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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
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FIGHTING BACK #9 PostWed Jan 03, 2001 7:20 pm  Reply with quote  

Fighting Back #9

Note to all: Do not ever break the law. Ever. Don't do it. It will never yeild the results you want. The government breaks the law a million times a day, against you and your family, and they brag about it over coffee. You, however, can't stoop to their level. I feel an activist must always be a good citizen, never unlawful, but VERY MUCH AWARE of how illegall their government is and will be toward anyone who wishes to know the truth. May that truth free us all.

Become active...
1. Begin propaganda. Inform your cells about the misinformation campaigns of the authorities. Also inform the general population. The authorities will spread lies about you, about your group, about your motives, and about your actions. This is standard operating procedure for a corrupt and repressive government.
2. Begin defensive operations. Assist persecuted persons by warning them, by hiding them, or by providing escape routes. You can also assist persecuted persons by publicizing the repressive actions of the government's goons. Expect the goons to react.
3. Begin political operations. Inform the general population about how to behave towards the authorities. For a typical resistance movement this may include civil disobedience, non-fraternization, protest, non-cooperation, and so on. Each person in the general population will fit a profile activist, supporter, sympathizer, undecided, collaborator, or traitor. A government's terror campaign of no-knock warrants, confiscation of property, national ID cards, secret internment camps, corrupt officials, etc. will move people's attitudes along this continuum. Most people will start out undecided you want to convert these people into sympathizers, supporters, and activists.
4. Begin counterintelligence operations. Isolate informers, agent-provocateurs, moles, passive-aggressive types, toadies, collaborators, cowards, honeypots, and so on. Ostracize these individuals so they cannot damage your resistance movement. Instruct the general population to shun these individuals. Distribute their identities and modus operandi to all cells.


Step 3: Begin guerrilla operations...
1. Go on the offensive. This may involve lawful action like protest, civil disobedience, tax resistance, a letter-to-the-editor, work slowdown, embargo, consumer boycott, agitation, silent non-cooperation, noisy non-cooperation, unprovable minor acts of sabotage disguised as oversight or accident, ostracizing employees of government agencies, setting up alternative self-sufficient communities, and so on. In addition, however, a typical resistance movement in today's world often undertakes unlawful operations like terror, sabotage, assassination, and seccession.
2. Enforce cooperation. A resistance movement will often need to use counterterror to intimidate traitors, collaborators, and informers. The goal is to make it dangerous to cooperate with the authorities.


A typical successful
resistance movement
goes through phases
passive resistance,
active resistance,
guerrilla warfare,
open insurrection,
and civil war.
About your long-term strategy...
According to the official counter-insurgency training manuals of various intelligence agencies and security services, a successful resistance movement always follows the same sequence of events.
First comes passive resistance. This eventually leads to active resistance, which in turn leads to guerrilla operations. This escalates to open insurrection by insurgents which inevitably results in civil war.
This process can be interrupted at any stage by a government willing to make concessions to the population. Unfortunately, however, the antisocial bureaucrats behind repressive governments are rarely willing to compromise on their policies.

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PostThu Jan 04, 2001 1:27 pm  Reply with quote  

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