wicker hanging thing from Pier One and unroll it whenever you feel the need. The idea is to block the glass externally. If you can’t (apartment or high window) just make sure nothing is said in that room that you want private.

Pagers, Cars, Cell phones, all are transpondered. If you are an activist, your car has at least three of these babies in it. Wherever you go, they know. Think about that. The deal here, is to drive to a few blocks from where you need to be and then walk the distance to your real destination. In order to trace then, they must use a box-surveillance with street artists and that is a HUGE operation involving upwards of twenty agents. Usually, they won’t bother.

More to come on Fighting Back #3

Remember, this has nothing to do with fear. If you are afraid of the intelligence agencies and their agendas, then what in the hell are you doing here?! You should know by now that they watch and monitor these boards with a vengeance. This information is provided so you can do a little more about your world than just pray or stand in the light while you are being led to the gallows. That’s what you all said—do something about it, more than pissing and moaning. f@#$% fight back. Thanks for letting me get that said.

On with the counter-intelligence lesson

Foil shielding (for an asked question by somebody)
Make sure it is shiny side out. If the shiny side is facing toward you, it amplifies any microwave scan or elf burst, apparently. If you don’t have an attic or suspended ceiling, then it sucks to be you. Sorry. It’s your life.

Letter writing and Email
As you SHOULD know by now, any email you send or receive is ccd to the FBI/NSA/CIA/DIA, etc. To check this, pull down your headers on your email. If you get a proxy authentication warning, then it was routed through their servers before being sent to you. That’s your first clue. Nothing you can do—not even fancy encryption software—can stop it. They have the source codes for all software ever written in the world, and if they don’t, their super computers can decipher anything you can send out there. That’s a fact.

The deal is, don’t send an email that reveals who you are. What I mean by that is, the who is your feelings, state of mind, your needs, goals, desires, aspirations, etc. These all reveal things about you, the person, that they use against you in profiling you. Dig? If you keep sending emails, you are actually helping them screw you. Make sure your emails are NOT long-winded chats from hell. Keep them to the point, with as little of your REAL state of mind never revealed in writing.

If you have to write, then snail-mail. But then we get into other problems like having your mail physically read by agents. Good. This ties up their resources because they have to assign a human being to do it. Right now, computers do all the work regarding your surveillance, mail snooping, phone snagging, and all that. Every time you analog your life, they have to assign an agent. Now, do some math here. If we all started analoging, they would be overwhelmed.

Even so, there are ways to really make them sweat and work for grabbing your mail. As it stands, CT activists are on computer lists at all postal hubs for parcel and letter detainment and scanning/reading. This takes time. To get around this problem, do the following.
1. Make sure your name is not on the return envelope. Use a fake name and address that isn’t on their lists. The letter will skip being picked up. When sending it to a “known” of yours, don’t use their name, but only the correct address. This will get your mail clear to receipt, 80% of the time. Without a drop, they’ll catch 2 out of every 10. Better than nothing.
2. Line the inside of your envelope with a single ply of alum foil, 81/2 x whatever the height of the envelope is. This prevents x-raying the contents and “foils” their microwave scanners as well. They usually won’t bother with this, especially if the sender and receiver are not on their lists.
3. Finally, use dead letter drops. Mail your letter to your sister or brother or friend who isn’t an activist, then have them remail the contents to another drop. It takes longer, but if what you have to say was meant to be private, short of a “face to face” this is what works.
Many will say, “Hey! I got nothing to hide. I’ll continue to use technology as I want to, I don’t care who reads my stuff.” Good for you. It must be nice to know that every part of your life is being profiled for action against you, your family, and humanity. Keep helping them. They love tough guys/gals like you. You make their job so automatic. You won’t be surprised then, tough guy, when they come for you when you are most vulnerable. But, think of your family and friends…do they deserve the pain and suffering that surely will come from your arrogance? Think about it.
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PostThu Jan 04, 2001 1:24 pm  Reply with quote  

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